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21 Te Amo Te Amo

very very low place for such a beautiful track. Personally, I don't like Rihanna but I became more tolerant to her when this masterpiece came out - Irina2932

This song is the first song that I heard in radio and I fell love with rihanna... It is very low song and totally amazing song... Rihanna always rocked... And this song should be in atlest top ten so please vote... And waiting another rihannas mesmerising song... Go roc it

How cm this be so down... It is far better and worth listening than UMBRELLA Te Amo Rihanna

One of the best by Rihanna.. Something unique and a masterpiece from rihanna.. Love the song

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22 Pon De Replay Pon De Replay

Great song! Cheers to the fans who know this song and who loved Riri since the very beginning! I still remember how in love I was with her then!

I can't stop listening to this song it's catchy and her first hit so it should be number 1 this song never gets old

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23 Rehab Rehab

The best song of rihanna... I'm totally confused and surprised that it is not even in the top 3... Unbelievable lyrics, absolutely spellbound after hearing it... One of my best songs which I have heard till date

Definitely this. It's much better than her new generic crap.

This is her best song by far, Umbrella 2nd, Take A Bow 3rd, Russian Rhulette 4rd, Rude Boy or Shut Up And Drive 5th.

I just don't get it why this one is so under diserves to be in the TOP 5 at least...

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24 Take Care Take Care

The song is kinda good, video is stupid. I don't like it when she's hugging drake. Like theirs not dating. They had a on again and off again relationship.

This song is beyond amazing. The lyrics are so intense and I love the tune. Quite melancholic. Love it.

This song is amazing and has deep meaning, why is it 37!

AmaZing is all I can say bout this song. AND to all the bad reviews!

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25 Hard Hard

Awesome song! What is it doing so way down here? People you guys need to know that her new songs have no match with the old ones!

Gotta be the best, combine Rihanna's voice, some empowering lyrics and multisyllabic rhymes, and young jeezy has a pretty good verse at the end. "Brilliant, resilient, fan mail from 27 million"

Another proof to Rihanna's ability to make us dance for a number while she can touch our heart with songs like Love the way you lie...

You know? There's really nothing more better than listening to this song

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26 What Now What Now

I love this song, she sounds a bit different but its lovely I think everybody must listen to it...

I don't like Rihanna, but this song came on the radio and I actually really like it. I'm surprised it isn't more popular, and it's definitely strange to see it so low... it's a very good song. - philhenshaw

It's so deep and I can actually feel something in her voice that is so tempting, I can connect with what she exactly wants to say, that's how expressive the song is and her voice stands out.

This song is one of her best songs

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27 Kiss It Better Kiss It Better

Has an old school infectious beat and the way she rides this beat is beautiful. Best track easily & one of my favorites from the album

One of the best songs from her in the last few years and my favorite off of Anti...

How can this song be this low? It's her best song and top 5 easily!

Its such a calming soothing song

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28 Princess of China Princess of China

Come on, it's a great collaboration with Coldplay. Should've been higher on the list. The music and the bass tunes are real good. Chris martin's and rihanna's vocals in this one make a great masterpiece

Great lyrics, great collaboration with Coldplay. Definitely deserves a top ten spot!

Its a great callboration so glad I got to hear these two together. Should have been higher on the list.

29 Can't Remember to Forget You Can't Remember to Forget You

Rihanna and shakira are a great team please vote I love this song it is greater than the greatest great thing in the whole wide world - bubblegumboy37

I love it love it love it love it more than any other song! - bubblegumboy37

The best song ever move up. This is new and awesome - bubblegumboy37

Lol I hate shakira but I like this song

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30 Talk That Talk Talk That Talk

This song is really rocking. Much better than many of her other songs. It definitely should be among the top ten.

It must be in the second place right after umbrella because in spite of it is not a romantic song but I feel calm and happy when I listen to it and I have never felt bored of it

I think it Must Be In The Top Ten Not No 31

The best song ever!

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31 Needed Me Needed Me V 2 Comments
32 All of the Lights All of the Lights

I LOVE THIS SONG! She sounds so pretty in it and its really good I love this song also listen to the song "Raining men" by her and Nicki Minaj!

She is a featured artist on this song but she makes it 10x better. Kanye and Riri are both awesome in this song. It should be higher even if it's not her song. After all love the way you lie is top 5 then this should definitely be at least top ten.

Most the best songs on this list aren't Rihanna songs but just feature her and this is one of them. Best song on the list and she is brilliant in the video.

Very very god so thank you rihanna and I love you rihanna very love you

33 Hate That I Love You Hate That I Love You

One of her best songs by far, this has much more meaning than some of her recent ones, please vote for this!

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34 The Monster The Monster

So I scroll down to place 61 just to see the BEST Eminem & Rihanna song there is, and it should be way on the top of the list. Wow... just wow.

Great collab with Eminem. Better than Love the way you lie parts 1 and 2. Just listen to it.

This is the best duet with Eminem. She killed it during he chorus and this shoukd at least be in the top 2

One of Em's best collaborations!

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35 FourFiveSeconds FourFiveSeconds

I absolutely love the new Rihanna style

This needs to be at least in the top 3! This song is simple which makes it so genius! Her vocals are best in this song!

Yeah glad it is nearly in the top 30!

Why? This song 94 rank it can deserve number 1

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36 Work Work

I love the song when I think rihanna I think Work Work Work Work or Cake Cake its amazing

Very incredible, amazing and interesting sound

This is so AMAZING. I love it so much

Or I don't know if this is the version I'm talking about but worst and annoying song in 2016

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37 We All Want Love We All Want Love
38 Love Without Tragedy Love Without Tragedy
39 Live Your Life Live Your Life

This song should be higher on this list, it's really nice.

Rihanna's own website rank #2. Here #97! This is messed up!

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40 Cry Cry

This one is epic guys and gals...
I was shocked to see this down here.
Just awesome. Listen to it guys...
And yeah - vote this above all the un-rihanna-ish crap she is coming out with these days...

Just listen it... It is the best ever ever and ever...
Epic song... Great song... Should be number 1
It touches the heart...

A girl in our school talent show sang this song.

Thi This is Amazing ye

Best song ever. Love you rihanna

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