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Tyranitar is awesome get curse, to raise attack and defense, lower speed which is good. Payback over crunch, because crunch says 80 and payback says 50, but payback is 100 if you are last, and you will be since you are slower because of curse. Avalanche, because it says 60, ice beam says 95, same accuracy, but if you go second avalanche is 120, which is better than ice beam, plus the curses physical attack boost, and ice beam is a special attack anyways. Rock slide or stone edge, stone edge is better with a high critical hit, but go for rock slide since it has curses attack boost and STAB, and has 100 accuracy, you probably wont even need stone edges extra power. Stopne edge can hit enemies that are in the air, but it would probably miss. So go for rock slide. Go for the brave nature, raise attack and lower speed, since 2 moves require going last, and hlod a focus band. You will be unstoppable with this tyranitar. I have it, and I never lose!

Tyranitar reminds me a lot like Godzilla seeing as they're both similar to each other.
Tyranitar has some awesome powers and attacks.
Personally he's one of my favourite Pokemon.

He's beast he can learn outrage and earthquake so skarmory is the only thing that resits it but you could use stone edge and he's unstoppable

One of my favorite Pokemon

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Golem would be the best to me because of how easily it can be obtained as a Geodude or Graveler, and then trained to become a super powerful rock beast! It's one of those pokemon that is good for everything; either being an HM slave, or a Pokemon to add to your team at the beginning of the game. Even though Tyranitar is the best, as a Larvitar, it's hard to get into your party, being that it can only be obtained after beating the Elite 4.

I'm just greatly disappointed about the fact Tyranitar is in first. He's not even a ground type Pokemon! Ridiculous, anyone voting for Tyranitar on this list is very ignorant. Golem's clear cut first even with Tyranitar, Golem's sturdy insures him ztleast move, and Golem's built for Attacks to kill instantly, with Brick break, Focus blast, Hammer arm, or focus punch would instantly kill Tyranitar, who doesn't belong on this list in the first place. Just a very disapointing day to see the 31 rated Pokemon isn't even the correct typing

Golem shouldn't be this high up. Sure, its attack and defense is great but it is slow and its special defense is laughable. I'm not saying he is bad, he is just not that great either. He isn't fast enough to attack anything and his only real use is being a physical wall or just using explosion. Not to mention two of the most common moves, (Surf and Earthquake), are super effective against it.

Golem would be the best to me because he can do the attack explosion. It can do 150 damage but it does 100 damage to it self.

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This Pokemon is AMAZING in Fire Red, due to his amazing abilities and small, but useful move pool. Rock Head allows him to use Double-Edge without taking any recoil damage, allowing it to spam it over and over. Also, in Fire Red, before the Physical/ Special split, he could make use of Ancient Power, which was physical at the time, and could potentially raise his massive attack and speed as well as the rest of his stats all at once. He is a beast, and with the new mega evolution, it gets even better with his even larger speed and attack. I absolutely love this guy and use it on my team every chance I get. Also, I don't know why, but the name Fluffy really seems to suit him well and always gave me a good laugh.

Aerodactyl is a beast. In Fire Red, I chose Bulbasaur as my starter. And I knew that I needed a Rock type to take care of Charizard in the Champion Battle. And in the battle, HE WRECKED CHARIZARD WITH JUST ROCK SLIDE! And Aerodactyl was awesome. I taught him Toxic for long battles, Fly for STAB and can avoid Aerodactyl from taking damage while Toxic is in effect in the first turn, then wrecking them when Aerodactyl flies down. And finish them off with Rock Slide. Not enough? Double-Edge! And thanks to Rock Head, he won't take recoil damage. I just love this guy

Ok I can see tyranitar being first but aerodactyl has amazing speed. Mega Aerodactyl is the fastest Pokemon of all time. Notice I said MEGA Aerodactyl not regular Aerodactyl. but regular aerodactyl is still top 5 fastest. has good move pool. Rock head allows it to use strong attacks like take down without recoil. And if you r going to say tyranitar is the best, you have to say agron is right up there with it because they are almost the same Pokemon if you think about it. Aggron is only steel instead of dark. They both have good attack and defense both slow. Both huge. Both are Armor Pokemon. The description for tyanitar decribes it as Armor Pokemon. The one for Aggron says Iron Armor Pokemon so they are pretty much the same thing.

