Seize the Day - Avenged Sevenfold


This song is so deep man so much feeling I prefer warmness on the soul cause of the piano and beautiful solo... Don't get me wrong this solo has a lot of emotion too

Oh my god, I love Avenged so much. The solo is amazing and these guys are my idols. The song is amazing, I might add.

no solo has more feeling in it. you hear it and you feel like your part of the song

I love this band to death! This song is epic and the music video is brilliant as well! Th

Just watch the video. You'll see what I'm talking about.

everybody knows that you don't have to vote to know this number one. - somepeoplesuckatvoting

This is not a ballad song, but its still great

This song litteraly makes my day. Favorite song for the guitar riffs, message, the singing, and everything about this song, and band in general. This song should not be where it is.

Amazing song!
Its about a good cause and not to mention, Syn's solo, incredible. Great singing, and quite touchy too!

Seize The Day, is amazing song from A7X. Matt's voice is so cool, Synyster Gates and Zacky's guitar solo too ^o^. A7X foREVer!