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The Top Ten

Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin
Best in history, most famous and well known by everyone.
This song made all-in-all music history.
I like this list. Many people do not agree with a few songs near the top. To me that means that this list displays the varying opinions of what "good rock" is. Personally, I don't think Numb should be no. 2 (I like other Linkin Park songs better) but I think that it proves that there is much variety in this genre. I agree with the popular opinion that Stairway to Heaven is the best rock song ever. It is an interesting song. It is lengthy, and of very good quality.
Greatest ever, bar none.
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2Numb - Linkin Park
Wow, I just voted for this song and it suddenly went to the top place. Aside from that, this song is amazing. Linkin Park never really came to do this sort of music again after 'Meteora'. Because of this I seriously considered voting for Evanescence' 'Bring Me To Life', but then I remembered that the same thing happened to them. Ben Moody left and the music changed. I think the music industry has died; that might seem harsh, but I haven't found music from after 2007 that I really enjoyed.
One of the best ones I've ever witnessed, god blessed us with an awesome band like LP, thank you LP for this masterpiece!
Are you kidding me? This is the best rock song ever. It should be crowned the top place in the list. Just listen this song. I am sure that will must like it. It is also the best song of Linkin Park. Now let it go to upper.
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3Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
Bohemian Rhapsody just like a classic is divided into sections (3 to be specific). The song builds and builds, then, bursts into the opera section before busting the damn wide open to the glorious full on rock climax before ultimately resolving itself as it began with piano and vocal. Freddy Mercury's (Oh I so wish he was alive, poor man) vivid, and lively vocals and Brian May’s signature guitar work ties everything together perfectly.. All in all, a its total work of art. I won't go on to say this song deserves to be on the top, because its for you to listen to it and decide, I am just voting for this one because this is so soothing, exciting, and brilliant: everything you need in a song. Queen was and will be one of the best rock bands. I would also suggest listening to show must go on, Love of My Life, Too Much Love Will Kill You, and Another One Bites The Dust.
Come on! Numb over Bohemian RHAPSODY! What is wrong with this list? Stairway yes, I love Zeppelin, but Linkin Park? Really? Queen is rockier than Linkin Park or Evanense (don't care if I misspelled! )

Also, Won't Get Fooled Again by The Who should be here!
this is just brilliant... bohemian raphsody all the way!
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4Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
This list disappoints me... old tosh like Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones shouldn't BE on this list and yet they clock up the top 5... This song deserves to be on TOP. Period.
Smells like teen spirit is #1
This has to be on the top!
Best song ever and also one of the best bands
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5The Diary Of Jane - Breaking Benjamin
This song has changed the world and caused music chaos!
Breaking Benjamin are truly underrated, this song is a BLAST!
You know what
I don't know this song but I've just hear it and loved it and I'm downloading it
Any song who leave an impression from the first time need to be the winner
And here is your winner
This song is cool guys seriously
This song made a CRAZY success and made BB Hollywood Stars!
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6Bring Me To Life - Evanescence
Favorite rock song, well I don't know if monster by skillet is rock but whatever
Really? What I just lost faith to humanity
Needs to be at least #2
#1 Should be Paralyzer by Finger Eleven
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7Back In Black - AC/DC
AC/DC is such a inspirational band and has pumped out many great hits, including back in black and I think this song has the potential to be the #1rock song of all time!
This song is sick but I think the best rock song is bat out of hell by meatloaf it has to be the most epic song of all time in my opinion

8Welcome to the Jungle - Guns N' Roses Listen to sample

9Hey Jude - Beatles
At least should be above stairway to heaven.
BEATles are the best. Ha
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10Master of Puppets - Metallica
master of puppets is best song ever and metallica is best band ever
This isn't rock, I love this song but its heavy metal!
WOW. Nirvana's good but Metallica's better. They are just epic mon!
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The Contenders

11Tom Sawyer - Rush
, stupidly aazingly incredible drum rolls, how is it not at least 3?
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12Pain - Three Days Grace
This song is just addiction... anyone who hears it will get hypnotized!
Even if you hate rock, you will love this song!
Listen to this song, its worth it
And much more meaningful when you know its origins (Singer's fight... His pain)
Dude three days grace are the boss and 'pain' is the most catchy and addicting song ever! Vote for it, and if you havnt heard it, go listen to it right now!
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13For Whom the Bell Tolls - Metallica
I love this song because of the nice guitar riffs and great lyrics
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14King Nothing - Metallica
Metallica is my favorite band and this is their best song. Although not all thrash metal is good (although a lot of it is), this makes you wonder how this kind of music could be BAD! )


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15Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns N' Roses
This song has been the worlds favorite for a time! Come on! Make it to number one!
Great song, great guitar intro
Just love it can't believe this is 24th this is number "'1"' people
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16How You Remind Me - Nickelback
This song is just AWESOME! How is this not in the top 5. Numb? Come on guys? If someone had some real sense of music, they would put this song on the TOP!
Awesome lyrics and great music, this song has everything in it!
Cool song, it gives you an other view of the world
You know what I mean!
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17Fade To Black - Metallica

I don't like Metallica but me and everyone I ever knew on the net or in real life just worship this song, and everyone covers it to take pride at guitar playing.

And after you see the number of reviews and downloads on this song your jaw will drop, Truly Deserved to be #1
Awesome guitar solo, one of the best in history, and the most cover musical solo on YouTube.

The music here is absolutely stunning and the entire song is an art work.

