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1Her Diamonds

Never get tired of hearing 'Her Diamonds' over & over! I'm 62, they bridge the generation gap! Love all the songs, but 'Her Diamonds' is the best!

2Lonely No More

A great and catchy song that deserves to be number 1! The video was great and exciting and the song was just the same because IT WAS AMAZING and the greatest song of its time.

Definitely and without a doubt the greatest song of 2005! This song has everything and it is amazing! This is probably one of my favourite songs of all time! Great to see him leave Matchbox 20 because I know that he had talent and didn't need them.

This shows that he didn't need matchbox twenty to make great songs. Lonely No More is a dead catchy song that will make you sing the verses and chorus, and you will enjoy it!

Great song I love it

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3Fire On the Mountain
4Fallin' to Pieces

Even though it's not his song, it is the greatest song Rob Thomas has ever done. His great voice combined with the expert guitar of Santana. This is the dream combo that every artist should listen to. 5 stars.

God, why this is not no1? I love it so much. it makes me wanna dance everytime I hear it.. santana s guitar and rob s voice makes an incredible combination! JUST LOVE IT!

This song is just simply SMOOTH. Robs voice is this song is just SMOOTH, and Carlos Santanas guitar is just SMOOTH. So why wouldn't you vote for this song?

My favorite Santana cut.

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7Ever the Same

It should not be at 6. Definitely deserves a second place. Thomas has put a lot of raw emotions into this beautifully written song for his wife, who was suffering from an autoimmune disorder. It certainly displays a very strong bonding between two lovers. One of the greatest love songs of all time.

Definitely deserves to be higher on the list! No one can honestly say that this song doesn't "hit home" so to speak. In other words, everyone can relate this song to a time in their life.

How can this be number 6? It's an amazingly powerful and heartfelt song that truly captures deep feelings. - davidthenurse

This is my wedding song, although 3am is my favorite song by him.

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8Little Wonders

This song should definitely be number 1, in my opinion. It's a celebration of what really matters in life, which is more than what a lot of pop/rock artists right about these days. I think the message in this song is universal 'All our lives are made in these small hours, these little wonders... '. That's something everyone could do with remembering at some time in their lives.

This music video is SOO COOL! You have to watch it RIGHT WHEN YOU SEE THIS COMMENT! You have to be a Rob fan if you are looking at this particular page...!

Wonderfully deep song for a very underrated Disney movie. There is a lot of meaning to the lyrics much like many of his other songs but this one stands out given how well it ties in with the movie. The video to the track is also pretty impressive.

I love this song!

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9A New York Christmas
10Sunshine of Your Love

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11Give Me the Meltdown

Video clip is very funny and the song itself is just dead catchy. It will be in your head and you can't help but sing it.


According to me, this should be witin top ten list...

13This Is How a Heart Breaks
15I Am An Illusion

A verry soothing song... It touches my heart every time I hear it and make me go into the HEAVEN!

17Problem Girl
183 am

Going to he my wedding song in October 2015 New Zealand d

19Something to Be
20Streetcorner Symphony

Come on over! Whenever I need a happiness boost I play this gem.

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1. Fire On the Mountain
2. Fallin' to Pieces
3. Her Diamonds



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