Best Roblox Games


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The Top Ten

Welcome to the Town of Robloxia
Laugh out loud this games is epic! It is a super fun game that anyone can play on! You can make friends on it! And I go on it most of the time. I think that it should be the top 10 game everywhere! Lo
When I first started to play this game I just got addicted because it was my first game and I liked it because there was burger shops and its was like a Real City! This game had like 3 or 4k on the time I was on it was famous and EPIC!
This game has started coming into me until I found out,"Wow! I never knew this game could be so much fun! ", This game lets you live life but in a video game! This never stops growing popular because it is. Thumbs up for this game!
[Newest]I love this game, but the advanced town of robloxia which the owner copied and only added free model houses and then it became more popular, also online daters are on sometimes but I usually avoid them.

2Sword Fighting Tournament
I like this game because you can donate to people, but the down side is there is bullying on the game and lots of name calling
This game is awesome because it's easy and only swords and you can donate practice and you can buy better swords!
This is the first Roblox game I ever played! Extremely fun game and brings me memories of back then.
[Newest]Pretty sweet in my opinion thanks for suggesting

3Apocalypse Rising
So amazing! I love the constant tension from the constant possibility of death, along with the constant threat of other survivors who won't just stop when you get too far out of reach, especially if they have the right weapons.
This is the highest quality game on roblox. The amount of work in this game is amazing. The constant tension, because of the permanent death makes this fun at all times.
[Newest]It's awesome but hackers are starting to roam it

4Catalog Heaven
I think catalog heaven should be number 1 because it is very unique because it lets you try out all the gear without having to beg your parents for money or taking up all that time to earn robux. It also has a battlefield which changes everyone in a while from the original to the new. Love ya people.
Catalog Heaven is the place I go to first when I ever play ROBLOX. This wonderful creation allows me to dive my hands into the catalog and simply let me test any hat, gear, package or anything else. It even lets me choose my weapons and lets me fight if I want to. Clearly number 1 in current time.
I think it should be 1 because it lets you test all gear before you buy and use the gear to fight guests and other games that fights with only swords are not enough because its just sword fight without a point.
[Newest]Make it number 1#

Well its actually fun cause I never been paintball tournament. And also what I like about the game is that you can try to defeat your enemy with out actually killing em
Very good game- LOTS of fun playing it.
Best game ever! You have different games like capture the flag and different maps to play on, you level up and get cool weapons like the shotgun!
[Newest]Paint ball is fun but jaws and mad murderer is more fun.

6Roblox Top Model
This game is a very good game, you get to be a judge or you get to be a contestant. If you are a judge you have to Judge people the score you wanted to give them for the category. If your a contestant you have to change your look by stepping on the item you wish to wear. You have to get the item you want to wear for the category chosen and you have a time limit.

Anyways, I love this game I wish that the creator will create a Roblox Top Model 2
This game is just the bomb. I remember I didn't mean to click on it so I tried to play it and it didn't work out so well. Now it's my favorite game ever. It's so addicting everyone should try it!
Yes this is so addicting! My friend said I should play it... and I thought it was girly. NOW I'M ADDICTED AND THAT'S ALL I PLAY!
[Newest]This is my favorite game I loves it when I play roblox I always go there

7Call of Robloxia 5 - Roblox at War
This is the game right here this game is so addicting I never stop and this game is much like the real games this is the game worth trying
Stupid game. There's nothing I like about it. My teenage cousin hates roblox. Can't you believe it?! Such an awesome game not to be hated. To be liked. If you like Minecraft, WOW. I hate Minecraft. Cause I am so mean. Haha.
I played it before and it's suer addictive and I'm kinda bad because I have more deaths than I do kills
[Newest]This game is fun but not as good as real Call of Duty

Best game ever first game I ever played!
Its boring and fun too it's the same really and I like it updated too I like the one who made have a family in roblaxia its really fun its made by:JuliusColesV2 I like his game its normal

9Call of Robloxia: Black Ops
Call of Robloxia is one of the most accurate games to the actual video game. Whenever you have a kill you feel good for yourself, it can almost never get old as long as you have interesting players.
Best game ever wish it was updated more though!
[Newest]I always hack on the game

10Driveblox Unlimited
Driveblox is most definitely one of the greatest ROBLOX games of all time. Want to have a party? Do it! Want to get a dream home? You can do that too. Want to drive cars, buy cars, and race? Well, that's what this game is all about, so go ahead! It's very unique, and I love it because of that.
Drive blox is my favorite roblox game and it should come first on the top 10 list
Yes drive bloc unlimited is definitely the best for people who loves cars
[Newest]One of the first games I ever played on ROBLOX!

