Cristiano Ronaldo


He has the record of highest total goals scored by a madrid player till now in a season in all competitions with 60 goals in the year 2011-12 and he even has the record for highest la liga scorer for a season for madrid till now. He is the star of highest club transfer deal till now! His style of playing, ball control, free kicks, long ranged goals, everything sets him far more apart than other madrid players till now! He is the best!

I think he is the best palyer in real madrid history. He scored 201 goals in only 199 game and he broke the records of the other players in RM. No one couldn't do that, he is also the most complete player ever and scores a lot of goals although he is a winger. He deserved that

He is one of the best free kickers and has %100 accuracy and has done a million tricks and skills. He has also done some amazing solos and I always go on YouTube and watch his long range shots. My FAVOURITE Team is REAL MADRID they won 2 CUPS in 1 year! GO Ronaldo!

noob I like him very much, this guy has a skill, he can dribble and run fast he can play with 2 legs.

The freekick, the skills, the goals, the vision, what more do you need from a player. Real madrid lucky to have such a player

Cristiano ronaldo is the best player in the world,
he can perform in every place and he is cute fastest player

Easily one of the greatest players to grace the football world. His combination of athleticism, size, speed, strength, skill, and technique makes him the most complete player of all time.

most expensive player in history, most popular soccer player today, and the most skillful player that we'll see in a very long time.

Truly the best real madrid player of all time his statistics are far more impressive than the other players and surely is the best player in the world and will go in the history books as one of greatest players of all time

Ronaldo has skill, speed, and is a complete player, when he was the ball, he does what he can to put the ball in the net he is simply fantastic. Messi is not better than cristiano, ronaldo is the best player in the world right now

The complete package. Strength, speed, power, precision and a good brain. It may take a few more years for people to really appreciate what a fantastic talent Ronaldo has been. Unplayable.

Poor All kids who like Ronaldo's tricks because you didn't see Zidane. Ronaldo is not leader and can do nothing without play-maker. Zidane was feeding all strikers like Ronaldo, Raul and others. Zidane was a champion of champions!

Ronaldo is agreed the best player in todays football... Even better than messi.. He has the branding package.. And with an iconic style... He can
Be not only a football player.. But branding into fashion and lifestyle..

He scored 40 goals in won season and played like a single player for Portugal in world cup 2010, but Portugal lost because of nani in the quarter finals. What more do you want from a player?

He is moving towards that position base on his skill and agility but he is not ready the greatest player of Real Madrid. I think this graces needs to be giving to Raul he is the greatest player of Real Madrid all time for now until Rolando ready prove.

Ronaldo makes quick and skill full passes, good ball control plus he is the best free kick taker ever

No matter how many money Real spend on him, it was worth it! Scoring almost a half of their goals

The best player in the world! Also the best of all time Real Madrid history. I think he is decisive in big matches and score important goals that can put a team in a final!

He has given Real Madrid what it's now today... He got money he's a player he got goals of different flavor... )... And he's the best player ever... And the greatest skill and body

Although he has not achieved what Brazilian Ronaldo and zidane achieved but he is doing all this alone and is remarkable.. The best ever

Ronaldo is better than messi, easily best player in the world he can perform various tricks and skills and can beat any many on the pitch.

my best world soccer player is my god "the legend " cristiano ronaldo

C. Ronaldo is the best player in the world is what I know es nice awesome and the best

Most skilled player in the world! Real Madrid beats barca when they got him.

I think ronaldo is the best because he is the best I shooting fouls and he can perform new and good skills and he can dribble so good