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141Bus Driver Roblox Version V2 (Added Airport!)

The buses are annoying

142Pokemon Reborn RPG

This game has to be in this list. With all its scripts and pokemon like lucario and mewtwo. Al should play this game.

Very good but it's so hard to level up. Fun!

This game values a million bucks

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143Pokemon Adventures

It's a super fun Pokemon game! There's PVP, potions, trainers, POKEBALLS AND GYMS!

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144A Roblox Quest: Elements of Robloxia

This is awesome adventure games ever released on ROBLOX
You should check out!

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145Lumber Tycoon 2: "Axellent!"

Best Game EVER should totes be number one!

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146Skybound 2V1 Comment
147Amazing Gamers HQ 2
148FramesV1 Comment
149Candy TycoonV2 Comments
150Dinosaur Obby by Superpotato12345678

I like this game cause the creator always updates and it's a fun obby - trains

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151Dinosaur Obby Beta

I love this game its really fun and creator updates a lot but no one plays it whenever I play there's usually only 1, 2 or 3 players in the server I think it deserves more views - trains

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152Lava Ragdoll Wars
153Zombie Tower

Used to actually be really popular.Now its taken by ZombieRush and all the other games.Try it sill though.

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154Call of Robloxia

This is a great game as the controlls are simple, the games maps could be a little more interesting though

155Cart Ride to CrustykrabV1 Comment
156International Roblox Airport V.2.0

This Is Remade.
Added: 2 Islands and 1 Hidden island.
Soon you will be able to fly to other islands.

The Grey Planes Can Be Regened By saying there Names.
To Fly Some Planes Use The Plane tool. If not press "Y", "E" and then "M" To Go Faster also "N" Is to slow Down.

157Play Tadcool55 GameV1 Comment
158Darkness (Dogeness)

Awesome game! Because think, beast picker, all the GUI's, and the GUI animations... and how the beast has his own body that he doesn't need a morph... and then, the who won script, and when it announces the winner, it even describes what happened, like " the survivors have slain the beast" or if he left, then "the beast has left the facility", the juggernut picker, etc... all those things! ! It's so awesome!

MAde by loleris (Dogeris), very fun, slightly scary, awesomely scripted, well made

159War of the Worlds
160Dynamic Flight Simulator

Whoever voted this has not seen a well-made plane on ROBLOX.

Terrible game

One of the most addictive games on Roblox

Very well developed and scripted

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