Top Ten Best Rock Singers


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The Top Ten

Freddie Mercury
The best singer, songwriter, performer of all time! From hard rock to ballads, he tops them all...
Do I even have to say why Mercury is Rock's finest? His voice is adaptable to pretty much every single genre known to man. His vocal range is astounding, his charisma with the audience is awe inspiring, and his singing and song writing skills are unmatched even today. I could say more, but I'm sure everyone knows by now, Freddie tops them all. Dying from HIV, Throat problems, Smoker, and Tired, yet he still performed. Freddie Mercury = Musical equivalent of God.
The best singer by far, his range and pure power can never be topped. The lows and highs of his voice, the emotion, and feeling. Never can he be surpassed.
[Newest]I've never heard a man sing with so much versatility. He rocked, sang beautiful ballads, danced, played piano and guitar, sang with an opera singer, and held his audiences in the palms of his hands. Although I'll, he never stopped singing. An incredible vocal range, he could have sung any musical genre.
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2Robert Plant
The Led Zeppelin frontman, Robert Anthony is by far the greatest singer who has ever lived. He is an incredible vocal range and make a variety of sounds. He can make a ballad sound powerful, and can let out the most beautiful or just the most incredible effects to his lyrics. With every song you listen to, you would just be more convinced, as every song his different and he has different elements. If you don't vote for robert plant, you clearly don't know music, or at least good music, more specifically, the greatest band of all time: Led Zeppelin.
Jared Leto number 1? You could barely classify him as rock! I like to call 30 seconds to mars bubblegum rock. A play on the phrase 'bubblegum pop' for those who aren't smart enough to figure that out. Anyway, this guy is unbeatable. Listen to stuff like Since I've Been Loving You, Stairway To Heaven, Black Dog, Babe I'm Gonna Leave You... Jared Leto could never do a better vocal performance than him! He's 62 and still rocking! Led Zep forever!
Congratulations to everyone who voted for Jarred Leto. You're all Idiots. Robert Plant is a God of Rock n' Roll and anyone who says otherwise should be shot at dawn, hung and then decapitated.
[Newest]Plant doesn't need a "Grace land"...wherever he walks the land is graced. He is the "golden god."

3Chester Bennington
Chester has got a unique style of singing... Wanna see his best then you have 2 see given up, qwerty and wish... He can even flat up us all by his soft and pleasing voice... Hear him in leave out all the rest and waiting for the end... He can scream and soften his voice instantly... That is his special ability and he deserves a number 1 spot in the rock singers...! Chester you always rock!
Chester has the best voice in the world. Full of emotion. He can sing soft and scream the next second!
Chester Bennington is the best singer I have heard till date. There is absolutely no match for him. He has a unique voice and is amazingly versatile.

Awesome voice, awesome music and awesome band.
[Newest]Chester is simply the best.

4Axl Rose
axl is number one
play 5 voices on 1 song its great
Forever Axl Rose
Best forever!
Axl is the biggest fool. I don't understand how could anybody kick Slash out of bend, but when it comes to singing he's the best!
No one don't have higher vocal range!
He's just great, his voice is unbelievable and unforgettable... Without Axl, guns wouldn't be the same.
[Newest]Great voice but he's got anger issues.

5Jared Leto
Hey people, that's just not fair. Who the hell said that this pop singer sings rock, who the hell says he sings that well! I mean it ain't no rock and it isn't that good voice at all! Third place!? And why the HELL Ronnie James Dio, David Coverdale or Ian Gillan aren't here!? Explain this chart! Who made it! Not a person who knows ROCK!
This is not ROCK, nice voice for a girl, but not ROCK and not deserving to be mentioned with the likes of Freddie and Robert. Kids are so oblivious to good music
For everyone with negative comments about him, take a step back and take a long look at his talent. He is modern era rock singer who made it cool to be a rocker in an environment where electronic, hip hop and rap take over the audiences. On top of that his voice seamlessly blends with slow ballads such as 100 suns to being able to scream through the kill. A true multi-genred master that people shouldn't criticize ignorantly.
[Newest]I don't think he should be no3


6M. Shadows
He Is Will Be The Number One Singer, Because He Has A Perfect Voice, And He Can Do The Fry Scream, The First Album Has Make Me Love Avenged Sevenfold, And For The Rev A7X Miss You!
The number 1 screamer singer with a bang in his voice when he sings a song he just lights it up every song sounds greats when he sings it totally a metal singer even he can sing other genres too...
I don't understand why he is on #5. He should be on top. Shadows voice is awesome
[Newest]No one has ever heard of this joker. Get him off this list.

