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Mikko Siren


Great drummer!
Part of the best band in the whole world!
Mikko is perhaps one of the most genuine people you will ever meet. He is extremely passionate about life and sharing that enthusiasm with every person he encounters. A jack of all trades and always caught smiling with such positive energy! Absolutely amazing drummer with so much to give to the audience during each live and recordings.
I still can't understand why he's so far down on the list. If you have ever seen him in concert you would understand why he needs to be number one. I compare all drummers to him. He plays with SO MUCH PASSION! He's a wonderful guy as well, he loves his fans. Not tomention he's in the best band in the world
This is as versatile as drummers go. He is trained in jazz but his talent ranges from kiddy-rock music bands to folklore and cello metal bands. It takes a special kind of talent to be able to shine with own light and not overpower the cellos in the meantime. He is super fast and he doesn't go fuzzing around with bs extras. He truly is pure raw talent.
Mikko is an amazing musician and a incredible human, he's so kind and funny with his fans and gives everything on the stage as Apocalyptica does too... I just love him and love Apocalyptica too, so for this reason I vote for him to the best drummer!
The best drummer in the best band called Apocalyptica!
He looks like crazy monkey when he plays the drums! Mikko is really talented musician who can gives energy to the crowd! And that¬'s why I vote for him!
Although there are a lot of amazingly talented drummers in the world today, Mikko Siren is a very under-rated phenom on the drums. Clean, precise, and extremely dedicated. Apocalyptica picked the perfect one for them. Love you Mikko!
He is an amazing drummer, together with Apocalyptica, it has become just pure art, I saw the band live and it was totally amazing, an experience out of this world, so yeah I give my vote to one of the best drummers I have seen in the last time
He is a sweet man, a awesome guy and I can watch him play all day. He plays with the cello Gods, he has fun and you can tell he loves what he does every day. Oh yes and in the words of Mikko... "MY ASS! "
Just listen to Worlds Collide or 7th Symphony from Apocalyptica and you will know why Mikko Siren needs to me higher on this list. Or watch any live video on You tube from recent years (like the 47 minute Wacken one). How can you sound like you have a double bass drum without one? Pure awesomeness!
It is best that you have to play with a band like apocalyptica and this is a difficult job, handling the speed and intensity. On the other hand, is very fun to watch live on that gives a very good show and it shows that it enjoys. I really like his style.
Loveable person. Great drummer that allways gives his best and all the engery he has. And of that he has a lot. Also he is absolutly nice. Loves his fans and gives them as much as they try to give him. He's jazz trained but knows how to rock and is able to compose some really great songs.
Mikko is great! He is a unique guy... His music and Apocalyptica is simply amazing!
Vote for someone who deserves it!
Mikko Sirén
Great drummer, great artist and a great guy... He his devote and give himself so much for the band and to the fans to make moments in the show spectacular and in meet and greet uniques... Not all rock stars tret their fans with respect... Long live Mikko Siren and Apocalyptica
Love Mikko. Sweet and funny and a great drummer. When you watch him perform Grace or Quutamo you can see how talented he is. Not to mention the fact that he also plays in a Finnish rock band for kids! Come on, how can you possibly beat that?
Mikko is one of the hardest working drummers out there today. To be able to work with Apocalyptica was the best decision he could have made. He's precise, eclectic and such a sweet person - Love you Mikko - hope you win! ^_^
Exellent one of the best drummers Mikko Siren from apocalyptica the best band of Cello Metal. LONG LIFE TO THE CELLO METAL AND THE GODS OF CELLO APOCALYPTICA
Just 3 words...
The Best Drummer!
He puts his heart and soul in every song he performs along with the best band... Apocalyptica! And that is the reason we have amazing experiences every time at every concert!
Mikko is an amazing drummer. He gives everything every time. But not only is he a good drummer he is also an amazing man. Allways friendly and nice to all of the bands fans.
It's a great drummer, a great person. I had the opportunity of seeing and feeling is amazing, not only him but the all band. Long life to Apocalyptica, long life to Mikko.
Mikko is a great drummer, with a lot of energy and enthusiasm! And he is a beautiful person!
In live performances he's just amazing. When you see him in a concert, then you want see him more and more...
Mikko is the best drummer ever, the apocalyptica¬'s cellos sound good with the drum from Mikko. He si very talented and plays Cello too, Mikko is awesome.
I love Apocalyptica and Mikko and his drums are a great combination with cello, Hi also write brautiful music for the band, and in the meet and greet he is very nice
MIKKO is an amazing drummer, and musician. He is very passionate and friendly to his fans. He always has such energy when he plays & shares it with the crowd!
An artist!
He put his heart and soul in every composition, in each performance!
The best drummer along with the best band ever!
Long Life to Cello Metal!

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