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301Ranjit Barot
302Omar Hakim

One of the sleekest jazz funk fusion drummers of all time. Played for Weather Report which as far as fusion goes are untouchable. OH played all the drum tracks on Dire Straights masterpiece album 'Brother in Arms' by flying to UK for two days and flying back cause the band's drummer simply did not meet the standard required. This is one of the testimonies for a fine drummer he is. Check out the videos for his solo sessions which are breath taking. Way to go Omar.

303Matt Sorum

HE PLAYS LIKE A MACHINE! Yes, Steven Adler is better, but he plays better than a lot of these drummers! He is my favorite solo drummer.

304Nathan Followill

I love this man! Not only a great drummer but an awesome singer! His backing vocals are perfect!

Effortlessly cool and my ears only hear the drums & bass on KOL tracks

His drumming style and volume along with his vocals takes KOL to another level of greatness

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305Mickey Curry
306Rikki Rockett

Rikki is one hell of a drummer, he has a custom drum making company also. 25 yrs as Poison's drummer. Anybody that can last that long deserves to be higher then 254!

307Sadatoshi Tainaka
308Pelle Alsing
309Denny Seiwell
310Andrea Vadrucci
311Ricky Ficarelli
312Boris Williams
313Adam Grey
314David Teegarden
315Jon Kleiman
316Choi Siwon

Alright, some would say he is in a Kpop band and doesn't count as a rock drummer, but he's amazing.

317D.H. Peligro

(former) Dead Kennedys Drummer. Very precise and extreme fast. He is the most underrated drummer.

318Anton Rudi Kelces
319Alex Lopez

Suicide Silence isn't exactly one of my favorites, but they're heaviness is the best thing about them. The drummer doesn't always play fast, but you'll have to see him as one of the best.


Drummer of Japanese metal band D, he plays with such a passion which can make you scream and will definitely raise your mood even if you feel despair or sadness! Just watching his playing makes your heart beats at the same rhythm with music! Every part of his body is into music, just look at their clips! He makes you forget where are you and what time is it. He definitely deserves to be at least in top ten best rock drummers ever!

Awesome drummer.. He really always does his best and make music and rhythm just burn!

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