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Founded by leaders in Electronic music, this is clearly one of the most impressive companies in the world, and deserves to be in the top 10!

Armada is the top electronic music label, and will continue to rise through the ranks of all labels.

Without any doubt, the best Dance Music Label in The World. The Pionner of EDM Scene

64Big Machine Records

They are bright and kind and do all they can to help you! I want to be signed here one day!

I love Big Machine Records. Scott Borchetta is the best businessman of record labels in the world. I heard it is such a positive environment and there are really nice people there too. I really want to be signed there someday.

I love Big Machine Records, I love hearing country music although I'm not country or even English, I'm from ssingapore, but I just want tobe signed here... I'm 13 by the way... I ♡ BIG MACHINE RECORDS!

Taylor Swift says en

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EDM top contender - Skrillex's, Porter Robinson, Alex Metric, Jack Beats, Kill Paris, Kill the Noise, M Machine

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66Funk Volume

Funk volume is real rap. Speaks the truth about society and doesn't sit there and feed you lies

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67Star Records

this is the most prominent record labels in the phil produce by ABS CBN

68Mushroom Records

Why, because they found the band HEART.


One of the most coherent record labels of all times. One could actually buy blind from this label and not be disappointed. It may not make a lot of money for the artists, but it is the most prestigious, and deservedly so.

A great blend of modern music and techniques with the past creating a solid sound which transcends any current fad at the moment. Every record ECM produces is worth a listen.

Best label, amazing quality of sound. Impressive variety of music.


Best modern music, that's what you can find here. I highly recommend their artists!

If you're listening to a semi-famous IDM artist, chances are they've been signed to Warp at some stage. Aphex Twin, Boards Of Canada, Autechre, Squarepusher, Flying Lotus...heck, even experimental rap artists like Death Grips and Danny Brown were signed to them. - ArchAces


Monstercat has some awesome music

Bringing up and coming artists with music to be shared! Amazing!

Why the hell isn't this number one? Damn good EDM with very different styles of music and artists. My dream is to be signed to them one day.

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72Hi or Hey Records

Very clever for the boys of 5 Seconds of Summer to create their own record label

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73Hopeless RecordsV1 Comment

Parlophone has had artist such as coldplay,pink floid,Radiohead,David bowie,daft punk and the Beatles

This label is pretty much in the heart of Britain's rich music history in modern times, yet Parlophone is ranked 74... Something's not right here.

I'm pretty sure this label is of higher importance than so-called record labels such as Fueled By Ramen and Cash Money.

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Decades of hits, instances of reinvention.

76Sony MusicV1 Comment
77Syco Records

Best record label ever, Simon has really brought these artists to fame.

Honestly quite surprised that this label isn't higher in the list. It's been one of the most successful record labels by bringing some of the best talents to fame thanks to xfactor and the got talent franchise.

One directiin,olly murs,little mix, fifth harmony those singers/bands are the best artists signed in this label. Upsetting because its not in the top 10 :(


They have st vincent! Good indie label, and I'm bored of people saying so and so are amazing because they have Green Day, who I'd be embarrassed to take my mum to see

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79Walt Disney Records

They often did soundtracks to Princess Diaries, Ice Princess, Narnia, High School Musical, Cheetah Girls, The Little Mermaid, Frozen, Brave and Wreck-It Ralph. - playstationfan66

The way to go they have produced lots of artists and helped them get thir start the definite way to go

80Metal Blade Records

This should be way up there!

It houses the best metal bands and more

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