The Best Type of Red Wine


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The Top Ten

Spanish Rioja

2French Bordeaux
Certainly Bordeaux are the best red wines.

There are lots of different kind of Bordeaux from 4$ to thousands...

From Ch√Ęteau XYZ to Petrus.

Great great so great wines.

But some other Countries now are also using French grapes and are also producing very good red wine: California, Chili, Australia, South-Africa and of course Spain.
The French wines are so numerous, diversified, that is impossible to make a choice even a list.
The problem they are not known as they should, French have in that poor marketing behavior.
That's a pity.


We so so love real fabulous wines like that.


3Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon
It should say any Cabernet Sauvingnon (I dont drink but I've had "experience" with this wine).


Cabernet Sauvignon is a French origin grape and Chilean know how to deal with this famous and one of the world's most widely recognized red wine grape varieties.

4Australian Shiraz
It has to be Wolfblass Yellow Label Shiraz for a quality but reasonably priced red. But Rawnsley estate do a lovely shiraz for slightly cheaper.

5Californian Zinfrandel

6Argentinian Malbec
Malbec wine is the best bar none
Home of the best wines.
The Punta de Flecha2009 is absolutely nice with well round taste and finish.

7French Beaujolais
Beaujolais is far to be the best French wine, but because it's from France is the origin of any other wine.


Also great with Cheddar cheese.

8Italian Montepulciano

9Italian Chianti
Absolutely low level quality wine.
Chianti is the king of reds, and the best red to cook with, it is also the best Red for eating with cheese. Also whether you get a $10 bottle, or a $30 plus. I have never had a bad bottle. I can't say that with Merlot, Cab Sav, or Shiraz.


10Italian Barolo

The Contenders

11South African Pinotage

12German Spatburgunder [Pinot Noir]

13Italian Sangiovese

14Italian Lambrusco

15Swiss Merlot

16Brut Vino Spumante Price

17Bogle 2008 Cabernet Sadvignon Price

18Brut Mino Spumante Price

19Italian Brunello

20Portuguese Porto Wine

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