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61The Game / Why You Hate The Game / Verse 2

This is a true tribute to all the best rappers there were in the game who have passed. THE GAME IS SO UNDERRATED

62Busta Rhymes / Scenario / Verse 5
632pac - Nothing to Lose Verse 2
64Eminem / Tim Westwood 2010 Freestyle / Verse 3

"Holy water won't ward him off, crucifixes won't do the trick
He's so sick, it's ridiculous" WHAAT!

65A Tribe Called Quest/Buggin Out/ Verse 1

Microphone check 1, 2 what is this

66The Notorious B.I.G. / Notorious ThugsV1 Comment
67Joey Bada$$ / Hardknock / Verse 3
68Ice Cube / Straight Outta Compton / Verse 1V2 Comments
69Nas / It Ain't Hard to Tell / Verse 1

It ain't hard to tell is lyrically an unbelievable song, he says so much in such a little amount of time

70Mobb Deep & Lil' Kim / Quiet Storm (Remix) / Verse 2

One of the best female verses ever

V3 Comments
71Nas / Live at the BBQ / Verse 1

Nasty Nas was only 17, killed it, owned the beat made Jesus & the 1st lady think twice about ever going to a bbq.

V1 Comment
72Dr. Dre / Still D.R.E. / Verse 2V1 Comment
73Mike Shinoda / In The End / Verse 2
74Kanye West / Stronger / Verse 1
75Jay-Z / Takeover / Verse 3
76T.I. / Swagga Like Us / Last Verse

No explanation necessary but if you remember this instant classic you know that T.I. has proven to be one of the greatest of all time, better than jay z and kanyes and lik waynes verse, this verse does not dissappont

77Tumi / Bophelo Bami / Verse 1

United State's Kev Brown on the beat, South Africa's Tumi on the ink, Kaygee on the hook, hook on seTswana language, but the verse is in English, great lyricism 2. I hope this song will be the reason 4 you 2 listen 2 more of African Hip hop, njoy -

78Mothipa / Memoirs of an MC / Verse 1
79Drake / Austin Martin Music / verse 3
80Domo Genesis / Rusty / Verse 1
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