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41 Mad Paintball V 4 Comments
42 The Plaza

Overall, this is an amazing game to play. There's great scripting as well as an amazing team of developers. However, this game still has lots of room for potential. First of all, there aren't enough games. Plaza Karts and Infection can get kinda boring after a while. They need to work on new ideas to keep the game entertaining (Ex: Paintball, sword fighting, etc.) Second, the game seems a little pointless once you've reached the "Popular" rank and have filled up your room to its capacity, New ranks should be added ( and maybe even perks for ranking up) as well as either increased room capacity or save slots for condos. On the other hand, the game contains amazing custom models. The only thing I might suggest for the shop would be new plants and paintings. I'm really looking forward to see this game continue to grow and get better and better, and I'm sure it will.

Awesome game love playing minigames and hanging out with my friends wonderful game TOP TEN please

This game is sooo entertaining! It has really good graphics, and it saves your progress if u leave the game! This should be #1

V 2 Comments
43 Ride Into Steve and Survive! V 3 Comments
44 Roblox Dodgeball

I tried this game it's not very good... I muted the game as soon as some stupid music started playing, and my family hear it at volume 45. Not only that but everyone is a poor sport.

Its fun when you enjoy the art of dodgeball, you can also showoff how high level you are or not lol.

I like hitting people in the face

V 7 Comments
45 The Conquerors V 1 Comment
46 Lolcaptions

It used to be really popular but when the last user quit it it was abandoned for a long time (Still my favorite game)

47 Trade Hangout V 2 Comments
48 Zombie Rush

This game is very good cause you can unlock guns and badges and I like it when you get chased by a swarm of zombies

I pretty much decided that this game is good I'm just really mad at joining weak people

V 2 Comments
49 Club Nyonic

I play this some times I love it but it does have lots of places and I can never find someone

Very Good game many things to do like Fish, Surf, Swim, Text, Ski, Drive boats and cars, shoot fireworks, buy groceries and gifts in town, zipline, Go Carts, play Mini Golf, float on tubes and Play Music on the iPhone!

A lot more features than other town and city games

It is an amazing game with great things inside

V 5 Comments
50 Ripull Minigames

This game should be in the top ten

V 8 Comments
51 Pilgrim Islands Reborn

The building style is impressive. I suggest any serious builder to join this game. This game offers specific sizes to be easily created and even angles. Want to move your build away from greifers? Use the vote kick or even move your build using the slide tool!

I like this game but I think there are a few better games.

V 2 Comments
52 Survive the 92 Disasters! Slenderman

This game is so awesome! There are so many disasters to play and they are all very different. You never know what disaster is coming next so you have to be prepared. I think this should be ranked number one!

I've never played this. But I'll try it

My little sister is afraid of this game. I don't want to say this But (it really is a fun game. )/bad: it's Sooo scary. Good: it's so much fun! (scary though, Ok (I'm dog tired I feel sick. Roblox is too good for me. TO GOOD. Elephants are afraid of mice laugh out loud. Gtg

Dang this game is cool

V 4 Comments
53 Simon Says

It's well mint you should all play it it's well addictive man

V 6 Comments
54 Kingdom Life II

There were a couple of glitches but other then that GREAT GAME

My favorite roleplay. I hate thelolguy's new version, sorry. It doesn't have the same feel. I play the classic boopbot version to this day. It's so nostalgic.

V 4 Comments
55 Lumber Tycoon 2

It's very fun game and I never get bored of it and the Christmas update is epic

Why lumber tycoon is in the no. 56 lumber tycoon is the best game ever

I want that game cause it's so awesome

My opinion, in this game is awesome. It lets you live life if you were in a lumber mill place! It lets you save, load, and buy new money. Oh! And don't forget the part where they let you interact with the music settings. Most people think it bad, because it has actually no rank at ALL. But they didn't think of the bright side! They're in the dark side, saying " Hmm. I like ______ better.. " or " This spends ALL my robux! " Well, they should have thought twice and thought about it before they turned their back on this amazing game.

V 5 Comments
56 Driveblox Unlimited

Driveblox is most definitely one of the greatest ROBLOX games of all time. Want to have a party? Do it! Want to get a dream home? You can do that too. Want to drive cars, buy cars, and race? Well, that's what this game is all about, so go ahead! It's very unique, and I love it because of that.

Yes drive bloc unlimited is definitely the best for people who loves cars

It's an amazing game. Especially the Halloween update!

The game was so fun until 2015

V 13 Comments
57 Armored Patrol

A fun, well balanced war game it takes many hits to destroy enemy vehicles and you can create defenses at the click of a button and treat it like an armored base for your tank

My favorite game ever so fun can not stop playing

Such a good game, especially when fighting with an rpg against helis. Should be in the top #5 or even #1.! GOOD GAME

It has a new chinook!

V 3 Comments
58 MINEBLOX [Full Creative Mode]

Made by Pedrok. Is like Minecraft, but BETTER!

59 Dynamic Ship Simulator 2
60 Bunny Island

Its cool you can work there get some credits or moneys trade go on a ride or buy things and other things

Its fun, you'll love it, in fact it's so fun I can't explain about it1 - thesimsvampires

Its amazing! You get to work on various rides and sections on Bunny Island and you can even ride the rides! It's a fun, social environment and you always have a variety of jobs. I guarantee, you will LOVE it! by the way if you would like to add me I'm CatGirl361! Thanks guys!

The rides are really fun!

V 3 Comments
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