The Contenders

11Natural Disaster Survival
When I thought of a game that could be put on the list, I thought of realistic, fun, detail, diversity (laugh out loud some of the games have only one map) and more. This is the perfect one! So I added this.
I love this game the first game I ever played was this and it is still my favorite!
I used to like, and I still do, but I don't play it as often anymore

12Murder Mystery
Amazing, its really fun to see who the murderer is and when you get killed from behind and you randomly jump and get scared and then just laugh at yourself! A really fun game and very popular.
Really amazing I love this game it has been in popular for really long I love this game and the amazing maps. Its always fun to figure out who murderer 1 of my favorite games I love.
Amazing game, lots of fun to run around and kill people and find out who is the murderer!

13The Stalker
THIS GAME IS SO FREAKY but fun too... I wonder if I well be stalker!
I just wish people wouldn't be noobs on it!

14The Complex V2.0
It was like one of the best town and city games I've played

15Pieperson's 50 Minigames
There are lots of games to play and most of them are very fun
Kinda fun not really though

16Roblox Wheel of Fortune
So fun and worth the robux! LOVE IT

17The Iron Cafe
How can you not love this game? It's basically ROBLOX in a nutshell. I love it, it's too bad it got deleted though.
Cool! It is very popular and fun to play! Plus you might get to meet Sonic!
I like this game because its like in real life

18Club Nyonic
I play this some times I love it but it does have lots of places and I can never find someone
Very Good game many things to do like Fish, Surf, Swim, Text, Ski, Drive boats and cars, shoot fireworks, buy groceries and gifts in town, zipline, Go Carts, play Mini Golf, float on tubes and Play Music on the iPhone!
A lot more features than other town and city games

19Work at a Pizza Place
This game is very fun! I have the hang glider and paint bucket passes... This game is awesome enough to be in the top 10... At least number 8.
I LOVE this game I have a 2 story house and I use lee go here to just play around with my charter outfits
This is one of the most best and addicting games ever!
[Newest]Super great scripted game.

20Kohl's Admin House [NBC Version]
I really enjoy trapping noobs, only good if you have perm or something. But it's a game to check out, nice one agspureiam
I love to trap noobs as well, I once litteraly made a perm free server and jailed everyone else :P


21The Hunger Games by Ozzypig

22Twisted Murderer
Still a good game!

23Survive the 92 Disasters! Slenderman
This game is so awesome! There are so many disasters to play and they are all very different. You never know what disaster is coming next so you have to be prepared. I think this should be ranked number one!
My little sister is afraid of this game. I don't want to say this But (it really is a fun game. )/bad: it's Sooo scary. Good: it's so much fun! (scary though, Ok (I'm dog tired I feel sick. Roblox is too good for me. TO GOOD. Elephants are afraid of mice laugh out loud. Gtg

24Intense Sword Fighting!

25Roblox Dodgeball
I tried this game it's not very good... I muted the game as soon as some stupid music started playing, and my family hear it at volume 45. Not only that but everyone is a poor sport.
I like hitting people in the face
It is good, but kind of glitchy
I never played that but it sounds cool I will get on later and play it
[Newest]I love this one it should be 100%

26Dead Mist

27Ride Into Steve and Survive!

28Roblox Laundromat
Roblox Laundromat Isn't a verry attractive game, yet it still gives you entertainment and fun whihc is basicly everything you should expect from a game which lets you go inside a washing machine and wash yourself OR you clothes! However after a while it becomes boring. I recomend this game for new ROBLOX users
I like it because I can get in the dryer and washer

29Mad Paintball
This game sucks and unfair

30Kingdom Life II
There were a couple of glitches but other then that GREAT GAME
My favorite roleplay. I hate thelolguy's new version, sorry. It doesn't have the same feel. I play the classic boopbot version to this day. It's so nostalgic.