Superbly fast, great defensively, ability of PRESSURE (which makes ground type moves hit flying types, Pokemon with levitate, etc.), that is an astounding rock type. Also, Tyranitar is a pseudo legendary, OBVIOUSLY people would like him,

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Its awesome because its one of the few powerhouses everyone can get
even though it has a lot of weaknesses its strong enough to survive a hit from nearly all of them

God, I love Rhydon. But what is Tyranitar doing up in first? It's not even ground type! It's rock and dark!

I think rhydon because it is 1 of the most powerfulest pokemon and it can kick butt

Rhydon has weaknesses, but its stats are awesome and the moves it can learn overcome all its weaknesses. And it's really easy to get.

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Who the hell taught Swampert Ice Beam? Take advantage of its physical strength, not special attack. Wasn't really much of a power player until his mega came out. With increases in attack, and both defenses, and new Swift Swim Ability, this guy is an absolute terror in any double or triple team centered around Rain Dance/Drizzle. Would substitute ice punch instead of ice beam to counter grass types, which will just absolutely destroy him, easily in one hit.

I just love Swampert he is #1. Swampert should be a legendary Pokemon. Both me and my friend think so. You should really vote for Swampert. So click on the vote button. Seriously this is a killing Pokemon!

Swampert only has one weakness and that is grass. Any other pokemon he can walk toe to toe with. Not to mention that he can learn ice beam an take out any grass that gets in his way. Good luck trying to bring him down without too much trouble

Swampert whip all their tails

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Aggron is a true tank of the world of Pokemon, it needs to be in the top 5.

Most of his moves are tank-like and strong, both his Rock and Steel moves (Rock Tomb, Iron Head, Rock Slide, Iron Tail, Take Down, Double-Edge and more). Strong defense. Alright attack.

And like someone else said, his Mega Evolution has the highest Stats of Pokemon History.

He's a metal tank. He should at least be in the top 5. Plus, Aggron looks so cool, and scary that my cousins are afraid of him.

Okay, I love this guy, he's a beast. But he doesn't belong on this list. Why? HE'S NOT A GROUND TYPE! He's Rock/Steel. Just like Aerodactyl and Tyranitar, a non-ground Pokemon ends up on this lost. I'm ashamed that this list is filled with people who know nothing about the typing of Pokemon.

He is just simply a tank

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This anal-smashing rock worm will leave your girlfriends ice-cold heart in pieces.

It a huge giant rock snake, what is not to like about it?

It looks like a Rock dragon. Its weakness is water. But He should be on number 4 - Mayank00-

Onix is the biggest Pokemon he crushes all Pokemon

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Ran gen 2 with only a donphan. Rollout for anything my ground moves couldn't handle. Sandstorm if you want some set up.

Donphan is a powerhouse, and is aggressive. Plus, its a twist on an average elephant. Donphan is just amazing okay.

Come on, it evolves from the cutest poke ever, and rolls around

Donphan is the best

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Sandslash both looks and is super awesome. It learns many awesome and powerful ground type moves like Earthquake, and because it is a ground type electric types are no problem. Sandslash is also faster than most other rock and ground types, except for perhaps aerodactyl.

Sandslash is so cool! Plus, if you train it from scratch, you get Sandshrew's cuteness as a bonus! Untill it evolves D:

Best Ground Type, could take out all others in the Top 10 with Earthquake, Rock Slide, and/or Slash. Sandslash is the clear choice.

Suck brilliant Pokemon with an amazing design and a phenomenal shiny to back it up. If only it was good competitively. :(

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One of the best pokemon ever this guy should be on top

In dark rising Garchomp is the best starter Pokemon to choose instead of salamence or dragonite and is overpowered!

Why is it sooo low? It is a pseudo legendary and have good moves like swords dance, earthquake, stealth rock, and outrage. By the way, is it a Pokemon has to be both rock and ground or either rock and ground in this list?

