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21 Church of Your Heart Church of Your Heart

An optimistic and touching song. It seems to be simple but so hopeful that I consider it to be the best. Every accord is at the right time and right place.

22 Silver Blue Silver Blue

Probably the best Roxette song. It's full of emotions that have left me absolutely happy! And sometimes my mornings are much more wonderful when I see the silver blue and listen to the song with such title.

There is no Never is a long time - my #1 - and The sweet hello (#2). So vote for Silver blue - my #3

Great song, great lyrics, great duet! - sabinafanjul

23 June Afternoon June Afternoon

A very Gesslish, fun song that should bring smiles to all who hear it. One of my favourites, only for putting a smile on my face every time I hear it.

24 Chances Chances
25 Things Will Never Be the Same Things Will Never Be the Same

Such a beautiful melancholic song! Definitely the best one from Roxette! I can still listen to this on repeat.

26 Waiting for the Rain
27 Crash! Boom! Bang! Crash! Boom! Bang!
28 A Thing About You A Thing About You

It is the best song of roxette

29 Paint Paint

I can't believe its not popular, I love this song

30 Speak to Me Speak to Me

If you like Listen to your heart, Wish I could fly and Fading like a flower, this one will take you by heart... Amazing music, perfect vocals and superb lyrics

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31 Knockin' On Every Door Knockin' On Every Door

Real catchy, solid song off of Joyride.

32 Dance Away Dance Away
33 Neverending Love Neverending Love
34 Watercolours In the Rain Watercolours In the Rain V 1 Comment
35 What's She Like? What's She Like?

I assume not welknown, but an unknown Roxette gem nonetheless...

36 Shadow of a Doubt Shadow of a Doubt

Only an album track on Look Sharp!
But in my opinion one of the most underrated songs of the 80s

37 The Rain The Rain

More sophisticated, sombre and mature sounding than their pop tunes. Really like this one.

38 Stupid Stupid
39 Salvation Salvation

Typical Roxette ballad. Another unknown treasure. Roxette is much more substantial than only their hits.

40 Touched by the Hand of God Touched by the Hand of God

If Roxette was part of your childhood growing up, Touched by the hand of God is going to make you feel young, happy and energetic. Song written for Marie's (lead singer) miraculous recovery from cancer, it is an upbeat song that shows that Roxette is still young

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