31Ultimate Driving II

32The Conquerors Mark II

33The Conquerors

34Darkened Dawn
Love it! Love to play with my friend Regan546 (i'm OKAY234)
This game is the most, best, RP ever, if you love RPs this is a very good one this SHOULD be at 1st place hands down Welcome to town of robloxia isn't good at all anyways it should be 9999999999999999999th place

35MINEBLOX [Full Creative Mode]
Made by Pedrok. Is like Minecraft, but BETTER!

36Theme Park Heideland
This game is awesome. You can control the rides :D

37Attack On Titan
I had more fun on this game than any other roblox game. It is easily my favorite game and the creator did an amazing job with titan models, animations, and scripting.
It's a really good game off the T.V. series its just really good its In my top ten list

38Pilgrim Islands Reborn

39Boys vs Girls
It's fun and you get to crush the other king (notbeingsexist).

40Base War: The Land
Base Wars is the BEST!
Base wars is super cool, super fun even if you are a noob!
Best Roblox War game, although most weapons are overpowered.

41Trade Hangout

42Epic Wars
It is getting allot better it's all most done try it it is so good
This game truly is EPIC!
It is really epic
[Newest]It is team wars

43Jet Wars: Advance Battle
This is the best

44HSL 2 by Devonski

45Live Life As a Hamster
Just a boring tycoon game

46Old Football Legends

47The Quarry
The best game in my opinion
It is really good
Fun and just really competive even though I hate resetting it gives everyone a chance to get back in the game

I like this game beacause its fun and nice to try out with your friends, say you build a mansion, and the others build fun stores

49Beach House Roleplay
It's such a fun game that the day I started to play it I have never been able to stop!
You get to change how you look and you get to party on the dance floor.
Beach house roll play is the best game I've ever played for sure!

This game is AMAZING and it is the MOST realistic game in the whole of ROBLOXIA! It is insanely big, very well scripted, and it is so real, you can kill zombies by running them over with a car (provided you foud some petrol near an old church first laugh out loud! )

51Heli-Wars: Desert Attack
It doesn't even work!

52Kohl's Admin House [BC Version]

53Space Knights
I love this game so much it should be 5 or at least in top ten

54Survival Apocalypse
This is the best game ever and ill stand beside it forever. Look for me my name is super arturo 12 but with no spaces okay.
The best fun I've ever had in Roblox. A mix of strategy and raids. Anyone who knows how to play (many of my friends struggle on that part) will enjoy this.

55Reason 2 Die
Super awesome game. The original was the best. There was even a secret weapon hidden in one of the maps. When you die you don't just stand and wait, you get to become a zombie. Best thing is, YOU CAN GO AS A TANK TOO W00T! There's also explosives. I remember when I always used to put the green barrel beside a ladder, then when we spawn, I shoot the barrel and anyone who is near it DIES, EVEN YOUR ALLIES. BEST GAME EVERR

56The Mad Murderer
HOW IS THIS SO FAR DOWN! IT'S ALWAYS BEEN #1, currently its being beaten by work at a pizza place, but it had 17,000,000 visits in 5 months, and that's the fastest visiting roblox game ever! And in just a few hours its gonna pass murder mystery visits so HA!
Please I know this is not higher than murder mystery but it should be close. the list need to be updated is all
Don't worry mad murderer fans, It WILL get popular! It's because it's new
[Newest]It's the best game in roblox

57Welcome to the Neighborhood of Robloxia
Best town and city game awesome houses
This is my favorite game on roblox


58Deception Infection
Aww I remember when I first played this..