Savage fire fang, draco meteor, dragon rush, and earthquake

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?Mega Garchomp

Why isn't mega gar chomp there he can knock out like all Pokemon that comes in his face.he can learn different moves like draco meator and other strong moves


A hello why is Crustle not in top ten he could easily take out any of his weaknesses on time I one hit a greninja with shell smash and rock wrecker of you guys did forget rock wrecker is The best Rock move so and fire types for him easy kill for ground he could take em down just it would pause as a little problem so any CRUSTLE IS the BEST

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This is my favorite, Tyranitar ain't bad either but I want Nidoking higher on the list beacuse he deserves it. I also noticed Steelix under here but he is not a ground/rock pokemon he is a steel pokemon so wrong catagori there

Huge move pool and just looks like such a beast! He can learn moves like sludge bomb and toxic but also earthquake and hyper beam. Generally just a really good pokemon

Being he can learn almost any move, that along with his immense strength make him one of the best Pokemon out there. He is a must have for almost any team build.

Nidoking should be the best cause it can learn ice beam or blizzard to kill ground types and thunderbolt too

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A turtle with a tree growing on its back. This thing practically is its own ecosystem! It travels with a farm on its back! When underwater its an island. And when faced with a fire type: Earthquake is a perfect solution.

When you get torterra to a high level his hp is nearly UNBEATABLE, also if you can teach him the right moves he can beat even any pokemon.

My favorite grass is also my favorite ground though his move pool is not the best his stats are! Also he looks so cool.

Screw charizard, Torterra is the best starter ever!

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Couldn't this awesome tank at least reach the top ten :( Gee whoever did this page must be blind at his beast power!

Rhyperior is the best ground/rock sweeper with his great attack and a versatile move set he easily destroys entire teams. I prefer to use him with substite and swords dance set.

I don't get it his pre evolution is in the top ten but he's not. he's my favourite Pokemon he's a machine he can learn rockwrecker earthquake superpower and that stone move that damages the opponent when they switch out. Plus he looks like a monster

He looks cool, that's about it

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Mine is awesome! He has great defense that take most attacks better than pretty much everything on the list! He can stall, he can attack and he can and should be in the top 10 at least!

This is the only legendary rock Pokemon. It rocks! - awesomezampinos

No One Can Stand Before REGIROCK'S WRATH. He is the best there.

I wish REGIROCK should be top 1.

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HELLO! It is a STEEL snake!

With 2nd best defense out of all known pokemon who couldn't love this steel and ground pokemon

It's body is the hardest thing even than a diamond. It's mega has the highest defense with aggron mega:230 how good is that?

Mega steelix is a beast with an amnesia baton pass

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It is best Pokemon ever especially with thick club

Should be first! It is awesome

With thick club his attack stat increases from 80 to 160.

Thick club max attack beast

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Ground and flying have had countless rivalries. Well my favorite moves are earthquake and roost, so I looked for a ground/ flying type Pokemon. BOOM! Once I saw Gliscor he became one of my favorite Pokemon, right behind Nidoking and Trevenant. He could learn earthquake and not get hit by earthquake because he was flying. He could use earthquake and not get hit by thunderbolt because he was ground! Not only did he have such a unique combo, he had decent speed and good defense! His move: Poison heal, not only makes him a tank, but put a toxic orb on him and he will be a great wall! Ice types may bring him down but with fire fang, my god, he will wreck. Toxic, Earthquake, Substitute, and Fire fang. Those moves are all you need. Just dish out earthquakes and fire fangs. If someone is hurting you then substitute and then toxic him. Then wait it out using substitute while still getting heals from poison heal. He will dies from toxic and then you beat him. Yes, it's tedious and difficult ...more - Jengaking

Ground AND Flying type? Now there's an awesome combo that just can't be beaten.

That long paragraph he posted makes me want to use gliscor more

He is a FLYING, GROUND type just think about it for a sec

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Terrakion is smashing good Pokemon come on everyone he looks so awesome you can tell by his face and he is a rock and fighting even if he has loads of the weakness like water,grass and flying and others.


I think archeops has amazing attack and defense. He is very cool looking. But it has a horrible ability

This guy is awesome and like slaking he has ability that nerves him because otherwise hed be to op

Sadly thrashed by aron

My favorite Rock type!

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I think Dugtrio is really really cool. And also, I think he looks like a hotdog that is underground. He also looks nothing like a mole. And if he must be very very upset because his eyes are always angry. That's all.

Dugtrio is so awesome his speed is litteraly nuts so then you get a Fisuure in maybe

Really love it! It's kind of cute and Diglet is Ultra Cute. Another ground type Pokemon I like is Sandshrew and Phanby. Basically anything cute!

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