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41Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

This is the greatest rock ballad song, but no one know and vote, they just care about their favorite band - MiQi

This is an iconic song, and one of my favorites. It deserves better than 26th. It's like 3 different songs all rolled up into one.

This is one of the top 5 Rock songs of all time. It easily deserves the top spot for ballads alone! Freddy Mercury may have been one freaky dude but he was a musical genius!

I believe this is the best of Queen. I also believe Queen is the best of all. So... This song is my number 1.

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42With or Without You - U2

This is the best rock ballad of the history! Every part of this song are great.

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43Heaven - WarrantV1 Comment
44Shadow of the Day - Linkin Park

This song is so great why is it here?

THis song touches your soul

Song with deep meaning... Man

45Hallowed Be Thy Name - Iron Maiden
46The Scientist - Coldplay

I think a lot of songs should be higher than they are, but this one definitely should be. One of my favourite Coldplay songs ever. - sameera62

47Shine on You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd

Should be #1. To see bands like Avenged Sevenfold and Coldplay up higher than this really shows the declining intelligence and character of musical taste among children. - QuarantineGames

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48Lonely Day - System of a Down

This wonderful song was winning a grammy

49Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd

It just has so much emotion thinking about what is actually being sung about. It's a Floyd song you don't need to think about or dig into the meaning. It just is a simple song that is powerful in what it is trying to get across. Everyone can relate to someone they miss being with.

You just can't tell heaven from hell if this song is still not a top ten in this list!

This list is seriously messed up. I mean, Smells Like Teen Spirit isn't even a ballad and still it's ahead of Angie by the Stones. Wtaf.

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50The Sound of Silence - Simon and Garfunkel

Hello darkness my old friend, I've come to speak with you again... Amazing song! Not the best but underrated here,

This awesome song was one of the best slow ballads ever

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51I'll Be There For You - Bon Jovi

Awesome song, incredible lyrics, incredible band and incredible singer... And to be honest what more do you need from a song and a love song? It has it all it's really an amazing song. Enough said.

Incredible song! My cellular rings with it! One of the best songs they've ever written and performed!

Great song! No matter whether Jon or Richie singing... This song is one of the best songs ever! Live in concert is the song awesome

This song was such a great song. The whole band sounded amazing together and the lyrics were just wrenching! - xFadexToxNeonx3

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52Child In Time - Deep Purple
53Lorelei - Scorpions
54Good Riddance - Green Day

Unique song. The harmony between guitar and violins is amazing. - Green_Day

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55The Unforgiven II - Metallica

Awesome song better than unforgiven 1

I love this song! It's amazing!
Metallica is one of the best bands ever.
Metallicas ballads is amazingly good. Goo

56Black - Pearl Jam

How is this masterpiece #56? Best of power ballad of all time, hands down.

One of the best songs of all time, deserves higher

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57Something - The Beatles

This song is one of the best ballads in rock music, very touching lyrics, the instrumentation is excellent and the melody is haunting.

58Dust In the Wind - Kansas

So hauntingly beautiful. Takes me back to lonely nights driving down a dark highway.

26? Seriously!? It definitely deserves a place in the top 5 or at least top 10.

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59Sister Christian - Night Ranger
60Crying In the Rain - Whitesnake
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