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121Razor & Tie

Did a soundtrack to "Another Cinderella Story" which is in stores in North America and online. The best way to find this soundtrack is Amazon. - playstationfan66

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122Equal Vision Records

This label has a ton of great bands- not to mention JapanDROIDS

123Red Cord Records
124Forces of Satan Records
125Napalm Records

WHOA! Napalm Records THIS low on the list?! This is where I find a lot of great songs!

Why the hell is Napalm Records so damned low on this list? It should be in the top 5 easy...what IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!?

126Island Records
127Mutant League Records
128Broken Arrow Collective
129The End Records
130Chrysalis Records
131Nickelodeon Records
132Rhymesayers Entertainment

I love everything these guys do. My favorites are Brother Ali and Dem Atlas

How is this so low?!
Atmosphere, Aesop Rock, Brother Ali.. Some of the best Rappers alive.

133Megaforce Records

Megaforce did it right with their music. They helped produce Metallica's first two albums, Kill Em All and Ride The Lightning, and those are the two best sounding Metallica albums. After that, Metallica went way downhill. - ElectricCorpseSlayer

134Nothing Records

This should be higher.

136Born Records

Created by Joe Torres, a.k.a. Mitis.

137Young Turks
138Flaming Grill Records

They had the best band in the world. The Ramones

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