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41Fire Bomb

The best one on Rated R! Firebomb was the essence of the whole album and it was a truely amazing song. Rihs voice was perfect for this song and she Killed it! This is my favorite, and this should be in the top 3!

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32 for such a beautiful and addictive track! What had happened to all those rihanna fans who haven't voted for this excellent song? This is such aa beautiful song that I just can't stop listening it over and over again! One of the best songs of Talk that Talk.

This is an amazing song about goodbye, one of the best!
Should be top 10 easily!

43Drunk On Love

For me, her best song. Very beautiful and powerful, should be a single! So underrated


I absolutely love the new Rihanna style

This needs to be at least in the top 3! This song is simple which makes it so genius! Her vocals are best in this song!

Yeah glad it is nearly in the top 30!

Why? This song 94 rank it can deserve number 1

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45Lost In Paradise

Great song. Top 20 at least

46DesperadoV1 Comment
47Wait Your Turn

AMAZING SONG... Should BE AT top 10... One of the most underrated... Rihanna rocks in the song... For me its the number 1. Song of rihanna,

Easily her most underrated song, especially from the Rated ARE album. Should be in the top 10 along with Rehab, Take A Bow, Shut Up And Drive etc. Pathetic list at the moment.

My favorite Rihanna song point, blank, period.


I love the song when I think rihanna I think Work Work Work Work or Cake Cake its amazing

Very incredible, amazing and interesting sound

This is so AMAZING. I love it so much

Or I don't know if this is the version I'm talking about but worst and annoying song in 2016

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49Cold Case Love

Probably her most honest song about her and Chris brown relationship and it was written by timberlake. Highlight of the album.

Literally my favourite rihanna song, this song is so underrated. I love it with all my heart

One of her most amazing and underrated songs. THIS should be #1 to be honest

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This song is so catchy and that beat in the background just creeps up in your head this is just amazing

Just fantastic no Rihanna song can beet it and G4L has the best bridge any song in the world has

That's such a good song but the video what

51Break It Off

Break It Off guys! Both Rihanna & Sean Paul rocked it in this song! It got stuck in my head the first time I heard it & I can never forget it! I've seen underrated songs, but as much as Break It Off & Right Now I've never seen.

52Love On the Brain

This song is her best work till date! It shows the variety of Rihanna's music, her vocal ability and range and that old school vibe! Best song on Anti and Rihanna's discography for sure!

Best song ever! Soulful! Legendary! Timeless

It shows that Rihanna has improved miles since 2005 she's a legendary singer

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53Phresh Out the Runway

With David Guetta.. Its too good...

55Run This Town

This song was the best I've heard from her. It should be higher legendary song. - Crysis

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56Rockstar 101

Why is this song all the way down here? It's awesome, I don't like Rihanna. But her vocals really come through on this song!

I Like Rihanna but this song it's Cool just because Slash is in this it! ;)
And this "I told you baby" at the beginning is awesome!

I haven't really heard any other song like this one, two words, EPIC GENIUS

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57Roc Me Out

This is the best song because its produced by Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen, the people behind Pendulum and also Knife Party

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Should be on top fading such a beautiful song + 2take a bow +umbrella 1 +that's how much I love ya +we found love

This song's amazing. The lyrics are so honest and Rhianna sings like an angel. This song is about a boy who's leaving a girls mind after a bad breakup. She hits every note right and it sounds perfect. Good job, RiRi

P.S. I'm listing to Fading right now

This song has great and honest lyrics and she sings awesome! Love how she hits those notes.

Its such a great song! I love Rihanna so so much!

59Who's that Chick

I personally think it's one of her best. It has ENERGY and it's very catchy too! LOVE IT!

She's been a crazy Dita, disco diva and you wonder "Who's that chick? Who's that Chick? "

This song is so amazing! Makes me wanna dance!

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60Nobody's Business
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