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21Cameron Hunter - Down With Webster

If ya don't know now ya know

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23Lord Nelson - Stuck Mojo

Almost nothing, but metal background for his rapping. The first Ghettoish metal band ever. An activist like Zack de la Rocha from Rage Against the Machine.

24Reg Rubio - Greyhoundz
25Jamir Garcia - Slapshock
26Corey Taylor - SlipknotCorey Todd Taylor was born in December 8, 1973. He is an American musician, author, and actor best known as the lead singer and lyricist of the Nu-metal band Slipknot and hard rock/alternative metal band Stone Sour.
27Serj Tankian - System of a DownSerj Tankian is a Lebanese-born Armenian-American singer-songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, poet, and political activist.

Hands down! The best rap rock artist of ALL TIME! He created shock rap far before Eminem, and is better at it too! He freestyles without breaking a sweat, has excellent wordplay, and sick beats! Should be #1 on this list.

30Mike PattonMichael Allan "Mike" Patton is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, film composer, producer, and actor, best known as the lead singer of the alternative metal band Faith No More.
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