59Roblox Point

60Build and Battle

61Survival 303
SO ADDICTING! I play it over and over again. First game I ever think about when I get on Roblox. A little disappointing the game doesn't save so you have to start every time, but you get to do something new each time. The game is incredible. The recipes are so vast and different and there is so many way to play the game and the skills only make it more realistic. Definitely my favorite game of all time. So sad it is not first.
This is a survival game with crafting, mining and raiding. Its hard at when you first play this game(but if people is nice enough to help you I'm sure you are addicting in this game. Mixed with Survival 101, 202, 404, Finale, in to the frost.
The best game out there that starts as stone age then ends to medieval age. Mixed with raiding.
Survival 303 is the best survival game in all of Roblox. It is a bit like Minecraft. There are even a few recipe lists you can use.

62The Pod Games
How is this not higher everyone try this game.

63Dungeon Delver

64Lava Ragdoll Wars

65Draw It

661,000 Ways to Die Mini Games

67After the Flash: Snowstorm

68Scripth's Admin House

69Sword Fights On The Heights IV
Oh my god! Whats this doing up here at number 1 with the crappy old town of robloxia in first place?

70Warrior Cats~ New Lake Territories
This game by Mandaka is one of the best there is. You can roleplay as a warrior cat with up to 29 other players. The only bad part is that the game isn't being updated any more. Warrior Cats~ NEW Lake Territories should definitely be number 1!
I read warriors and this game is the really only good one. Warriors forever! 😺😸

71Bus Driver Roblox Version V2 (Added Airport!)

72Pokemon Reborn RPG
This game has to be in this list. With all its scripts and pokemon like lucario and mewtwo. Al should play this game.
Very good but it's so hard to level up. Fun!
This game values a million bucks

73Nuke the Whales

74Roblox Tower Defense

75Zombie Tower
The first zombie tower game

76Call of Robloxia
This is a great game as the controlls are simple, the games maps could be a little more interesting though

77Cart Ride to Crustykrab
Its krusty not crusty

78International Roblox Airport V.2.0
This Is Remade.
Added: 2 Islands and 1 Hidden island.
Soon you will be able to fly to other islands.

The Grey Planes Can Be Regened By saying there Names.
To Fly Some Planes Use The Plane tool. If not press "Y", "E" and then "M" To Go Faster also "N" Is to slow Down.

79Darkness (Dogeness)
Awesome game! Because think, beast picker, all the GUI's, and the GUI animations... and how the beast has his own body that he doesn't need a morph... and then, the who won script, and when it announces the winner, it even describes what happened, like " the survivors have slain the beast" or if he left, then "the beast has left the facility", the juggernut picker, etc... all those things! ! It's so awesome!
MAde by loleris (Dogeris), very fun, slightly scary, awesomely scripted, well made

80War of the Worlds
Based on the HG Wells scfi novel

81Dynamic Flight Simulator
One of the most addictive games on Roblox
Very well developed and scripted

82Name That Meme!
The game you must guess the meme.
There's only 80 doors currently.

83The Ultimate Fight

84Pokemon Adventures
It's a super fun Pokemon game! There's PVP, potions, trainers, POKEBALLS AND GYMS!


86Wipeout Minigames

87Kohls Admin House

88Original Cops Vs. Robbers
Cops vs robbers is a really good game on roblox and it is a classic

89Zombie Tower 2

90Ultimate Power

91Grandgasher's Place Number 3
This game is cool the gold house as secret rooms and passages

92Sword Fights On the Heights

93Super Fun Hangout! >Sports
This game is great to pass the time and make new friends or meet your other ones. Credit to Vastcookies for making this game. It would be in the top 15 but it was a late entry.
Sincerely, Shedletsky

Best scripted game ever

95Armored Patrol
A fun, well balanced war game it takes many hits to destroy enemy vehicles and you can create defenses at the click of a button and treat it like an armored base for your tank
It has a new chinook!
Pretty awesome... Everything works fine, like the amazing heli they added... YOU CAN'T FORGET THE HELI!

96Destroy the Simpsons

97Two Player Heaven Tycoon

98Are You Cooler Than Mudkip Obby

99Your Store Tycoon

100Can You Survive a Night With Elmo?
A parody of the once polpular roblox game 'Can you survive a night with Jason? ' That actually became nearly as horrifying as Slender itself. This game was created by bigdrybones and it already has over 1k visits and I'm sure the creator will be happy to get more. I really think this should be in the top 10!
No I can't last a day with that snobby laugh

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