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Tico Torres


Tico is one of the best drummers in the world. He can also sing! Love watching Tico perform! He's a valuable part of the Bon Jovi Band!
WHAT THE HELL? Only #19! My gosh! Have you ever heard him playing? "Hitman" is able to blow the roof by only himself! I saw him live and seriously he is certainly one of the best drummer I have ever heard of my life! He is the pulse of Bon Jovi till 28 years now and he deserve to be more well known!
The best drummer in the world. In live concerts he play perfectly and rocks all time
Unbelievable how good Tico is. Never fails to miss a beat. If he ever missed a concert for some reason, Bon Jovi would miss him so much. He is the spine of the band. As good as the others are, nobody is like Tico.
Seen Tico live 4 times and I've never ever seen him miss a beat. He is always on top form and is so good at the improvisation things Jon does midway through songs.
Tico is the best drummer of the world! He must be the first! He has a lot of energy and I have never seen any better drummer as him! He gives energy to all the concerts and he is really amazing.
A great band can not survive without a great drummer, Tico Bon Jovi are the best drummer ever. All live performances by Tico are vibrant and really show that he is made a rock band.
He is just UNBELIEVABLE! He rocks! He is intelligent, talented, emotional. He is impressively dynamic! H ejust makes the crowd stare with the way he rocks all songs he plays!
Tico should be much closer to number one on this list. He is absolutely amazing and the original drummer in the best band of all time, Bon Jovi.
Tico, is the best drummer/percussionist in the world. He has a deep bass voice. The drums and percussion that Tico performs live and on Bon Jovi's CDs. Wow, awesome sound.
Tico gives the best beats! He is really amazing. And he plays very long shows of 3hs without a rest. He is my number one! I love Tico!
Ah Tico. Part of the best rhythm section in rock in the last 30 years. His drumwork is the heartbeat of every Bon Jovi track. They pull you in and hold you right there.
Tico is the best and always will be. No one I have watched or listened to puts the heart into their work like Tico... He is a non stop mega artist... LOVE you Tico
Hey people, whats going on! Tico is the best drummer in the world. Make music since nearly 40 years. He's amazing!
Tico is really amazing! His performances aren't boring, he can't stop! He also sings very well. Come on guys let's vote the King of Cuba, like Jon says!
Possibly the most underrated drummer in rock; an incredible powerhouse with such passion and understated ability. Just does what he needs to do!
Best drummer in the world by a long shot he always rocks without him there would be no bon jovi... Best in the world
Tico is amazing live performer and you could see that he really loves to play drumms with Bon Jovis guys.. Keep going Tico!

Finnish fan
If you hear his drumming work you won't be able to deny that Tico is one of the most talented drummers ever!
Tico is THE BEST drummer there is! He's... WOW no words to explain him! TO MANY OF THEM IN FACT TO SAY! =D
Tico is not just a great drummer... he's also a great singer and has made the Rock Star Baby Collection :) a nice and kind man... A legend!
Yeh! Tico Torres rules!
I know he's the best so take it or leave it! Laugh out loud! Vote for Tico orres, best drummer please! :-)
Tico is the best, no one here can play as him. He's really amazing
Let's rock the vote for him
They don't get any better than the hitman. He helps to make bonjovi who they are! He is the best there is and never misses a beat.
Why is the hit man at 46. It's so wrong, he is pure genius on drums. Keep voting for hi, he is amazing.
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