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Outwits, Outlasts and Outplays Everything else currently on Air. Quite Obviously, The Most Strategical and Cerebral Game EVER Created.
This show is the inspiration for all reality T.V. , the original concept is what all reality shows follow.
Best show on all of televison. Every other reality show is basically Survivor with a different theme.


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2Big Brother
Big brother is an amazing show its great 13 amazing seasons hope there is more seasons I'm surprised its not in the top
"Survivor" for people who don't enjoy filth and starving.
Well I voted Big Brother because its great! Its amazing and its really interesting you just wanna know what happens it must be at least 2nd place
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3Amazing Race
The Amazing Race is one of those shows you'll never get tired or bored watching. We all enjoy seeing different cultures, seeing different environment. This show proves we don't need those silly dramas in a show. TAR is a clean show yet full of adrenaline.
I have been watching this since Season 5. We all enjoy seeing different places, different cultures. Sometimes, we even get to see some activities or attractions which we may never hav chances to visit. We never knew about that either. It's always amazed me.
Most exciting show. The only reality show I would love to be a part of. Getting the opportunity to travel to wildly varying destinations and take on challenges that relate to culture and sheer street smarts. Love it!
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4American Idol
This T.V. show inspired me and made me wanna become a performer. And it has some of the most succesful singers all times (Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson and many more). 12 amazing seasons, can't wait for more! Xoxoxoxo.
Best reality show ever. Best judges to and host
This is the true singing competition where people can become stars. Not just a show, but part of the American culture.
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5America's Next Top Model
I voted ANTM because it's an awesome T.V. show and it's very inspiring. I LOVED the cycle with short models, it was very good for all those talented girls that want to become models but they are short. That show had also an over weighted (don't know if I spelled that right, I'm not English) contestant, Whitney (Cycle 10) and that was also very inspiring.! That show makes me wanna dream.
I love it. I'm so addicted to it! Tyra prove tat she can produce great supermodels from her show. I love naima
An amazing show, makes you believe you could be a model if you tried
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6The X Factor (U.S.)

7America's Got Talent
Should be higher than American idol... Anybody of any age, any talent can audition so its much more versatile
Woo Woo Woo! You know it Bro.
Not just singing but much more talents are excepted

8Fear Factor
It's something real and out of the box from those celebrity reality shows, and shows an ideal factor.
Bring this program back it was great and sadly missed

9Real World
The original and still the best. People get real oafter being thrown into a house for together for months on end. Forget all the competitive stuff.
One of the best out there! Should be higher than 7th place!
The original reality show

10Celebrity Apprentice

The Contenders

11Deal or No Deal

12So You Think You Can Dance?
This show takes you through the journey of a group of people who share the same passion- dance. Every week, beautiful, inspiring, empowering routines are danced. This show deserves to be recognized for it's art. SYTYCD allows people to grow, not only as dancers, but as people.
! This show is completely amazing and definitely beat out AMERICAN IDOL even though the two shows are by the same people and were SUPPOSED to be equals just of different topics! If you have never watched this show you have to check it out!
Dancers will understand why this is the best reality show ever
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14Total Drama Island
BEST reality parody ever. What better way to skewer the genre than with animation? Another great animated parody is Drawn Together but that show didn't stick to the strict elimation format.
Total Drama Island is FABULOUS! My favourite is Lindsay
My top 5
5 Duncan
$ Justin
3 Courtney
2 Gwen
1 Lindsay
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15Project Runway

It the best reality ever, there should be more episodes, and not as much time in a year without them. Every episode is very entertaining and interesting.

This is simply the best show I've ever seen!

16Face Off
What's great about Face Off is that these people have talent and help to create the most iconic film make up out there. That's staying power. It's a great show for Horror, Fantasy and Sci Fi fans, as well as people who love creativity and art. There is also no cliff hangers like they have to use on subar shows top get you coming back for the next episode. This makes it so that you can get into the show mid season and still truly enjoy it as is. There is also no train wrecks to laugh at, so the show has a supportive feel to it.

17Chris Angel Mindfreak
Dude, this guy is so cool

18The Voice (UK)
It's such a nice show that is looking for the best voice of UK, nothing less, nothing more.

19Britney and Kevin
Britney is so hot, and even though the show was cancelled and britney and kevin are now divorced, it's still a great show to watch and look at how britney was during the good old days before she shaved her head and attacked a car with an umbrella.

20Duck Dynasty
Love Duck Dynasty. Best show on T.V.. Makes me feel good to watch. Makes me laugh and forget all my troubles. Hope they stay on for a very long time.
Love the whole family they are hilarious!
#1 reality show of all time. Love Si. All race can relate to this show. When I have bad day and need a good laugh I watch it. Whole family loves it a great conversation piece whenmy family get together or via phone. So real.
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21The Osbournes
Probably the funniest reality show I've seen. Ozzy is the complete light of the show and is one of my funniest heroes

22The Bachelor

It's the best show ever! I stay interested until the last episode and I simplys love it!

23The Bachelorette

24Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

25RuPaul's Drag Race
Embraces the camp of reality shows and takes it to a whole new level. All the drama, talent and quotability any reality addict needs.

26Hells Kitchen

Fancy of Gordon Ramsey!
The show is completely perfect for some one who love challenge with food
The best cooking show ever!

Umm Gordon Ramsey is RIDICULOUS! This show is so intense! Even if you don't like cooking shows, the drama and craziness of this one, is something NOT to miss!

