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The Top Ten

Mellinium Force - Cedar Point USA
It's pretty much unarguable. Not only is this Gigacoaster 310 feet tall, and 93 mph fast, but its' revolutionary! It may not have inversions, but every single drop and turn is smooth, and the view from the top of the lift hill is simply beautiful.


Wow... This coaster is amazing. One time, I stuck at the VERY top of the first hill, and I almost PEED MY PANTS LIKE A LITTLE BABY! Was it worth it, yes, very much worth the almost peeing experience.
ok go to cedar point your life will change. This is the best ride there. Dragster a close second
[Newest]It's my favorite roller coaster and the nickname is the king of roller coasters

2El Toro - Six Flags Great Adventure USA
Millennium is amazing, but it is not very intense. I'll give up a little height and speed if it's for an airtime buffet as seen on El Toro!
As much as I love El Toro, Nitro is my favorite six flags coaster. I'm surprised it's below space mountain
This looks like a lot of fun (and I'm scared of rides)

3X2 - Six Flags Magic Mountain USA
This isn't just a roller coaster. It's an invention. There are very few 4th dimension coasters in the world, and this is probably the greatest of them. By the way, a 4th dimension coaster is a ride in which the seats run on the side of the track, and they can spin on a horizontal axis.


This coaster is better then any coaster in the world
It's the world's first 4th dimension roller coaster.
It has the world's tallest flying drop.
And has a fire effect.
And has the best soundtrack


X x x 222... X x x 222...
Best rollercoaster soundtrack EVER! It's as if they're mocking the riders!
[Newest]When it makes a 360 degree circle while you are moving!

4Intimidator 305 - Kings Dominion USA
The g-forces are in fact so high that people were blacking out (I actually blacked out the second time I rode it)! But it's still an amazingly revolutionary ride. This 305-foot Gigacoaster marked a new era in the coaster world.


Best ride ever. You can see like half of Virginia from the top
A great ride so intense though
[Newest]Best coaster in Virginia

5The Voyage - Holiday World USA
For years upon years, this wooden classic has been voted the best coaster of it's kind. It's one of rides that doesn't need too much of a resin to be great - it's just overall fun and exciting!


It is literally ranked No.1 among all roller coasters. I mean, who can forget the GIGANTIC drop at the beginning


6Bizarro - Six Flags New England USA
The idea here is scenery. The ride is tall and fast. But the props and effects are even better!


Going on this ride 3 times in a row at night is the only way to ride
I felt like I was shot out of a cannon.


7Kingda Ka - Six Flags Great Adventure USA
The best part of the ride is just waiting to go. You sit on this launch pad, staring at this long track leading up to a huge tower. The anticipation is even greater in the front car. The launch is just plain sick.
It is insane because it is the highest and you launch 452 feet straight up. and then you go down with a twist along the way
I thought it would be higher on the list, I'm always wrong
[Newest]Tallest coaster until next year

8The Incredible Hulk - Universal Islands of Adventure USA
Although the stats aren't super impressive this ride packs a punch. At 67 mph it is the fastest in Orlando, and certainly the best. Its loud roar, mammoth inversions and crazy launch all make this ride on of the best in the world. And the theming rocks too
This is the best ride ever but it's not 1 on this list,how😲.

9Apollo's Chariot - Busch Gardens Williamsburg USA
I went on this ride with a friend who said not to freak out just scream on the first two hills! It was my first time on a big roller coaster and it was great! Perfect for a first try on bug coasters.
Best ride ever! I think I'm in love with B&M hyper coasters. The drop is awesome, the airtime is great, and the trains are insanely comfortable. Before this one my favorite was the Diamondback at Kings Island, but now I see the true king is Apollo's Chariot. Seriously a must ride!
Of all the coasters I've ridden Apollo's Chariot made me fall in love with airtime.


[Newest]I couldn't ride this because it was raining. :, (

I can tell it's awesome though


10Maverick - Cedar Point USA
Maverick is no doubt the best coaster in the world. Your probably looking at the stats like: 105 feet? That is pathetic!, Cedar Point wanted to prove bigger is not always better, and boy they did. Maverick has no doubt the best element combonation on any rollercoaster. Maverick starts off with a VERY fast lift to the top, dropping you BEYOND vertical at 95 degrees!, next Maverick takes you threw very intense twisty turns, then an EJECTOR airtime hill of awesomeness!, then two twisted horseshoe rolls, that are very rare, next you stop into a 400ft long tunnel and launched at 70mph! Out of the tunnel, you come into a large turn and then followed by an S-Curve, after that two intense 92 degree overbanked turns, an airtime hill and finish! All Millennium Force has is a gigantic drop and speed, it has little to NO airtime whatsoever, long boring overbanked turns. don't get me wrong I LOVE Millennium Force, it just doesn't deserve one, Maverick does.

The Contenders

11Space Mountain - Disneyland USA
This ride is overrated nothing is fun about it (to me)
It's epic and there's a great atmosphere... no, I'm not charging you for that terrible pun.
The only people who vote for this are people who think Disney parks are the most thrilling and best amusement parks out there... These are the only people I laugh at

12Nemesis - Alton Towers, England
One extreme coaster! Mind-Blowingly quick.


The best roller coaster I have ever ridden!
This coaster is possibly the best b and m in the world better than raptor the zero g rolls are the best and the blood added to the river

13Steel Dragon 2000 - Nagashima Spa Land Japan
The tallest, fastest, and longest roller coaster in the world! Other coasters are taller but none are longer!

14Leviathan - Canada's Wonderland
This is the most epic Rollercoasters on earth.
:) <3!
Kats and more Kats rawr I vicous

15Rock 'n' Roller Coaster - Disney's Hollywood Studios, USA
This should be 1 my favorite ride at disney
Disneys only ride with inversions and you also get to listen to Aerosmith. YEAH BABY!
Well, you can yell to the music :P


16Intimidator - Carowinds USA
I ride this ride almost every week I have the hat for it and it's the smoothest ride ever. Love the first hill.
It made me love roller coasters. I was terrified of them until I rode this.
1. Should be intimidator 2 kingda ka

17Space Shuttle - Enchanted Kingdom Philippines

18Raging Bull - Six Flags Great America USA

19Sheikra - Busch Gardens Tampa USA
Arguably the world's most adrenerline packed ride but this is Busch Gardens's eagle! Its sommet else dude...


Most awesome ride in the world even though it is very short.

20Griffon - Busch Gardens Williamsburg USA

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