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Linkin Park
I'm angry how everyone disses linkin park when really most of those haters listen to death metal hate rap and say eminem is the best rapper alive. Really shows people that just because you listen to real metal like classical music or have no knowledge of hip hop besides eminem your music is the best. Sorry for going off topic but linkin park is a great band coming from an old school rap fan.
Linkin park should be #1
Then rage against the machine
and I like slipknot but they don't even rap


Sure, the other ban s have only one vocalist, but Linkin Park is unique! The awesome balance between Mike's awesome rapping and Chester's ear-splitting screams nail it
[Newest]Link in is the king of this genre

2Rage Against the Machine
You wanna get pumped? listen to killing in the name of, and bulls on parade, I'm actually a conservative and hate their commie messages, but their music kicks ASS. btw what is ICP doing on any list that is positive? them along with limp, and linkin park should be put to sleep.
I think Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit are not good bands for representing rap metal, because their style is commercial; I don't hate them but I hate their style... RATM is the best rap metal bands because they have a great mix of the Tom guitar effects, the Tim bass great rhythm, the Brad drumming and the Zack great rapping (I really hate rap, but he really makes a good work in his songs)


RATM is one those bands whose songs will still be remembered and listened to 100 years from now. Zack is a hell of a vocalist and rapper, and tom morello's guitar sounds are totally unique, sometimes weird but awesome. They use really thoughtful social and political lyrics. Should be number 1, but I respect others' opinions too
[Newest]Obviously rage against the machine. Linkin Park, great. but in rap metal nothing beats this band.

3System of a Down
system of a down is just purely incredible, although people might listen to them at first and think what the f@! # is this, every single song they have gets you so pumped up, theyre f-ing amazing
System of A Down don't pretend to be weirdos like most bands, they are just general weirdos and that's why I love 'em.
I wouldn't of called them a rap metal band but these guys are absolutely incredible, they should be a genre of their own. as far as rap metal goes, I think that Limp Bizkit and Hollywood Undead would have to win that. I love Korn and Slipknot as well but they shouldn't be in this list

4Limp Bizkit
Why is linkin park number even now? They've left their old style and should not be placed in the rap metal category any more? Limp bizkit is the best rap metal band because it never changed its style and remained true rap rockers! Limp bizkit is the best.
Limp Bizkit has the single fastest selling album ever (that is a fact). Limp Bizkit's singer Fred Durst is good at every type of singing, guitarist Wes Borland is the most under rated guitarist I've ever seen, bassist Sam is a boss, DJ lethal is crazy, drummer Jon Auto makes some PHAT beats. Linkin Park is over rated their not all that talented and rage against the machine really why are they even in the top 10.
Limp Bizkit is a example of simple and awesome. with a guitar, vocal and drums they create kickass music so they should be #1
[Newest]Amazing band, number 1.

Wait wait wait. Limp Bizkit is higher up than Slipknot? Corey Taylor isn't even a full on rapper and he still puts almost everybody on this list to shame. With the exceptions of HU, LP, and RATM. Fred Durst is nothing compared to Corey Taylor, Chris Fehn and Shawn Crahan. Lethal is nothing compared to Sid Wilson. Wes Borland is nothing to Mick Thomson and Jim Root. Sam is nothing to Paul Gray. Jon Auto, you guessed it, is nothing to Joey Jordison, and again, Chris Fehn and Shaun Crahan (Damn, those two know how to multitask.. And Craig Jones is a phenomenal keyboardist considering that it is often drowned out by amazing guitars, drums, and vocals.
Corey Taylor isn't even a full on rapper, he's a singer who raps in quite a few songs, and yet he still puts almost every modern rapper to shame. How? Because Slipknot is (SIC)! Mick and Jim are amazing guitarists, Chris, Shaun and Joey are phenominal drummers, Sid is a badass Disc Jockey, Craig is great keyboardist, Paul was a great bassist, and Chris, Shaun and Corey are amazing vocalists! To put it simply, there is no beating Slipknot!
This band is amazing Corey is an awesome singer/rapper/singer Sid Wilson is an awesome turntableist (he has videos on YouTube) Mick and Jim are awesome guitarists Joey, Shawn and Chris are awesome drummers Craig is an awesome keyboardist and Paul Grey is an awesome bassist overall an awesome band its a shame they aren't bigger than they are.
[Newest]This band sucks, not rap metal.

I'm not a big fan of rock but I still love korn
Korn is way better than slipknot and Bizkit since Korn brought Bizkit out
Should be in the top 5 at least, very inthusiastic, and so much meaning.

7Hollywood Undead
The best of rap metal number 1
It should have been in at least top 5...
' Sweet if you ask me!
[Newest]Awesome band. Better than Limp Bizkit!

