Top 10 Best Rappers of the 2000s

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The Top Ten

No contest, Em was the absolute best last decade. Slim Shady LP, Marshall Mathers LP, and Eminem Show alone earn him that number one spot. One of the greatest of all time.
Eminem is simply the greatest, and the Eminem show is the greatest album of all time. Although, Recovery is pretty legendary
Eminem is my fave rapper bcus he explains in his songs about his problems not his richness or girls EMINEM 4EVER!


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2Kanye West
Kanye is the best period. He's influential. He started the cray craze. After he did it everyone did.
best ever... RESPECT
stronger, love lockdown, good life, heartless, homecoming, gold digger, diamonds
how he isn't no 1
IT's so simple to put Kanye in front of everyone but Eminem, Em, in my humble opinion has fell off, but that's my feeling. In my eyes Kanye is #1, Em is 2, Fif is 3, Z is 4
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Jay Z is top 3 of all time, only behind 2 rappers whom passed before 2000. Em is top 5 but not #1.
Come On Jay-Z Is Better Than Wayne. I Heard Wayne Until He Was In 2008. He and Drake Raps Bitin Off Of Big Sean. Jay-Z Made Songs With Legendary. Should Be #1


This guy released his first album the same year as Eminem in 1996 but who been hot the whole 15 going on to 16 years. Lil wayne don't got nothing on Jay-Z


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4Lil' Wayne
Active gang member, like I said on another "Top Ten" about him, I can not get enough of this guy. He never gets boring! Whenever you think his songs start to get old, boom, he releases another three number ones accompanied by five other hits. He is, in my opinion, the best rapper ever and the fourth best artist ever including all genres and all artist ever! You can say that he is not the best based on the songs on his albums (I still think he is the best ever) but when you start including all the songs he has been featured in! He is just amazing, that is one man you can say has "swag out the shower. "(Birdman said this is one of the songs Wayne featured in by Birdman)


Are you kidding me, This guy can't hardly speak English right This guy should be kick out of the list. He just makes Hip-Hop/Rap look terrible
Good rapper.. Eminem is better though. He sounds sick! Kanye wets doesn't deserve second, Lil wayne does.
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NaS needs to be in front of everyone. He is the best lyricist ever. It's obvious. How can people such as 50cent or The game Kanye West or Lil wayne even be Considered to be in front of him. Blasphemy.
. . can't belive that nas is 12. . he should be #1 not talking about Ill matic (although its the best album in hip-hop / rap history), but stillmatic does the trick. .
Haha? 12? He should be up top what rakim and KRS-One, people haven't heard illmatic I guess
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6Lupe Fiasco
A true artist who can be both mainstream and underground, easily the best of the new century with two quality albums and even lasers being his worst was a dope album along with cole world
He never made a song without a positive message. Case closed
lupe is a beast! Im a big fan of hip-hop and this guy is what is all about. He has killer metaphores and one of the sickest flows EVER!
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The greatest rapper alive, T.I. he has developed through out time. The way that he doesn't join anyone ands stands for himself makes him one of the greatest ever in hip-hop. Lots of rappers these days are trying to copy T.I. 's swag and style, but just can't because there is only one true King in the game, T.I. king of the South!
T.I. is the greatest rapper ever! He spits sick lyrics and can murder anyone in a rap battle. King of the South forever!
Greatest rapper in the game. Is and will always remain as the king of the south and hip hop.T.I. is the greatest ever scince pac and biggie (R.I.P. ) left the game. The greatest ever, T.I.
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8Snoop Dogg
He is the best rapper ever

9Andre 3000/Big Boi
Andre 3000 is 1 of the top 5 rappers of all time.... not top 5 in how many album sales a person has or how hot a rapper is but top 5 best lyricists and rhymes
During 2004-06, they were one of if not THE best of that time, and still have it in them
Their songs are catchy, have great flow, and the lyrics are actually meaningful. I enjoy the different qualities of sound their songs have, so they all differ from one another.

