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IBC root beer is my favorite among those I've tasted that currently are on the market. In fact, I drink the IBC DIET root beer, and it's delicious. I've had root beer from California to Virginia, and IBC is still my #1 choice. IBC has that old-fashioned root beer taste that I remember from my childhood. There are four other root beers on the list that I enjoy, but IBC truly is the best tasting to me.

IBC root beer is by far the best root beer I've ever had. It is rich and satisfying. (Satisfying as in always wanting more) IBC is refreshing, pure, and is not a gigantic mass produced brand that is shipped every where and makes you feel sick. That is why I think IBC tops almost every other root beer.

I think IBC is by far the best Root Beer on the market today. I've tried the others and nothing compares to the rich old fashioned flavor of IBC. The dark bottles are a plus for preserving freshness and taste.

My absolute favorite. I agree that it has the old-fashioned taste I remember.

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Perfect blend of sweetness and frothiness. When you pour it from the can into your mouth, you feel the cold yet welcoming, bubbly fizz pass from your lips to the back of your throat and you realize that at that one moment, the waltz of bubbly texture and signature A&W sweetness on your taste buds is all that matters.

Whilst the mighty, heavily-funded Barq's Root Beer capitulates to society's ever-growing obsession with sugar, and others mistakenly see it as a challenge to perform a 180 degree turn, A&W has been able to grow in its own right, fast becoming the greatest brand of Root Beer to grace us with its presence. Fall to the floor and weep at the sight of this great brand. Viva la A&W, viva la root beer!

A&W is not overly sweet, but gives just the right amount of slightly sugary taste to please. It is my favorite root beer by far. I also like that it's not too mainstream; it doesn't belong to Coca-Cola or Pepsi. Maybe that lets the creators put more work into it.

Best overall flavor of any root beer

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3Barqs Root Beer

Best there is its not just my favorite root beer it's my favorite drink I have one whenever I can I love this stuff its amazing it has great bite great flavor this is an all around great root beer period

Not the best root beer. Not even top 20. Tastes like carbonated syrup. The only thing Barq's has going for it is its bite. It has no root beer flavor and has zero head. If you think this is the best, do yourself a favor and pick up any glass bottled root beer. Chances are it's at least five times better than Barq's.

Root beer is a preference drink. You either like it smooth and creamy or with real bite. I love Barq's for the bite. Another good root beer not on the list is Triple X. So throwing my vote in for Barq's baby!

The greatest

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4Henry Weinhard's Root Beer

Every time I pop open a bottle I say to myself "this is the best root beer I've ever had". There are lots of great choices on this list. But, Henry's is definitely my favorite. Enjoy it ice cold strait from the bottle. Root beer lovers will not be disappointed.

I've been a Root beer and orange cream soda lover for over 25 years and I'm telling you this is the absolute no contest best root beer in the game. A true American standard and should be considered a game-changer.

The best High Fructose Corn Syrup root beer I've ever had! Very creamy, excellent and lasting head, decent bite. Do not drink this slightly chilled - it needs to be cold to bring out its full flavor!

Best root beer ever!

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5Dad's Root Beer

I made prefer Dad's over all other root beers because I grew up with it and reminds me of the good times in the 90s. But I also love its smooth but barky flavor - and I also love the design of the can itself and that it hasn't changed over time: very simple, old school looking, and classic!

I have been dying to try this and still haven't. Someone please tell me what stores I can find this root beer. I have tried my local grocery store Kroger and a bunch of worldwide stores.

This is the one that my aunt and uncle had on tap at their soda shop, and the one I used when they taught me how to make a Black Cow, its what they used to call a root beer float

The aftertaste is weird but in a way I like.

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Sprecher has one of the best tastes around. It does use high fructose corn syrup though rather than cane sugar or other higher quality sweetener.

From Milwaukee it is the best I've had when traveling around the country. Hands down the best and I have tried all the others on this list, can you say the same?

This is really number 1. I don't know how A&W is number 1; probably because so many people have tried it but not tried Sprecher. Sprecher has the best rooty flavor of any root beer out there.

It is the best

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7Hires Root Beer

I drank Hires for many years until the company folded. I've been pleased to see it is back on the market. It has just the right blend of sweet and sassy.

Great Root Beer stands the test of time, and yes, Hires is the greatest!

One of the oldest brands and still great by itself and in a float.

No comparison. The best root beer hands down!

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8Barrelhead Root Beer

Was the best when it was manufactured by cadbury and in my mind still the best root beer ever made. Sorry they discontinued it..

Was and still is the best. Hopefully they'll revive this long lost brand!

No question it was the greatest tasting root beer ever made! Hands down...


Mug is the "creamiest" and frothiest brand available, it allows for a wide, sweet flavor with no bite provided. Bite takes away from the true quality of the flavor of the beverage. Easily the greatest.

I love the soft flavor. There's just enough carbonation to taste amazing

It's so creamy and flavorful! Gotta be my number 2 behind Barqs

Mug rules, Hires is great I remember from childhood

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10Route 66 Root Beer

It has to be the worst I've ever had. could not even finish the bottle.

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11Hanks Gourmet Root Beer

There are some great root beers on here, but I voted for Hank's because it is an almost perfect all-around root beer. A fantastic, long lasting head, a wonderful body, and great aftertaste is hard to beat. And that's exactly what you get with this root beer. Also, I'm getting sick and tired of seeing Barq's rated so highly. It is flat out awful to anyone with a distinguished root beer palate. Therefore, if barqs is truly the favorite root beer of those who voted for it, they are likely to only be familiar with flavors in our mainstream bubble such as barqs, mug, and A&W and thus, should try some amazing root beer that you cannot just get at WalMart, but rather go hunt for some gourmet goodness. With that said, I'm done ranting.

Strong Vanilla flavor, not to sharp on the carbonation and good after taste going down the throat.

Hank's has a great balance of vanilla and sarsaparilla/spice flavors. Not as sharp as barqs, but rounder and fuller, the glass bottle and pure cane sugar help a lot. Overall the best root beer I've ever had.

The best but hard to find.

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12Stewarts Root Beer

Ever since I've had my first bottle of Stewarts root beer, it's been my favorite.

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Very strong pleasant tasting root beer. Smell it all over the room when you open the lid... - tedward

Pour me a beer (root)! Proverbs 3:7-8 (NIV)
Do not be wise in your own eyes;
Fear the Lord and shun evil.
This will bring health to your body
And nourishment to your bones.

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14Junior Johnson Root Beer

Best root beer ever. Stores in western North Carolina cannot keep it in stock.

15Berghoff's Root Beer

Love it! Reminds me of my Grandfathers homemade rooter.

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16Abita Root Beer

Made in Louisiana by Abita Brewing Co., LLC, Abita Springs. Some of the best root beer I've ever tasted.

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I have tasted many on this list. To me there is none better and more balanced in flavor than 1919. If it's on tap and put in a frosty mug it's very hard to beat. So satisfying.

If everyone could try it, they'd be sure to love it. Not too sweet, great flavor!

Love this root beer! We drive miles to get it.

A bit sweet but good.

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Grew up on this treat

I like it best.

19Sioux City Root Beer

This root beer has a taste unlike any other. It truly is the best out there.

20Dog n Suds

I grew up in IL too and used to pick up Dog 'n Suds root beer by the jug. I've tried a lot of root beers over the decades but nothing comes close to the frothy awesomeness of Dog 'n Suds.

Dog&suds is the very best a overall be state I ever had when I was little boy my Paramus pickup diner an a big jug of rootbeer for us

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