Best Real Madrid Players of All Time


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The Top Ten

Cristiano Ronaldo
he is one of the best player in the world and can perform verious types of new skills as well
He is a brilliant player! He is very skillful! I think he is the best player in the world!
I love his game! I know you also love his game =)
best player because he can perform new, new tricks and also he is the fastest player among all players and also in whole world.
[Newest]King of the scorers!
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2Zinédine Zidane
Best player ever, elegant, team player, efficient... And remember his goal against bayer leverkusen
Zidane the best player and king of football. It is so entertaining to watch him play. Amazing skill and first touch
He rocks and also he is a team player. I think he is friendly and kind he probably could beat any defender any day any time.
[Newest]Come on. Watch this man then vote for him. He's a legend

3Ronaldo Luis Nazário de Lima
How is it that Ronaldo is over Zidane in the Best footballer of all time thread when he is under him here? Don't get me wrong. Zidane was a brilliant footballer, but Ronaldo was RONALDO!
raul is my hero, but ronaldo has won everything everywhere he has played.
This is Real Ronaldo!
completely Best Player n true legend!
[Newest]Best player in history of football

4Raúl González Blanco
this man has more history than any other player so I think he should be 1
Mister Raul Madrid! Incredible player
Brilliant player! Always been my idol
[Newest]Vamos Raúl! Hala Madrid!

5Alfredo di Stéfano
Goal machine perfect striker strong and with a deadly finish and seriously beckham?
Di Stefano, obviously.

emm.. Beckham??? HAHA!?


Should be ranked higher in my opinion, one of the all time greatest players to play the game.
[Newest]He should be the 1st

6David Beckham
"ya son its beckam ya! " well he's a beast and I need to take up room
Many are envious and jealous of Becks life and they hate and diss him for it but let's be honest... the player is awesome! He might not have incredible pace or speed but he was always doing his job well enough to leave the clubs he played for as a proud champion! Not many players can do that!
David beckham roles the soccer world and Real Madrid
[Newest]People have this wrong theory that beckham was of no use at real. He was one of the clubs key players.

7Iker Casillas
He's the only one. He's the reason of my fallin in love with Real Madrid. When I saw Real Madrid's game first time, I just couldn't get my eyes off him. He will always be a madridista, as me. Love you Casillas!
Awesome player best keeper ever no other goalie compares only buffon and van der sar are near him in skill
I think the only keepers in the world that can match him are buffon, petr cech and victor valdes
Valdes is no match compared to casillas, right now the closest player to him is neuer.
[Newest]There is no better keeper

8Luís Figo
Great team player I think. Him and Zidane did control the midfield offensively beautiful. Stable player, simple and direct. But yet I think he's very much greater than beckham (witch is a joke, did only make it worse. it was all buisness) Figo did have those celeb needs, like c ronaldo got. I am a big fan of him.
Perhaps not the best right winger of all time when it comes to pace, and dribbles but he fulfill all the needs with his technique and unique crosses... And icon in football, captain of the golden generation... And my 1st inspiration to love football
Very talented player yet very controversial. Let'all face it, he has contributed to football and he is a real legend. Mr. Controversial Figo, thank you so much for inspiring many youth in this beautiful game of football...
[Newest]Luis figo was an amazing player the best winger sadly got injured

9Roberto Carlos
He is best player of th world. His amazing skill and shut in goal...
By far the best shot taker of all time 11 12 foot curves UN heard of and persice as a sniper
He is a great player, although he is short, he have great skill and leg power to hit the ball quick <3 best
[Newest]He scores goals from super far

10Mesut Özil
Football with brains, it is supposed to be like this. He has the perfect touch.
He is responsible or involved with every goal Real score. A Scholes like figure, always has an idea when he gets the ball
He is zidane 2
[Newest]Ozil is a gunner

The Contenders

11Ferenc Puskas
Simply the best player in rm history... Great speed, shoot power, dribbling, goal scoring skills... Complete player!
Simply the best player in rm history...
Puskas one of the greatest player at the club. He formed a deadly combination with Alfredo Di Stefano

12Ruud van Nistelrooy
His instinct to make goals was unique

13Hugo Sanchez
This list is ridiculous if we are talking of all time why would you include players like pepe, benzema, kaka etc.
Hugo Sánches is the all-time best striker in Real Madrid!
Hugo Sanches should at least be at the top 5.

Hi is the best but need more time to prove him self like he did in milan and he is not in postion he played in milan
He had a great skills during in milan. But, since he came to los merengues, his playing style has change. He can't perform many movement like in milan. But, I was great fans of kaka. So, I will keep support him! HaLa Madrid! HaLa Kaka!
He need to play like he did in milan and score more goals as well
[Newest]He was the best he is still the best

15Arjen Robben
Why should be in top ten.

16Santiago Bernabeu
He is the original superstar of Real Madrid

17Sergio Ramos
The best center back in the game rite now..! Quick to win the hearts of Madrid fans due to passion to fight for the jersey...
Passion, spirit, amazing skills, simply the best!
The MVP against Atletico Madrid UEFA League 2014
[Newest]Currently best defender in the world

18Gareth Bale
Bale should be in a higher place than 17 anyway he's the newest real Madrid player but he's still sick!
Bale should be way higher he's amazing at free kicks and has great speed should be below Ronaldo
3rd favourite player ever. I think he's the best at the moment. needs more time so far. BALE!

19Emilio Butragueño

20Fernando Hierro
He is a real legend one can't think of. he is a solid defender and a good character and a great player. he is a captain by example and he scores and create from center back. he can played in center back and in mid field. great personality. my best ever defender. I like and love him
He's a legendary player, I never have sean a player with his dignity and pride
Wonderful captain and great player

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