7John Lennon
I can't find the words to express my surprise. This is obviously a popular contest, and there's nothing bad with it, but even at this condition, in which fabulous world the top-three is not made of Rpbert Plant, John Lennon, and if you really want a recent singer, Axl Rose? In not a question of being legendary but the reason you are. Every music lover must fall in love with the things Plant used to do. It' s a mystery how he sang like that and a bunch of inspiration for generations to come. Echelons, pay attention: Jared Leto is probably ashamed to see a list like this. Before being offensive for Plant, Morrison, Presley, Osbourne, Vedder, Joplin and so on, it is offensive for him that people do not pay the legitimate tribute to where the music came from.
Jared played the role of Mark David Chapman, and this, in my humble opinion, was a deep tribute of love. That day, Chapman stole the greatest musicians maybe ever born from all of us. God gave us a new one, a certain guy named Kurt Cobain. Is not only about having a great voice, but what you can do with that.
If you don't believe in God, these men make you change your mind, that's what, they are sublime.
To love music is not being fanatics, is being ecstatics. Loving music is a form of respect for the astonishing power of beauty.
John Lennon doesn't need to be listed first.
He'll still be listed in 500 years, that's what.
John Lennon.
NO ONE can compare to him and paul when it comes to pop, rock, acoustics and last but not least: touching peoples hearts.
John never sang from just his throat but from his heart, he felt his music and made us feel it, no one does it like John, that's what makes him the greatest of the great. JOHN LENNON FOREVER!
[Newest]John was in my opinion the best singer of the Beatles. his vocals and on some songs there he screams are amazing

8James Hetfield
All right, we are talking James Hetfield here, the master of metal, he can sing acoustic and other genres, and by the way, Leto is nowhere near Hetfield voice quality
Ha hetfield is not only a great vocalist but the best rhythm guitarist ever guy takes a lot of hate for some unknown reason
He reminds my past memorable days. His performance, Energy and communication with audiences is luxury.
[Newest]His powerful screams and growls make Metallica my fave band. kill 'em all was when his vocals were the best.

9Mick Jagger
Mick jagger the best
Best rocker on the planet! Voice made for the blues!
He has a very unique and distinctive voice.


10Roger Daltrey
A very powerful rock voice. An original. Remember... We Won't Get fooled Again. Love Roger.
The best rock singer of all time!
Very influential rock voice


The Contenders

11Kurt Cobain
What! This god of music should be no.4 at least. (Behind Bono, Freddie & John Lennon). How can Chester Bennington, James Hetfield, Ozzy Osbourne and that 30sec2 Mars singer be ahead of this guy!

If he was alive Nirvana would've put all other bands to shame. Kurt had a truly blessed voice. Listen to Come as you are, heart- shaped box and the man who sold the world! RIP Kurt
Raw and perfectly suited to grunge music, Kurt's voice is just amazing, whether he was singing live or on a recording
Well whoever made this list haven't heard where did you sleep night. No one can sing like him. He had a unique voice, you can feel the pain in his voice. RIP Kurt we miss you

12Amy Lee
I love her So much I'm addicted to her. Her songs are amazing. I get into a great feelings when I listen to her gorgeous voice. God what a beautiful Singer. Her style is amazing too. I just hope that the people see right through the prospective I looked through long time ago and live in the world that she made for us. Hope to see her once in my life.
I think she deverses top 10
She is beautiful and good singer she is the best
[Newest]How Amy isn't number 1? She has a greatest voice ever.

13Chris Cornell
His range is similar to that of Freddie Mercury and Robert Plant, but his lower register is WAY better than the other two. He and Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) are the best low-pitched male voices in rock BY FAR. Just listen to "Say Hello To Heaven" and "Fell On Black Days", so you can hear an incredible combination of manly low pitched phrases and crazy high powerful bits. An amazing voice, I'd say these three guys are the best ever, only grunge was never as commercial as rock/pop, that's why many people don't even acknowledge Chris's existence.
Only the 17? Cornell has the best voice of Grunge and one of the best voices of the music history. I think that he needs more recognition.
If Kurt hadn't have killed himself, grunge would have taken over the world. Chris Cornell helped on that journey.


[Newest]Chris Cornell is my number 1, Burton Cummings of the Guess Who, a close second.

14Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzy has one of the greatest rock voices of all time, his unique tone is instantly recognisable and he can sing different types of music, for example Rock/ Heavy Metal (Crazy Train), clean rock/ soul (Dreamer) and even pop rock (Changes). Ozzy has played with some of the greatest musicians of all time such as, Randy Rhoads, Zakk Wylde and Tony Iommi. Ozzy also frontlined Black Sabbath, one of the most famous bands of all time. He can still sing at the age of 65 after all of the abuse he has thrown at his body through drugs and alcohol and he still performs live many times each year. Ozzy is not named the Prince of Darkness for nothing, should definitely be number 1
can't understand his normal voice, but his singing is remarkable

Ozzy's vocals are amazing and my favourite song of ozzy is crazy train
[Newest]His unique tone gave his one of the most distinctive and influential voices ever

15Bruce Dickinson
gretest singer of all time
this man has it all
and a bueitiful voice
for the people who voted for the 26 people that are ahead of this god I would like you to here the following songs
brave new world
flight of icarus
rime of the anciant mariner
when you here those songs you will see that bruce dcikinson is the gretast singer of all time, so vote for him now.


