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Awaji Yukihiro


first time I saw his playing, I felt like I watching a God of drummers. he is so awesome, so amazing, and incredible! oh God
He was a drummer of japanese bands ZI:KILL and DIE IN CRIES (KYO of D'ERLANGER's own band). They disbanded in 1998. tetsu had a hard time meeting yukihiro due to yukihiro had no mobile phone at that time. He replaced sakura (because of heroin possession) then become the drummer. He has a unique style of hitting the drums and he is a very fast drummer but he also created lots of drumming in slow songs. He is also a programmer.


He's such an amazing drummer, the drum sections in some of the new songs are absolutely fantastic. He's always so quiet and hidden behind his drums that I'd swear that everyone ignores him but he's an amazing drummer. Anytime I see him play, it's so fantastic and amazing.
he is faster and better than Kai of Gazette, Gazette are the newer bands of japanese visula kei and yukihiro played in numerous bands like ZI:KILL, DIE IN CRIES and of course L'Arc~en~Ciel.


a very skillful drummer. his power, rhythm and melody make his drumming stand out and sounds very different from other most typical drummers.


He puts everything when performing... When Yukihiro plays, you can never say that the song was dull
Good stamina, full talented drummer, unique beat, ear catching, he look so awesome on live concert with fully drum set, just like he hit them all..
Yukihiro's beats are hard to mimic creating one of the factors why l'arc en ciel's music is unique


He can make song. His music is cool! And his voice is very very Rock!
Please listen his performance. For example, "rink it down".
This song is so nice.
yukihiro is the best, simply, because he can always surprise you with his passion when he is playing
i dont know where he got that much energy from a skinny body like that. and his speed is just awesome!!


He is the best drummer ever and he always play with his plain face and I always scream when I see him smile because he rarely smile on the stage... LOVE YOU YUKIHIRO-SAN ^^ L'Arc~en~Ciel must proud to have you
Yukihiro just awesome when he played drum in "Ready Steady Go! ". I love him when he played the drum. Although he didn't speak anything in L'Arc en Ciel world tour, I still adore him
he's the best one, has a lot of qualities, some of them: strenght and speed. he's unique *o*
He really shows dedication to L'Arc, you can see in his determined face when he plays
Yukkie... The best Drummer I ever know...

He make me want to be a great drummer just like him.

His drumming really make my heart beat faster... There is no other drummer like him.

Yukihiro Awaji - The best Drummer ever.
the most insane drummer i've ever seen! he's so fast yet very energetic..
You don't see that passion so easy in others drummers, but Yuki just kick ass when he play!.


Yukihiro The Best Drummer in the world, He`s number one!, very talent and awesome


Don't look at his tinny body, because he has monstrous stamina and God-light speed of drummer inside of it..
He's a great mixture

Of what?

He's HOT and he's COOL

He got tons of stamina. He's very amazing, he plays fast beats even slow beats, he can!
Laruku's best drummer!! (and they've had three ^^)


you can't easily mimic his style bec. it's very hard


He is very energetic and charismatic you can feel the drums of yukkie
His beats are heaven sensation, very different from the others ll