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61 American Oxygen American Oxygen

I know it is meaningful and things like that but I just think it is a bit boring

#111 is not good enough for the best song on her upcoming album

Inspiring and makes us Americans feel good, am I right?

62 If It's Lovin' That You Want If It's Lovin' That You Want

Her most underrated song. It's great, the only Rihanna song that REALLY gives you a taste of Barbados

One of her best song when she was an RNB singer and not a pop sellout miss this rihanna when she wasn't all about sex

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63 Question Existing Question Existing

Love this! Probably one of my favourites though I WILL ALWAYS ABSOLUTELY LOVE COLD CASE LOVE!

64 Haunted Haunted
65 Numb Numb

What the hell its doing here at #76. It must b in top 10. Love it.

This song is amazing but if Eminem is not in the song this song would be boring

It has to be in like the top 5. So addicted to this song.

Good song but widout eminem the song is nothing... Eminem simply kills..

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66 A Girl Like Me A Girl Like Me
67 Breakin' Dishes Breakin' Dishes

Great album track, new rihanna sucks. A girl like me and Good girl gone bad are her best albums.

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68 No Love Allowed No Love Allowed

This is definitely her TOP TEN but it is the most underrated song she's ever made.

What the frick is this song doing awl the way down here... Come on people scroll down and vote for this song its simply beautiful.

69 Fly Fly

Best Nicki Minaj song.. Rihanna is awesome in this son.

Such a good and emotional song, deserves to be way higher on this list.

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70 Complicated Complicated V 1 Comment
71 Skin Skin

I hate to say it, but Rihanna is best when she's being sexual, and this song is proof of that. Her vocals are beautifully seductive and raspy, enough to arouse anyone listening. Definitely one of her best.

This is her most languid song, it runs on your body like hot chocolate. This is Rihanna in her most sensual.

This song should most definitely be in the top 5 because it is on my favorite song list

Hear it first

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72 Fool In Love Fool In Love

This song is amazing. I wonder why it's so low? It should be at least in top 10.

Such a beautiful song on 63! It should be in top 20 at least..

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73 Push Up On Me Push Up On Me V 1 Comment
74 Sell Me Candy Sell Me Candy
75 The Last Song The Last Song

This is the best song I have ever heard. Ever.

Last song? It should be named great song! - spodermanfan1000

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76 Higher Higher

This one really gets me! I don't know why the hell its 132, people everywhere please vote!

77 Now I Know Now I Know

Good song but not liked in India

78 The Last Time The Last Time
79 Same Ol' Mistakes Same Ol' Mistakes V 1 Comment
80 Never Ending Never Ending
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