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481Zach HillV1 Comment
482Ronnie Wood
483Pick Withers
484Angela LeseV1 Comment
485Justin BieberJustin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, song writer, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada (despite once claimed that he was Part-Indian) and he's Christian. He's the son of an author, Pattie Mallet. more.V2 Comments
486Richard ManuelRichard George Manuel was a Canadian composer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist, best known as the pianist, regular lead singer, and occasional drummer of The Band.
487Nameless Ghoul (Ghost B.C.)
488Meg WhiteMegan Martha "Meg" White is an American drummer known for her work with Jack White in the Detroit rock duo The White Stripes.

461st! Okay, this is probably where she should be...

She really could bring it. Badass.

It's true that he is not the best drummer ever but she should be on the top ten

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489Jack White
490Eddie Van HalenEdward Lodewijk "Eddie" Van Halen is a Dutch-American musician, songwriter and producer. He is best known as the lead guitarist, occasional keyboardist and co-founder of the hard rock band Van Halen.

There's a song Van Halen did called "Crossing Over. " It was a B-side of a single in the US, and a bonus track in Japan. On it, he sings and plays ALL the instruments on one channel (can't remember if it's the left or right), and the rest of the band does their thing on the other channel. So, if you pan your speakers to the correct side, you can hear him playing.

Eddie Van Halen plays guitar and piano. Albeit, it's a little known fact that the piano is a percussion instrument, not a string instrument (I play piano) it doesn't make Edward a drummer. It's his brother Alex that is the drummer in the family.

plays drums with his feet upside down underwater

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This guy is phenomenal and versatile drummer who makes whole use of his massive drumset. Just check out Dir en grey's song 'VINUSHKA' and you'll know.

Shinya is by far the best drummer in the world. His idol used to be or still is Yoshiki, but it's obvious that Shinya has surpassed even Yoshiki's level of skill. Just seeing Shinya drum, one can immediately tell that he is gifted beyond his years. And just look at how huge & expansive his drum set is! Shinya knows how to use all his equipment to its fullest capacity. ^_^ Shinya is God.

Yeah shinya is very cool and awesome. I am Mongolian. We love you shinya! Gambette!

Shinya is not on the top of this list where he belongs just because the most of the voters simply never heard him drumming! What he does is not just drumming, it is real art beyond any ratings.

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492Deen Castronovo

One of the best drummers ever heard in my my life... Tell nico I said hi!

He needs to be up in the top three. He has the fastest hands, the best voice, and the most impressive history of all of the drummers on this list.

Not only a great drummer but also a great singer! He has them all! You rock Deen. - qwin27

He is a awesome and Amazing Drummer he should be on the top of the list

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493Lee Kerslake

Has to be one of the best Rock drummers of all time He would stay on stage 20 minutes doing solo's leaving audiences in awe of what he can do with a set of drums, even as a guitarist, He amazed me at what he could do with them.

Lee Kerslake has to be one of the all time greatest. Heavy hitting, musical...shoot he did "CRAZY TRAIN' for Ozzie. The whole group is one of the tightest like Santana a tight group even better live. They've been playing for almost 50 years even through the ups and downs. They are a band's band. Ask Rush, Kiss anyone in the business.
You have to listen to his works to really appreciate what he can do. He should rank a lot higher but as they didn't get as much fame in the states as abroad. Still a huge loyal fan base.

494Peter Alcorn
495Peter CrissGeorge Peter John Criscuola, better known by his stage name Peter Criss, is an American musician and actor, best known as a co-founder, the original drummer, and an occasional vocalist of the hard rock band Kiss.

Great rock jazz fusion drummer with the best feel kiss had in the 70s he's solos were simple but effective and had a powerful energy just listen to alive one and two and watch the old 76 Cobal Hall footage he was very good in his day and had a one of a kind style to his playing very underrated drummer!

Peter Criss should not even bee in the top 500. Never a great drummer, but he was good and threw away and wasted most of his talent, He is someone you do not want to be around he is a true bad person who only thinks of himself

Come on! This is PETER CRISS we are talking about!
Drummer of the legendary rock band KISS! The most bad ass drummer ever!
And his jazzy influence only makes him better!
He should be a helluva a lot higher than some of these rejects over here!
He's awesome! #1 if it were up to me

Peter Criss' drum solo in 100,000 years on Kiss Alive from 1975 is, in my opinion, one of the best solos in history. I put him up there with his idol, Buddy Rich, any day.

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496Zak StarkeyZak Richard Starkey (born 13 September 1965) is an English rock drummer whose music career spans more than 30 years. He is best known for his work with the English rock band The Who, with whom he has performed and recorded since 1994, despite never having been an official member. He is also the third more.

Warch him with the Who, better than Moon, sorry, apostacy, but true.

497Vic Mercado

He plays really cool beat with his drums, he can do an amazing drum solo, also some free solo with his drum with losing his momentum and tone. I didn't know that his from Philippines.

Without a doubt currently the best drummer in the Philippines. Bring back Bamboo!

498Zac Farro

Buy brand new eyes and listen to Careful and Ignorance. He's amazing sucks that he left

The best drummer ever. He has an amazing amount of energy live and was a huge loss to Paramore when he left

He is just a beast, I've never seen anyone with more energy on stage than him!


he is so talented on drum with his style when he played drum I believe that he will become the great drummer in the future!

Kai is a GOD of drums. He plays excellent and he shows us all his feelings and emotions during the play. I want that he become one of the 10 greatest drummers in the world!

I believe that Kai unique drummer) is found nowhere else! His game can be instantly recognizable by their unique style of play))) hearing day to remember forever

Ah come on! Kai on 30 and Shinya on 43? This is outrageous!

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