All hail Metallica!
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18Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold
Just.. A Piece Of Art.. Don't Know Why Isn't On Tens.. But This Is The Most Epic Song Of AX7
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19(I Can't Get No) Satisfacation - Rolling Stones
Don't know what's wrong with this list, numb as the best ROCK song of all time? Evanesence in the top 10 list when these two bands are not even pure rock? Damn... What's wrong with "rock" or whatever listeners these days?!


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20Enter Sandman - Metallica
Not only is this a classic song but it also has the best lyrics
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21Baba O'Riley - The Who Listen to sample

22Highway To Hell - AC/DC

23Black Dog - Led Zeppelin
Black dog is the best song ever and Led Zeppelin is the best band ever!


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24Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day
Not just the best rock but also the best song ever! It received two grammys and several other awards. Green Day is the best band too!
Greetings from India!

This list sucks! BOBD should be at least in top 5
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25Afterlife - Avenged Sevenfold
An amazing song with the best ever drum solo
A song worth the name
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26Like a Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan Listen to sample

27Rock You Like a Hurricane - Scorpions
What surely this is the best of all if you hear it it will really rock you like a hurricane! It has a really great solo made by the masters of rock SCORPIONS! If you listen to it you will understand awesome intro solo and ending I heard it like a thusand times and still I have not got bord of it I hear it when I bath when I sleep when I am bored and many more times please vote
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28One - Metallica Listen to sample

29Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd Listen to sample

30Thunderstruck - AC/DC

31Crazy Train - Black Sabbath Listen to sample

32Supermassive Black Hole - Muse Listen to sample

33Panama - Van Halen
Van halen is the best band ever! And panama is the best song ever! You do the math
Listen to sample

34Don't Stop Believin' - Journey Listen to sample

35Breaking the Habit - Linkin Park Listen to sample

36Paradise City - Guns N' Roses Listen to sample

37Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin Listen to sample

38Karma Killer - Robbie Williams Listen to sample

39American Idiot - Green Day
This song is 55? Deserves to be first
Listen to sample

40I Don't Want to Miss a Thing - Aerosmith Listen to sample

41Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd Listen to sample

42Nothing Else Matters - Metallica Listen to sample

43We Are the Champions - Queen
Does anyone not know this song, it's the most famous song from the most famous band!
Queen are always in my head and in my sleep, I can't escape this awesome band!
Listen to sample

44I Stand Alone - Godsmack Listen to sample

45Kashmir - Led Zeppelin Listen to sample

46Fear of the Dark - Iron Maiden Listen to sample

47Hotel California - Eagles Listen to sample

48Livin' On a Prayer - Bon Jovi
It is the best of the best
Listen to sample

49Cowboys From Hell - Pantera Listen to sample

50The Last Night (Skillet) Listen to sample

51It's My Life - Bon Jovi Listen to sample

52Shoot to Thrill - AC/DC

53Crawling - Linkin Park
Linkin Park MUST dominate every top list, why? Well, because they are AWESOME!

This song won a GRAMMY and the video is epic.
Simply amazing!
Listen to sample

54New Divide - Linkin Park Listen to sample

55Wind of Change - Scorpions Listen to sample

56In the End - Linkin Park
You gotta kidding me! This is the best song ever, linkin park's best work till date!
Listen to sample

57Ain't Talkin' Bout Love - Van Halen Listen to sample

58I Want To Hold Your Hand - The Beatles Listen to sample

59Reckless - You Me At Six Listen to sample

60Trenches - The Haunted Listen to sample

61The Unforgiven - Metallica Listen to sample

62No One Like You - The Scorpions Listen to sample

63Breath - Breaking Benjamin Listen to sample

64Evil Angel - Breaking Benjamin Listen to sample

65When the Levee Breaks - Led Zeppelin Listen to sample

66Born to Be Wild - Steppenwolf Listen to sample

67Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd Listen to sample

68Rockstar - Nickelback Listen to sample

69Fix You - Coldplay Listen to sample

70More Than a Feeling - Boston Listen to sample

71London Calling - The Clash Listen to sample

72Battery - Metallica
Very energizing song, with face melting solos
Listen to sample

73Valley of the Damned - Dragonforce Listen to sample

74Paint it Black - The Rolling Stones Listen to sample

75Devour - Shinedown Listen to sample

76Cold As Ice - Foreigner Listen to sample

77Never Too Late - Three Days Grace Listen to sample

78Oh Love - Green Day Listen to sample

79Scars - Papa Roach Listen to sample

80Ramble On - Led Zeppelin Listen to sample

81Rock and Roll All Nite - Kiss Listen to sample

82Walk This Way - Aerosmith Listen to sample

83Headstrong - Trapt Listen to sample

84Psychosocial - Slipknot Listen to sample

85Iron Man - Black Sabbath Listen to sample

86The Kill (Bury Me) - 30 Seconds to Mars Listen to sample

87Hero - Skillet Listen to sample

88Imagine - John Lennon Listen to sample

89S.O.P.H.I.A. - Blood Stain Child Listen to sample

90Berliner Star - Robbie Williams

91You Know You're Right - Nirvana Listen to sample

9221st Century Breakdown - Green Day Listen to sample

93Animal I Have Become - Three Days Grace Listen to sample

94Good Times Bad Times - Led Zeppelin Listen to sample

95The Night - Disturbed Listen to sample

96Cocaine - Eric Clapton Listen to sample

97Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry Listen to sample

98Don't Stay - Linkin Park Listen to sample

99The Trooper - Iron Maiden Listen to sample

100The World - Nightmare

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