Best Rock and Ground Pokemon


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Tyranitar is awesome get curse, to raise attack and defense, lower speed which is good. Payback over crunch, because crunch says 80 and payback says 50, but payback is 100 if you are last, and you will be since you are slower because of curse. Avalanche, because it says 60, ice beam says 95, same accuracy, but if you go second avalanche is 120, which is better than ice beam, plus the curses physical attack boost, and ice beam is a special attack anyways. Rock slide or stone edge, stone edge is better with a high critical hit, but go for rock slide since it has curses attack boost and STAB, and has 100 accuracy, you probably wont even need stone edges extra power. Stopne edge can hit enemies that are in the air, but it would probably miss. So go for rock slide. Go for the brave nature, raise attack and lower speed, since 2 moves require going last, and hlod a focus band. You will be unstoppable with this tyranitar. I have it, and I never lose!
Tyranitar reminds me a lot like Godzilla seeing as they're both similar to each other.
Tyranitar has some awesome powers and attacks.
Personally he's one of my favourite Pokemon.
He's beast he can learn outrage and earthquake so skarmory is the only thing that resits it but you could use stone edge and he's unstoppable
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Golem would be the best to me because of how easily it can be obtained as a Geodude or Graveler, and then trained to become a super powerful rock beast! It's one of those pokemon that is good for everything; either being an HM slave, or a Pokemon to add to your team at the beginning of the game. Even though Tyranitar is the best, as a Larvitar, it's hard to get into your party, being that it can only be obtained after beating the Elite 4.
I'm just greatly disappointed about the fact Tyranitar is in first. He's not even a ground type Pokemon! Ridiculous, anyone voting for Tyranitar on this list is very ignorant. Golem's clear cut first even with Tyranitar, Golem's sturdy insures him ztleast move, and Golem's built for Attacks to kill instantly, with Brick break, Focus blast, Hammer arm, or focus punch would instantly kill Tyranitar, who doesn't belong on this list in the first place. Just a very disapointing day to see the 31 rated Pokemon isn't even the correct typing
Golem was one of the original four rare Pokémon that you had to trade to get their stage 1 to evolve into them and to be honest was probably the most powerful out of all of them.


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This Pokemon is AMAZING in Fire Red, due to his amazing abilities and small, but useful move pool. Rock Head allows him to use Double-Edge without taking any recoil damage, allowing it to spam it over and over. Also, in Fire Red, before the Physical/ Special split, he could make use of Ancient Power, which was physical at the time, and could potentially raise his massive attack and speed as well as the rest of his stats all at once. He is a beast, and with the new mega evolution, it gets even better with his even larger speed and attack. I absolutely love this guy and use it on my team every chance I get. Also, I don't know why, but the name Fluffy really seems to suit him well and always gave me a good laugh.
Its a fossil pokemon and its giga slam could take down ground attacks very easily.
It's extremely fast and durable. It's way worth it. You can definitely relly on this Pokemon!
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God, I love Rhydon. But what is Tyranitar doing up in first? It's not even ground type! It's rock and dark!
Its awesome because its one of the few powerhouses everyone can get
even though it has a lot of weaknesses its strong enough to survive a hit from nearly all of them
I think rhydon because it is 1 of the most powerfulest pokemon and it can kick butt
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Swampert is my favorite starter of all time. Think about it this way, he has the highest base stats of any starter ever created. Now think of the fact that he has ONE weakness. The weakness is grass, but is almost irrelevant since gen.3 has a very small group of good grass types or powerful grass moves (Not including SolarBeam) he also is blessed with a great movepool covering many different types. I taught mine surf, stone edge, ice beam, and earthquake. He gets STAB with surf AND earthquake, paving the way for some serious combos. Finally, in the gen 3 games swampert has a clear type advantage on 3/8 gyms and doesn't have a significant weakness on any. If you EV train this one right, you're sure to have one kickass pokemon.
I just love Swampert he is #1. Swampert should be a legendary Pokemon. Both me and my friend think so. You should really vote for Swampert. So click on the vote button. Seriously this is a killing Pokemon!
Tied with Golem but because its my starter and its also water-type.
If Grass-type pokemon is against it can own it by ice beam.
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This anal-smashing rock worm will leave your girlfriends ice-cold heart in pieces.
It a huge giant rock snake, what is not to like about it?
Onix has a size that does not make sense it should be an extremley powerful pokemon but it is not
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He's a metal tank. He should at least be in the top 5. Plus, Aggron looks so cool, and scary that my cousins are afraid of him.
Epic beast he is a dinosaur covered in steel common should at least be in top 5
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Sandslash both looks and is super awesome. It learns many awesome and powerful ground type moves like Earthquake, and because it is a ground type electric types are no problem. Sandslash is also faster than most other rock and ground types, except for perhaps aerodactyl.
Sandslash is so cool! Plus, if you train it from scratch, you get Sandshrew's cuteness as a bonus! Untill it evolves D:
Best Ground Type, could take out all others in the Top 10 with Earthquake, Rock Slide, and/or Slash. Sandslash is the clear choice.
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This is my favorite, Tyranitar ain't bad either but I want Nidoking higher on the list beacuse he deserves it. I also noticed Steelix under here but he is not a ground/rock pokemon he is a steel pokemon so wrong catagori there
Huge move pool and just looks like such a beast! He can learn moves like sludge bomb and toxic but also earthquake and hyper beam. Generally just a really good pokemon
Being he can learn almost any move, that along with his immense strength make him one of the best Pokemon out there. He is a must have for almost any team build.
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Ran gen 2 with only a donphan. Rollout for anything my ground moves couldn't handle. Sandstorm if you want some set up.
Donphan has both gigantic base attack & defense, it learns earthquake, stone edge and ice shard. What could you have better than this?!
Anyways, Tyrannitar isn't even a ground Pokemon.
Donphan is a powerhouse, and is aggressive. Plus, its a twist on an average elephant. Donphan is just amazing okay.