1050 Cent
He is the sole person on this list except maybe lil wayne that I can say is a gangster! This is the only rapper I can say has his own game. He is a scary guy. His voice is deep and original sound. He has many hits so I am just going to name a few. His most famous are "Candy Shop" and "In the Club. "


He should be higher in the list honestly 50 cent is a great artist who can do any type of rap with his nice slow flow and he had get rich or die trying and he's still puttn out great music like my life, major distribution, and new day just too name a few.
How can lil Wayne be better than 50? Get rich or die tryin and the massacre is classic lil Wayne's only good song is drop the world
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The Contenders

11The Game
The Game respects the roots of hip hop more than every rapper today
Anyway, most of decent rap roots before the 2000's, but game is for sure one the last real one on the scene
The Game and Nas are the best rappers as well as papoose.
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12Young Jeezy

clearly the 2nd or 3rd best of 200 check his hit rap sheet
Nelly is better than young jeezy, should be number 9.

14Royce da 5'9
Should be in the top 10 he raps with eminem and they formed Bad meets Evil. He has great lyrics as well and has a good flow.

15Mike Shinoda
Living legend as good as any rapper can be
best rapper wether be in the linkin park songs or his fort minor ones, his songs has brought an attitude era. he is the best.....

16Kendrick Lamar
Should be way higher. Hands down has the best flows, lyrics, wordplay, and production of this generation.
Kendrick Lamar is the new frontman of hip hop, next to J cole
Thanks to Kendrick lyricists are back!
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17Immortal Technique

18Tech N9ne
He should be higher then Lil Wayne. Wayne sucks

19Mos Def

20Dr. Dre


22Norm Ender
Greatest Turk rapper


23Kid Cudi
Definitely top ten material
No doubt, he should have a place somewhere in the top ten.
Definitely should be higher up on this list. Cudi speaks truth about his hardships while most rappers *cough cough* Lil' Wayne, just rap about nothing. That is what got Eminem number one on this list because he's real about what he says and doesn't give a crap.

24Rick Ross
Rick Ross is the best rapper there is, he has a golden voice and his lyrics can't be competed with

25Juicy J

26Machine Gun Kelly
He is an inspiration to too many people!
MGK has changed my life he is a great rapper and deserves more respect then this this is all junk MGK needs to be number 1

27Busta Rhymes

Busta rymes should be apart of the btop ten or aleast higher than 50 cent. He is a lyrical genius and doesn't have to crap like money and hoes to make hit records.

Seriously where is DMX on this list everyone is a fan of his killer voice and beats this decade has been a great chance for him to show how good he is, don't mess with the dog!
DMX? Voice, style, flow, life. Everything in one person. You wanna hear a good rap? Vote for DMX. It's all. If you are dog, you are dog 4 life. !
X should be. 1.





great rapper, better singer




36Wiz Khalifa

37Tinie Tempah

38Flo Rida


Should be way higher than 12th. Much better than The Game.
The Way I see it:
1. Rick Ross
2. Eminem
3. Drake
4. Kanye West
5. Lil Wayne
6. Jay Z'
7. Big Sean
8. Wale
9. Nelly
10. T-Pain.
Drake the ugly best rapper of our generation

41Lil Steph

42Theophilus London

43Anybody Killa

He raps from his heart in all the songs I've heard. Not to mention, he continues the name of the Juggalos in a new native American style. He has rhythm, great beats, and a skill, despite a lisp, that matches the best.

44ASAP Rocky


46Kelvin Jones

He should be in top rappers that came out 2000s

Just listen to "100 bars" enough said..

49Mac Miller
How is Malcolm not on the list?! He's redesigned the game!

50Meek Mill

51Chance The Rapper

52Brotha Lynch Hung



55Nicki Minaj
She is great I love her music please be respectful of my opinion we all have our own music fantasy enjoy.

56Pusha T

57Big Sean

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