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1Unchained Melody

This is on the verge of being the most beautiful song of all time - Beatlesboy9

You've Lost That Loving Feeling is a great song and Fantastic performance but I think this one just slightly edges it out for their Best Song; and to echo BeatlesBoy9 - one of the most beautiful songs ever. - Billyv

2You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'

This is my favorite song of all time.

3(You're My) Soul And Inspiration
4Rock and Roll Heaven

Describes the time capsule we have in brilliant musicians who died at a young age. They never grew stale--we can only remember them as the vibrant musical geniuses they were in their prime. Their music continues to light our fires, generations after their passing. - PetSounds

It's basically a tribute to deceased artists of the past and I think it's one of their bests without a doubt. - Beatlesboy9

I Know they've got a hell of a band! - Billyv

5Ebb Tide

So underrated yet similar to Unchained Melody in the beautiful way it sounds - Beatlesboy9

6Just Once In My Life
8Give It to the People
9Dream On
10Go Ahead and Cry

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12Little Latin Lupe Lu
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