The Contenders

One of the best pokemon ever this guy should be on top
Garchomp is a pseudo legendary!

Enough said!
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A turtle with a tree growing on its back. This thing practically is its own ecosystem! It travels with a farm on its back! When underwater its an island. And when faced with a fire type: Earthquake is a perfect solution.
When you get torterra to a high level his hp is nearly UNBEATABLE, also if you can teach him the right moves he can beat even any pokemon.
Its grass and ground so it deserves to be here! I think that king torrterra should be nomber 1 on every list even things that don't even have to do with it, as long as its a good list unlike top 10 worst Pokemon. who dared put it on that list and call it a crazy bull!? Whoever said that, your a crazy bull!
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Marowak is faster than most grounders, and bone rush is really good! Why is he 10th here? Not to mention his appearance. Bone club is also awesome!
Marrowak is THE BEST GROUND TYPE ever! It has amazing attack with a bone and learns the best move in the GAME! BONEMERANG!
Marrowak what more do you neex to say before most attack comes to your mind best ground type ever and my favorite pokemon!
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HELLO! It is a STEEL snake!
With 2nd best defense out of all known pokemon who couldn't love this steel and ground pokemon

Couldn't this awesome tank at least reach the top ten :( Gee whoever did this page must be blind at his beast power!
Laugh out loud why rhydon higher as rhyperior?
it's the evolved version and it has way more atk power and defense.
although he's bit ugly
Rhyperior is the best ground/rock sweeper with his great attack and a versatile move set he easily destroys entire teams. I prefer to use him with substite and swords dance set.
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This is the only legendary rock Pokemon. It rocks!


Mine is awesome! He has great defense that take most attacks better than pretty much everything on the list! He can stall, he can attack and he can and should be in the top 10 at least!
Curse rest Stone edge eq in sand storm = stall and gg. Throw on a chesto berry to wake up after rest and its beastly.
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Really love it! It's kind of cute and Diglet is Ultra Cute. Another ground type pokemon I like is Sandshrew and Phanby. Basically anything cute!

Ground and flying have had countless rivalries. Well my favorite moves are earthquake and roost, so I looked for a ground/ flying type Pokemon. BOOM! Once I saw Gliscor he became one of my favorite Pokemon, right behind Nidoking and Trevenant. He could learn earthquake and not get hit by earthquake because he was flying. He could use earthquake and not get hit by thunderbolt because he was ground! Not only did he have such a unique combo, he had decent speed and good defense! His move: Poison heal, not only makes him a tank, but put a toxic orb on him and he will be a great wall! Ice types may bring him down but with fire fang, my god, he will wreck. Toxic, Earthquake, Substitute, and Fire fang. Those moves are all you need. Just dish out earthquakes and fire fangs. If someone is hurting you then substitute and then toxic him. Then wait it out using substitute while still getting heals from poison heal. He will dies from toxic and then you beat him. Yes, it's tedious and difficult strategy, but that is what makes him a fun and cool Pokemon! All you guys pick are Pokemon that get mega evolutions, but Gliscor can beat them. Again, awesome flying/ ground combo, fun to work with, can kill megas. Also, he is a flying scorpion, what else is there to say. Oh yeah one more thing, I got a 4 Pokemon sweep by just using Gliscor, 4 Pokemon SWEEP. In a nutshell, Gliscor will be a great contender on any team. Good night and peace off!


