Best Rappers of the '90s


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The Top Ten

Tupac Shakur
R.I.P ghetto king of rap, 2pac stays in my heart forever, no rapper poured as much emotion and compassion into lyrics and delivery as makavelli.
Tupac Is the greatest rapper in all history.
Hitem'up, Thug luv, Troublesome 96', Ghost, California love, Dear mama, Soon As I Get home, Untouchables. And His Very Close Friend or They Call him Tupacs Cousin. Yaki Kadafi. R.I.P Both.
R.I.P. Tupac Shakur. You are missed. Great albums like 2pacalypse Now, Me Against The World, and Thug Life.
[Newest]Most inspirational rapper of all time without a doubt. All eyez on me being the first hip hop double album and selling 20 million in US alone.

2Notorious B.I.G.
Lyrical talent, complex rhyme schemes, uncompromising flow, and frankly one of the deepest back stories makes Biggie the best rapper ever.
The Notorious Biggie Smalls in my eyes is Number 1. To me his a legend that will live forever in the hip hop world. Nobody has inspired me like B.I. G has, the flow, the raps, stories, background and of course the persona that the legend had. Biggie, your my idol, rest in peace my hero, One Love
Just listen to dead wrong you'll know why
[Newest]Biggie craps on virtually every other rapper in terms of lyrical, rhyming, storytelling and everything else talent-wise.

Nas holds the greatest hip hop album of all time in Illmatic. He also holds several other classics in Stillmatic, It Was Written, and The Lost Tapes. God's Son and Life Is Good are also excellent albums that will at some point be up for discussion as classics. No other MC has managed to rhyme at this level after being in the game so long. His lyrics are both technically impressive, as well as being incredibly creative. (Fetus, Rewind) At this point, Nas should be in every head's top 3 MC's of all time.
Best rapper ever and best rap album songs like halftime ny state of mind all classics
Powerful lyrics, I can, on mic, best songs eva.
[Newest]Being as he didn't make as large of a contribution to the Hip hop scene in the 80s and 90s, I would of switched Nas' spot with Eazy E, who I would call the Grandfather of Gangsta rap. Ice T should be near the top as well.

The Godfather of Gangsta Rap, Eazy E is greatest.
It has been 19 years since this Legend's passing. I would call him the Grandfather of Gangsta rap. His contributions to the Gangsta rap community are phenomenal and perfected what is what we call Gangsta rap.
He may not of written his lyrics, but the way he rapped them and the sound of his voice and the music is why I vote Eazy
[Newest]He was such a boss

5Ice Cube
Best rapper ever because he is in the best rappers of all time al. L least I think so N.W. A the Lench Mob Etc...
Completely original, still doing it too.
Best rapper out of them all, realest of them all. No other rapper can compete with cube cept pac big and nas

6Dr. Dre
Dre is the king of gangsta rap beats. I don't think anyone has ever made better beats then him, especially in his songs "Still Dre" "Forgot about Dre" and "Xxplosive".
"pioner of the rap scene"
What the hell? Dre is a great producer but his rapping isn't very good at all - mediocre at best. Also he get's ghost writers to do it for him.

Always the best, doesn't matter that his super fame came in the 2000's, The Marshall Mathers Lp was the second best rap album of all time, recovery is the 1st, Eminem rules ever decennia
He is alright not kink of rap
Eminem best rapper of all time. illest lyrics and word fusion, one of a kind rapper. check out his freestyles on timwestwoodtv on YouTube then you will realise
[Newest]Dude best no doubt

8Snoop Dogg
Snoop doggy dogg dropped doggystyle a major sick album! Why ain't he ahead of AZ?!?!
Doogystyle is the best he should be number 1 with dr dre I think he is better than biggie and tupac

9Big L
Big L is one of the best rappers of all time. If it weren't for his life ending early he would have continued to influence the rap world for years to come. Some of the fastest flows around

pure talent! Lifestylez ov the Poor and Dangerous is one of the best rap albums ever made! just NY repping hip hop at its best with no crap track!
It's so amusing for me to see that "Big L" is not in the top tens. :/
[Newest]Big l is a lyrical genius no one can free style like him

Are you guys all stupid? Reasonable doubt was flawless and one of the best rap albums ever made along with illmatic, ready to die and all eyes on me. Jay should be easily top 3 if not number one. There's no way in hell canibus, puffy, snoop and so many more should be above jay
Jay z should be in the top 10 Em is one of the best but he only released one album in the 90s and it was 1999 so he shouldn't be on here
Jay is the total package of an ideal mc. The voice lyrics unorthodox flow and records sold. He took this rap thing far beyond anyone! Wether you like him or not you can't ignore the fact that jay-z is your favorite rapper's favorite rapper.
[Newest]Jay-z should be at least three or four.. You gotta be kidding me #10?

The Contenders

11The D.O.C.
You can't sleep on The D.O.C., he had flow back in the day and was before his time! He had substance, flow, and bomb beats. Believe that.

12LL Cool J
Better than all! Still Balling!
He is the best rapper of all time and is cool and he is also ll


AZ is one of the most underrated and under appreciated rappers ever. It's hard to believe that Dre and Eminem beat him on this list. Tsk tsk
For sure the best that never seemed to make it big


16Puffy Combs

17MC Ren
Underrated. He gave a huge contribution to NWA and was hugely ignored because of the rivalries between Eazy and Dre. Also made one of the best albums in hip hop:
Shock of the hour
Mc ren is the dopset mc ever one who made N.W. wA with cube dre and eazy and yella 100%

They are probably the best rap group from the south and with albums such as Aquemini and ATLiens in the 90's they proved that. They were extremely influential and ahead of their time and they should at least deserved to be mentioned when speaking of the "Golden Age" of hip hop. When it comes to rap, Andre 3000 was an amazing MC in the 90's and Big Boi was very good as well. Although they are a duo, you should at least add one, and if not both, for they are true pioneers of the Dirty South.
Some of the sickest beats definitely should be up at the top above jay z songs like players ball and southernplaysticcadilacmuzik were amazing songs. Thank you Big Boi and Andre for the real rap you and wu tang are my favorites
I cannot belive they are this far down. Some of the best lyrics you will ever find. I am very dissapointed.

19Cypress Hill
Favorite songs come from cypress

20Ghostface Killah

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