27Dance Moms
This show is the bomb-diggity! I love the way the parents react to the dance teacher... Hysterical! This should be #1 for sure! I dance moms! It's amazing. And everyone will enjoy it! Fun for the whole family to enjoy together and laugh so hard they cry! :') I love it and so should you so vote for it to be on the top of th charts!
It has everything a good reality show needs. The drama, the hysteria, the reactions, and mainly, a load of the girls dancing and their care towards their dance teacher.
This is my favorite show and all the girls are spectacular dancers this is my favorite show
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28The Biggest Loser
Great show that helps the world get healthier every year. Sure, it is a big sob story most of the time, but that is because people who get that out of shape are broken to begin with. Inspirational show.
The most inspiring reality show

29Survivor Man

30Man vs. Wild
Cause BearGrylls grylls a Bear because a bear Cannot gryll Bear grylls while Bear Grylls

31America's Best Dance Crew

32Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

This show is so sweet. I cry every week.

33The Girls Next Door

34The Bad Girls Club
best tv show ever! I love it with all the drama! they should make a lot of them just like that!
I am watching them from Europe!
thumbs up for Bad Girls Club
So much drama makes for great T.V.! Hysterical and wildly entertaining! I watch every season.
7 bad girls in 1 house=drama=GREAT TV
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36The Voice

37The Contender

The contender shows the lives of boxers and their struggles to get to the top. They don't pick up a script. This is real. Watch how the best becomes the king of the sport.

38The Apprentice

39The Surreal Life

40Hardcore Pawn

41Dog: The Bounty Hunter
One of these days, Mrs. Dawg is gonaa BUST out all over and smother anyone within six feet!

42Temptation Island

What an idea put 4 happy yeah right couples on an island of some of the hottest people and see if they cheat. They should bring this one back.


44Keeping Up With the Kardashians
Love them so much they deserve to be #1_∞☆
So addicting! I love it! You really get to see their lives and all their drama!
This how half my family act so love all them no hate on nothing

45Toddlers & Tiaras

46Undercover Boss

makes greedy CEOs of big companies realize the real world of their workers


47The Mole
Brilliant! I wish they would bring it back. My wife and I have watched all of the US episodes and have viewed a fair amount of those from the UK and AUS. By far our favorite is the American version which is surprising be/c we really don't like much that comes out of the U.S. Humm...
The best and most intelligent reality show on television!


48I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

4919 Kids and Counting

50Dance Your Ass Off

OMG!! this show should be number 1 cuz it rocks. I love Latona and Adamme!

51Wife Swap

Put two opposite women with different family = entertainment


One of the most interesting shows I ever seen and the families are and chemistry with eachother are off the charts, great show. Not really a fan of reality shows but this is one of the couple I seem to like. Watch it, when there is nothing to do.


52The Ultimate Fighter

53Dog Eat Dog

54Bad Girls Club
Lmfao this is my show

55Flavor of Love

Flava Flav is like a real life cartoon!!

56Gene Simmons Family Jewels

This show is very good and interesting. Sure Gene Simmons on it is a little strange (but you can not see his love for his kids and family), and the rest of the family is def. funny and down-to-earth. Also... it's very hard to find these days a celebrity family on tv that isn't all parties, the kids going out and getting in trouble... they seem to all really love each other and care about each other and actually enjoy being around and spending their time with each other.


The only real reality show.

58House of Carters


A group of everyday civilians volunteered to undergo a short version of the same espionage training real spies are given, from real experts. Then, they were sent on assignments, to test their skills.

Now, *that* was some of the most interesting "reality" programming, ever.

60Paris Hilton's My New BFF

61Rob and Big

rob dyrdek has lots of money and lots of free time and very little regard for his personal health

62Run's House
Finally a MTV show that isn't all about whiny teens and their birthdays

63Charm School

64Laguna Beach

65American Pickers

66Pawn Stars
Unlike many other of these shows I actually learn watching pawn stars and its funny and interesting

67Parental Control
This is so great!

68The Simple Life
This was funny and very entertaining

69I Love New York
Hey this show is the bomb. If you like drama this show has it & more. Every week she has a boyfriend (bi**h fit) about something. You got 2 check it out. You will love it.


70Impractical Jokers
What the hell! Can't believe that I had to add this. I mean come on this is rated 7.8 out of 10.0. This show that makes me laugh really hard. Those who haven't watched this I recommend you to watch just one episode and I guarantee that you won't regret it.
Watching this show will change your life.
If you liked the ali g show you will worship this one
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Amazing reality television that makes a difference.
Sad but gripping and powerful


72Daisy of Love

73I Love Money

74Atlanta Housewives
Love this show. Especially Ms. Leakes. It should definitely be in a higher ranking!

75Celebrity Fit Club

76Crash Course

why did this get cancelled it was best


77Gold Rush

It is so good it has drama for kids

79Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best

80Mob Wives

81Basketball Wives

82The Great British Bake Off
The thinking man or woman's reality talent show in which ameteur bakers compete in this gentle show that's the complete opposite of that freak show X-Factor

83The Challenge

84LA Ink

85Love & Hip Hop

86Big Rich Atlanta

87Russian Dolls

88Ice Loves Coco

89Love In the Wild

90Meera Pati

91The X Factor

92Vanderpump Rules
Best. Reality. Show. Ever. These kids are Awesome and the show was so addicting. How can't this be on the list? It's better than any of the housewives shows and the Bachelor. I can't wait for season two! Yea!

93Kid Nation

94The Block (Australia)
Xcellent reality show. Funny, intuitive and instructive

95College Hill
I miss this show loved it! It has the drama for you and fights! Check it out on Demand

96Expedition Impossible

97Same Name

98Bad Lad's Army

99MFF: Mom Friends Forever

100Find Me My Man

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