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21The World According to Garp

Have any of you actually seen this movie? It is excellent and his performance is wonderful.

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This movie is way underrated. The trailers were awful, but this is truly a good, funny movie. It is one where you don't have to think. Just relax, watch it, and have fun. Don't take it too seriously. It's a goofy family comedy but there's a lot of laughs.

Good movie and I can't say rip because he is still her4e he just says the same thing over - thebounty

First movie of robin williams that I ever watched was instantly hooked

I love this movie. I just can't get over the name of the RV; Rolling Turd

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23What Dreams May Come

A really imaginative, and original idea. The film does delve into our psychi about life after death. I love how Williams acted in this, and loved the look, the feel of it and the idea of the afterlife.

A brilliant film, beautifully scripted and acted, having lost my sister in law followed by my brother ( her husbands ) sucide this film opens the flood gates.

First movie I saw him in this is very good
Plus I got to see him in concert great show

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25The Final Cut
26Death to Smoochy

A really enjoyable and creative film! - Weasltown

A CRIMINIALLY underrated dark comedy touching upon the corruption and exploitation involved in the corporate side of children's programming.

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27The Angriest Man In Brooklyn
28Bicentennial Man

Well it's fantastic, as I don't agree with it's politics, I cry tons, of tears, you c, the love is amazing, but in reality, he is, not understanding that humans, or animals, and so a memory bank, on or off, well his brain, can't die, and so, to die as animal, then the fuel must stop, same as animals, humans are from birth if feed food, can eat or kill animals, they were hunted, so that's our history, think I would fund a cool follow up with my friends in USA... You see all his films, and wisdom, was conflicted, a soul lost, still is I'm sure xx rip or fly like a bird, only thing is a smirk he popped out of an egg, so he killed himself, well most of us don't see the egg as a chicken, me I just see cattle farming, no blood on tescos floors, kosher, what's that clean and proper, well even killing in that way, isn't my god,... How can it be that all the Ten Commandments are kept, the Rabbi, said nothing but humans can live in dead see to his congregation, I ask Rabbi, what about the rocks ...more

Amazing movie that will capture anybody's heart whether robot or human (spoilers) WATCH IT FOR YOURSELVES its cute funny and heartwarming and one of Mr. Robin Williams best works that shouldn't ever be forgotten or taken for granted.

I loved it. I thought this movie can make you smile with some humor and have some heartwarming moments. Robin may be gone, but he will never be forgotten. :(

This is my brothers favorite movie. He would watch it at least like once a week. Such a good movie though

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29Moscow on the Hudson
30Jakob the Liar

Such a great movie sad and really touching

31August Rush

The film is great but his rall is the bad guy but still good its sort if based on oliver twist ps R.I. P


I hope God forgives Robin. He did a lot of good things in his life.R.I. P

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33License to Wed
34The Best of Times
35Being Human
36Nine Months
38Father's Day

Very funny movie. Robin and Billy play wonderfully against each other. Comedy Gold

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39House of D
40Man of the Year

A movie exposing the fraud of computer voting.

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