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61The Worst Joke Ever

How was this not even on the list? The lyrics are so simply beautiful. - lachiemcdonald

63Monty Got a Raw Deal

Why is this at 65? The guitar, the vocals... Top 3. - Toraqi

64Try Not to Breathe

Probably the best song on Automatic. Makes me feel like I'm floating on air.

Yeah, this is my favorite R.E.M. song. Haunting lyrics, "I need you to rememberr..."

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65Near Wild Heaven

You have to hear it several times to love this song.

Very nice piece. Light but has a depth

66Exhuming McCarthy

To me, this has got to be the best song off of Document.

67Radio SongV2 Comments
68These Days

This has to be the realest and most original song they have ever made. The message it carries make it stand out from all their great songs

Great rocker from Pageant! Only surpassed by Hyena - where is that?


Good album, good song

70Gardening at Night

One of their first songs, one of their most influencial songs, one of their most simple and relaxing songs and in my opinion one of their best songs!

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72Wall of Death
73Perfect Circle
74Falls To Climb
75All The Right Friends
76Little AmericaV1 Comment
77So Fast, So NumbV1 Comment
78The Outsiders
79Walk It Back

What would you have had me say? Don't you turn this around... A great song of atmosphere, love lost...

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