They don't rap in many songs but they are AMAZING I would reccomend them to anyone.
Listen to Engine No. 9, Back to School (Mini Maggit) or Headup. Those are some awesome rap metal songs from Deftones


I like all the song bcos he's simple but the band is the beast

Definitely my favorite Rap Metal/Nu-Metal band. Great bands on this list, but this is my favorite. Huge fan!
Best band ever. Too bad they brock up

10Thousand Foot Krutch

The Contenders


Who put these guys here they aren't rap metal they are horror core and shock rock with rap
Whoop whoop. INSANE CLOWN POSSE is the Best
Best %&$@ band Ever The mighty death pop is the best album they ever made

numba 9. omg this should be at least in the top 3
. biohazard
. slipknot
. rage against the machine
Urban discipline, that's enough.

Why the HELL is P.O. D not in the top 5? Every song in the satellite album kicks ass.. testify album has a few good tracks too. undisputed best Christian metal band ever... linkin parks new slower style sucks... compared to hybrid theory and meteora... RATM is also good because all of the sounds are made from instruments... nothing is computerised...P.O. D still the best because sonny flows the lyrics naturally wit the music.. doesn't sound forced... and he only screams where its needed and sounds fitting n natural... he can sing, rap, and can even do screams nearly as good as chester from LP... Payable on Death Rules!
Payable on death is a brilliant and innovative rap metal band. it deserves to be in top 5 at least.P.O. D rules... youth of the nation, satelite, school of hard rock, execute the ground, messenjah, alive, goodbye for now, going in blind are the perfect examples of their master works. adding sleeping awake from matrix soundtrack and booyaka booyaka : 619 rey misterio's anthem

Dope music for training

16Hed Pe
Love these guys! Yeah some of their stuff wasn't so good and such. But, this is still an awesome band. Love this music. For sure. One of my favorite bands.
Why is Hed PE better than the rest of these bands? Because they aren't huge (yet) and haven't sold out or gotten pushed by record companies to do commercial songs. And Linkin Park is NOT metal or rap, so take them off the list.

Slapshock the best filipino band
And galing mo slapshock
The best kick-ass rap metal band from the philippine islands!
[Newest]They are good I mean RoCK

I love this band. They have a great sound and style.
Reggae, rap, alternative, metal, techno, rock. What don't these guys do?
Epic band, 19 feels a little low though and should be bit higher than this.

19Papa Roach
Holy Hell... Talking about rap metal who in the earth misses Papa Roach... On no. 24? I mean seriously?

20Cypress Hill
I am insane in the brain
Cypress hill are the kings or combining metal, rap and groove


21Stuck Mojo
Seriously Stuck Mojo is much better than all of these and all together. All rap metal bands should be like these guys. Their style is very cool. They rap but much more they metal.
Obviously they deserve to be number 1. Come on, it's some pretty heavy stuff they got going on. And their rap is superior
These guys should be up near the top, very good stuff! Must listen for any nu-metal fan

Come on its Twiztid they could make any thing sound good
One of the most underrated rap acts out there today!

Impossible, how can you best All Mixed Up and Down. These songs create epic rap metal songs and 311 should be better than all rap metal bands except for Limp Bizkit and Rage Against the Machine. By the way, Kid Rock should be higher in the list, too.
The best band for me 311

Pretty much the only real METAL band here mixed with a bit of rap.
These guys are the best rap metal they should be No1
The others aren't really rap metal
These are the best though better than Linkin Park etc
Limp bizkit and these

25Body Count
NUMBER 25? REALLY? Guys go listen to cop killer and you know why this band is badass

These guys are from Sweden... And they are AWESOME! Check out 'Deaf, Dumb and Blind' and their self-titled CD from I believe 2000/2001 ("2 Sides" is the opening track on this one) and hopefully, the impress you!
That's rap, melodic, experimenting, ambient, metal, death, electro, thrash metal... pure awwsomeness

27Almost Kings

28Faith No More
The band all of these previous entries copy from.



31Hot Chick Banged
A fantastic but little known about band, most well known for their cover of The Real Slim Shady.

32The Prodigy
Sick ass band for me they must be top 5
Why aren't they on this list?

33Primer 55
Listen to Loose and the big f you

34Crazy Town

35Sound of Silence
It is the best rap metal band in Cebu City, Philippines

Progressive Rap Rock Band



39Coal Chamber

40Five Finger Death Punch

41Project: Deadman


Hands down best band ever! Discussion over
Underrated all the way


New band that is in the rise. Simply amazing, they are heavy yet poetic and have great screams and raps. Looking forward to the next album!

46Dirty Wormz
Awesome rap metal fusion band. Most bands on this list aren't even rap metal. For great actual rap metal bands out my website: rapmetal.

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