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Linkin Park
Linkin Park has people that are very talented, they ACTUALLY CARE for their fans, not just their fans' money. They have a good beat, good singers great lyrics, they don't make songs just trying to say drugs and alcohol are good, their songs have a good reasoning to them.
Yeah, Linkin Park is cool.
Then comes Hollywood Undead.
And I also love Zebrahead
I have to say all these bands have a future in the rap/rock success game "BUT"! Linkin park is already there to knock, thoses pretenders back down to squre one. No one replaces linkin park. They already burn down that bridge to there succuess, no one is follower. There just listeners.
[Newest]Best ever mixtures and they never sear

2Hollywood Undead
Probably my favorite group ever. I love how they combine rock and rap elements into such great songs and each member contributes their own special style to the band. Some songs humorous and catchy, some powerful and full of meaning, but all are fantastic.


I like Hollywood Undead more than Linkin Park... And I grew up on Linkin Park... I think that Charlie Scene is a better rapper/gutarist than Mike Shinoda and Johnny 3 Tears, Funny Man, Charlie Scene, and J-Dog are some of the best rappers around. I prefer Danny/Deuce (I like both) to Chester Bennington. The Kurlzz is an AMAZING drummer, J-Dog is really good on the Bass guitar and Funny Man is great on keyboard... Don't get me wrong I still love Linkin Park... I just like Hollywood Undead more
Hollywood undead is better then all these bands
[Newest]I'm only voting because my friend told me too

3Rage Against the Machine
Rage Against The Machine belongs to the top of this list because

1) RATM has been one of the most influential rap-rock bands of the 90's and today still.

1) Their songs discuss heavy matters such as politics, racism, hypocrisy, withstanding oppression, ignorance, unity which makes their songs a powerful tools for change.

3) The musicality and technicality of the band is incomparable.

Rage is number one
RATM is the best rap-rock band out there. They are a band with a cause, which is really rare. Especially now a days. That's why I always say that the music industry needs more Rage. RATM for #1!
I understand that Hollywood Undead has great sound and is very pumping but Rage started that and they had a very big message to put out, whereas Hollywood is just singing to be loud. And you can't forget the awesome riffs from Tom and the unique voice of Zach.

4Beastie Boys
They are the soul reason why white boys are welcomed to the hip-hop world! They never made a bad album and each and every one of their songs are spontaneous and creative to the max!
Come on. How are they not in the top ten? Why aren't they in the top five? Come on people!
The beasties ate great, they definitely deserve top five
[Newest]Paul's boutique album was their best


5Red Hot Chili Peppers
RHCP are just awesome. Man, listen to Give It Away by em!
Give it away, give it away, give it away, give it away now
Great super bowl halftime preformonce


Feel Good Inc, Clint Eastwood, and Dirty Harry are the best songs ever! They combine rock and rap nicely. (and they don't curse every other word! )
Demon Days was pure genius! They are amazing! Damon Albarn at his best!

They may have a few real rap rock songs (Spit it out and Wait and Bleed) but very great. They write great an awesome lyrics. Listen to Duality, Before I Forget, Wait and Bleed, and My Plauge, just 4 of many great song by this band. Also they experiment with many different instruments (turntables, sampling, keg drumming) which make Slipknots sound distinct and awesome
Slipknot is awesome! They made Nu metal more known. Hopefully they'll get a new album but their famous for have a halt for a few years like the Grand Theft Auto series. But it wint be the same without Paul Grey :(. Farewell fellow Maggots
Korn or Rage may have invented this genre, but Slipknot was the band that made it popular!


I like Korn, but I do not consider them "rap rock" since there is no rapping
Music, Lyrics, and style is what that made me a BIG fan of them.
No one compares to them

9Kid Rock
He is rap, rock, country and soul...

10Cypress Hill

The Contenders

Run-D.M.C. are the kings of this genre

12Fort Minor
Dude he released one album and its gotta be a classic.

13Papa Roach
Think you all are deaf.

14Anthrax ft. Public Enemy
"Bring the Noise" covered by anthrax with public enemy was amazing


My favorites are Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit and POD. In my opinion, the disc Satellite is a classic from POD that includes a little bit of rae gay.

16Limp Bizkit
Break stuff, Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle), Hot Dog. Pechyowaa. Awesome beyond belief. Linkin Park definitely deserves numero uno though.
Limp bizkit is exactly what you want if you want to be gangsta and punk at the same time.
Fred Durst is the real Ethan Hunt.
[Newest]Idiots! This band is definitely in top 10.

Really deep lyrics, great beats, and some in general pretty great raps. 5 words: Listen to Fight With Tools.
It's obvious Jonny5 actually cares about social justice and environmental awareness. And his "D.A.R.E." verse from Onomatopoeia and "I.R.A.Q." rap proves he can write rhymes. And their live performances are always memorable. These guys deserve more for what they put in.

18Insane Clown Posse

19Thousand Foot Krutch
If you have never heard of them, then look them up NOW. They're amazing!

20Family Force 5

21Tech N9ne
Fastest rapper I have ever heard.

22Twenty One Pilots
Twenty one pilots changed the landscape of this genre with their debut album 'Vessel'. Instead of rap-rock, they are more rap-rock-pop-electronic, which is much better than some of the other acts at the top of this list.
These guys are amazing. Not only do all of their somgs sound amazing, but the song lyrics are really deep if you ever look at the lyrics. And they are really catchy in some of their songs (Holding on to You).
Rap band who actually sings about meaningful stuff.



25Kottonmouth Kings



I'm voting mudvayne because the vocalist started hellyeah. If you want good heavy rap-rock, it's this, hellyeah, and disturbed

Should be a lot higher probably under or tied with rage or right above because rage broke up and they didn't
I can go for days laugh out loud
311 is the best. Period.



32Down With Webster
If your a fan of rap rock don't sleep on these cats time to win vol 1 and time to win volume 2 are both easily in my top 10
Amazing live band. Good mix of rap rock with electro pop
I have one adjective for you to describe Dww- AMAZING

33Richy Nix

34From Ashes to New

35Dirty Heads

36Southpaw Swagger
Now this is acctually is Rap/Rock. Rap singing and Rock beats. They're just not very famous cause they started a couple of years and only have an album

This band really has a certain feel to them that you don't get with other Rock bands that have Rap vocals

38Styles of Beyond

39Avenged Sevenfold

40Cerebral Drama
Rap and rock fusion to the fullest

41Bliss N Eso

42Hilltop Hoods

43Falling In Reverse
They sing, and rap a lot so they should be in rope ten js

44System of Down

They are just Crazy awesome!

Some of their songs are just too good such as "Still Around","Touching On My","Follow me Down","We are Young","Don't Trust me"

Just Listen to Once

46Crazy Town

47Saint Loco


49Vanilla Ice

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