Ground AND Flying type? Now there's an awesome combo that just can't be beaten.
It is the best Pokemon here it should be 1st


I think archeops has amazing attack and defense. He is very cool looking. But it has a horrible ability
This guy is awesome and like slaking he has ability that nerves him because otherwise hed be to op

I like this sand crocdile Pokemon seeing as I'm a fan of crocodiles and alligators.
This Pokemon is the beast all together with some wicked attacks to boot.
Krookedile is one lean mean killer machine with claws and jaws.
"KROOKODILE IS JUST BEAST! I mean sometimes it really sucks with his dark type weaknesses but otherwise he is an awesome killer!
KROOKODILE for the win! He is boss, plus with his move set, it can KO a lot of Pokemon


Mamoswine is amazing cause it can learn good ice and ground moves.

Damnt this thing can be usefull for leads, toxic spikes leftovers..


Excarill needs to be in the top ten! Are you kidding me? Earthquake plus swords dance just knocks all the others that are up there. My shiny excadrill is my best friend, never leaves my team. VOTE EXCADRILL!
Is a beast it defeated the elite four 10 times
Excadrill is awesome get one swords dance up and run earthquake and rock slide equals a dead team
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It's only weaknesses are Ice and Dragon and it has two immunities! Also if you don't evolve it's first per-evolved form and get to 73 it learns fissure.
Ever since I seen Jirachi Wish Maker the Flygon comes in Number 1 for Ground Types
I THOUGHT FLYGON WAS GONNA BE NUMBER ONE! It's aweesomme beyond words!
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I love his resistance to flying and fire and his x scissor is pretty awesome too. Can kick psychic and ghost types butt
Its close to my name ^_^ my name is Armando



That's rock pokemon with bug type. High Defense and Sp. Defense, and cute rock pokemon.

Best ground type even if not don't deserve to be 29th...

Best pokemon in the world because it is a legendary pokemon and has a good color especially Shiny
People groudon has the highest attack defense spa and spd of all ground types he is the BEST!


Is he really the only T-Rex Pokemon? What the heck is ramparts is then? My whole life is a lie!
Look.. Honestly, they're all cool.. But the coolest muthaf***a is Tyrantrum! He's of course part rock-type because you have to ressurect him, but he's also part Dragon! Do I have to remind y'all that we finally have a t-rex in pokemon! Come on! How awesome is that!


Goluk has amazing attack and defense capabities with the following moveset Earthquake 100 power then add stab Dynamic punch power 100 if it hits it will instantly confuse his opponent heavy slam its power depends on how much Golurk outweighs his opponent and shadow punch it has 70 power I think and will always strike first Golurk is TOTALLY AWESOME! 1

It's like a giant, ancient warrior/robot! It's the best and can crush anyone plus it's also part ghost type and can fly from jets in it's feet!


Kabutops is the best fossil Pokemon. How is he so far down on the list.
He is the best not the rest

38Dark Tyranitar

This thing is OP (over powered) can beat almost EVERY rock/ground Pokemons with his water and can beat dragonite with one hit!

It is adorable and if you train it loads without evolving it it will be very durable and it is so cute please vote for phanpyy!

Why not the muscle building nostalgia giving footing head!

The legendary Pokemon can kick butt. Lands wrath can take out The Dull X legendary. And its powerful moves you can teach it like Draco meteor can Destroy the cool Y legendary Pokemon. And its design is great. And finally its ability can kill Xerneas and Yvetal's.

He should be number because of he has the highest attack

I first got my fire red Rhyhorn in safari zone. His/her speed is 48 when I first got it. I like it when he/she uses rock blast many times. He evolve to Rhydon at lv.42! Why it's so long to evolve it? The Horn drill, of course, it's a ONE HIT KO ATTACK and sometimes misses too when evolved (I really don't remember when he/she learn it). I also teach earthquake and Rock smash.
I got my fire red rhyhorn at safari zone. His/her speed is 48 when I first got it. It evolves to a rhydon at lv.42(why could it be so long) and I got my rhyhorn at lv.25. Its ability is Rock head. The Horn Drill, of course, is a ONE HIT KO ATTACK and sometimes misses when rhydon (or rhyhorn) learn it. I also teach Earthquake to him/her. I like it if he/she uses Rock blast many times.

Plus, Rhyhorn's voice is almost similar to my Charizard's voice! How odd...

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