15th place is definitely not the correct place for Bruce Bruce to be. His vocal range is ridiculously high, and he, unlike most people, does not falsetto at the really high notes. Truly talented. Listen to Aces High, he can hit the high D, and in a later scream a high G.

But obviously the most blood-chilling moment has to be his high A in The Number of the Beast. You know that scream near the beginning of the song? That's what I'm talking about.


make sure you vote for him, and also listen to hallowed be thy name


[Newest]The best of the all

16Jon Bon Jovi
Livin' on a prayer
You give love a bad name
Born to be my baby
Dry county
Something to believe in
Living in sin
I'll be there for you
Hey god
Bed of roses
Have a nice day
It's my Life
These days
We weren't born to follow
Only lonely
Bad medicine
Never say goodbye
Bon jovi should be at the top ten.


Such a deep and sexy rock voice
[Newest]He should be at the top 2! He is better than even axl rose.

17Steven Tyler
Are you guys crazy? Leto is in top three and this rock 'n' roll master is down here.. seems like a bunch of teenage girls came to this website and though: "Uhh Jared is cute, lets vote for him". You Dudes are really like ladies! This man showed us how to walk this way, didn't he? I mean, Mercury and Plant deserve the top two, but Steven should be at least somewhere in top five! Oh well, lets hope those teenage girls have some grandparents who could go on this website and make it a fair game...
Can someone please explain to me why while Jared Leto is in umber 3, the Demon of Screaming is not even in Top 10? Oh, and is that Kurt Cobain I see below this? Uhh... Mick Jagger? Ozzy Osbourne in 29?! And guys... where's Elvis Presley... ? Oh, there he is, in 49.

Thank god Freddie Mercury and Robert Plant are in the top 2, else my sanity will be gone.
The way he can make his voice do things the way threy do is an eighth world wonder. And he is 64 and STILL singing like that.
[Newest]The demon of screamin


18Bon Scott
Bon represents something that is sadly lacking from many bands today: humour. He knew that it was all a game. His lyrics are playful, original and perfectly balanced. A huge talent without whom we may never even have heard of AC/DC. He was the personification of the the ultimate Rocker and every AC/DC album he was on is a pure classic. Scott had the charisma that no modern day frontman has.

old rocker
A unique, powerful voice and incredible charisma and stage presence. What more can you ask for?
He is the best singer of all time! His lyrics are genius and he was so amazing and funny and I do not see how they can be such an ass (Leto, Bennington,... ) to a higher position!


[Newest]His best songs are tnt, highway to hell and let there be rock

19Steve Perry
Steve Perry has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard, and maybe that disqualifies him as a "rock" singer, but he did sing for Journey and make them famous. Songs such as Mother Father, Wheel In The Sky and Any Way You Want It are examples of his incredible talent. His voice is one of those, where most anyone can hear and immediately recognize him. If these Top Ten slots were taken strictly on the basis of most talent and best sound quality, Perry would undoubtedly be at or near the top.
Most beautiful, soulful voice. He makes each song sound as if he lived the lyrics. I love the highs he reaches but his lower range is beautiful, too, like in Captured By the Moment. I love how he can sing a soft ballad, like in It's Just the Rain, Still They Ride, Foolish Heart, or the power ballads like Open Arms and Oh Sherrie, and then really rock out on songs like Lay it Down, Escape, Edge of the Blade... OK I'm going to quit because I could go on like this forever. His voice is just perfection to me. Oh I want to mention Homemade Love, My My My, What Was, Mother Father, Harmony, Anyway You Want It... Somebody please stop me. I'm overloading here. Enjoyed his three performances with the Eels. He's still got it! Would love to hear more from him!
Steve Perry is perhaps the best " haute contre" (natural male alto, a rare form of countertenor and one of the rarest voice types. His beautiful operatic voice demonstrates range and clarity, yes a singer like SP is one in a million.
[Newest]Steve Perry should definitely be in the top 5 with Plant and Mercury. His voice can't be duplicated any way, shape or form. He is why Journey was 1 of the best rock bands ever!

20Jim Morrison
Riders on the storm!
What jim is not in the top ten? And that jared leto crap is number 1? B**** please...
The Lizard King belongs in the top 5.
[Newest]"The End","Roadhouse Blues","Light my fire", "Break on through", just a few reasons why Jim deserves the Top 3

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