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21 Imitation of Life Imitation of Life

this is by far "the greatest thing since bread came sliced", not making top ten is an absurdity, not making first place is blasphemy

I want the greatest song, the greatest song since bread came sliced to at least be in the top ten... This was the absolute last song by REM that got any radio play whatsoever, and happens to be one of the best.

This song is just beautiful and amazing. Should definitely be the the very first place!

This is an incredible song. BY FAR the most UNDERRATED song on this list

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22 Superman Superman

A classic of alternative cool. Paradramtic and textured in tone, mood and ambiance. A yearning between youth and adulthood and all of the grey abysses between.

Underrated song. Should be in top 10

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23 South Central Rain South Central Rain V 1 Comment
24 Supernatural Superserious Supernatural Superserious

It may be new, but it is so badass - crazyeyes56

Amazinhg song, powerful, awesome lyrics and music. It is surely one of the best songs of this wonderful band

Right from that raw intro the song blisters along like a happy runaway train. They're enjoying themselves on this. Irresistable!

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25 Leaving New York Leaving New York

Reminds me of the love of my life. So yes, HUGE sentimental value and an equally haunting tune.

Love this melancholic song. Favorite line: "It's easier to leave than to be left behind"

26 Daysleeper Daysleeper

Very nice song some good lines in there -

The best chorus. So good.

27 You Are the Everything You Are the Everything

REM are my all time favourite band. This is the first REM song I ever heard and I'd have to say it's still my favourite. I love to listen to it whilst driving late at night. They have at least a 100 great songs.

This is my number 1 REM song and REM are my favourite band. I love to listen to it whilst driving alone at night

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28 Leave Leave

Whoever voted for this one - well done. I already put Supernatural... but this would be my second choice. The siren is awesome on it and gives the track a panicky feeling. Brilliant.

Best Lyrics ever written by R.E.M.

29 Country Feedback Country Feedback

One of the best R.E.M. song, my favorite one, associating great music with incredible lyrics, simply fantastic.

I love the guitar solo on the version from R.E.M. 's Road Movie sound track.

Not just REM's best, one of the best songs ever written.

30 King of Comedy King of Comedy
31 King of Birds King of Birds
32 I've Been High I've Been High
33 Bad Day Bad Day

Another great REM song...

Makes my days good...

34 Bang and Blame Bang and Blame V 1 Comment
35 Swan Swan H Swan Swan H V 1 Comment
36 Life and How to Live It Life and How to Live It
37 Can't Get There From Here Can't Get There From Here
38 At My Most Beautiful At My Most Beautiful

I could listen to this song 8000 times and never get tired of it. Great song - CrowdedChisel

R. E. M. nailed a love song. Who'd'a thought?

39 Me in Honey Me in Honey
40 Feeling Gravity's Pull Feeling Gravity's Pull

A difficult song, but with a very nice passage. "When the light is mine":

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