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Final Fantasy VII
Unforgettable game. Storyline is engraved into your head. I play this game again every couple years just to relive the experience.
Great story, great characters, great gameplay. This game was one of the best uses of graphics and FMV sequences to TELL A STORY. The ATB battle system was classic. Turn based combat, how I miss you. And Sephiroth. Sephiroth never hurt, either.
it's so cool and awesome but it isn't free aheahe aheahe ahe and that's make it a bit bad but that's okay I wish if it will be free that's will be awesome and cool haha
[Newest]Compared to the breathtaking storyline of Final Fantasy VII every other games's storyline can be called simple, the character design bad and halfhearted for it's hard to keep up with the masterpiece called Final Fantasy VII...
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2Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
SKYRIM! Definitely the greatest game in the invention of games. Seriously though, there are reasons that this game is the amazing.

1. Graphics. Graphics are not extremely important to me, they are more of a perk. Skyrim really has a realistic look that helps you feel like it's not just a character, but really you living in this world.

2. Story. The story of this game is divers and expansive, not to mention that there are actually 2 paths to take in the main quest.

3. Character Creation. You can literally make your character look just like you if you take the time. The more realistic looks and the ability to add war paint and dirt rocks.

4. Content. There is so much to do in this game that you may never run out of quests to do.

This game is amazing, but there are a few things that I wish they had addressed when creating the game. The main problem for me is the house. You have an option in houses and they look amazing compared to Oblivion, but you cannot decorate them. If I collect an awesome sword and I want to place it on a table or shelf it wont stay there. Also I would like to point out that shouts are worthless. I have never used them in battle and I have collected them all. Even with these annoyances I give the game and A.
Skyrim will be the game to transcend the Elder Scrolls series. Varied environments and improved combat mechanics definitely set it apart from it's predecessors. One can assume the soundtrack will be a big improvement over oblivion, and the graphics make the game look exceedingly presentable. And who doesn't want to slay a big dragon by themselves?
best date ever 11.11.11!, can't wait to experience the game! a World like we never have seen before
[Newest]Awesome world and story
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3Chrono Trigger
The utmost best RPG game ever created! This game would never get old. The whole story behind it, Just.. So... Ugh. It's the best one ever! How to describe this game in one word? EPIC.
Quite possibly the best game, much less best RPG of all time. The real down and dirty details of this game make it surpass all others that I have had the chance to play. With 24 years of hardcore gaming under my belt I have yet to stumble across another game that has attached itself to my heart and mind the way that this snes classic has. FF7 was a great game and it took me for a ride as well but, never got my attention the way the original Chrono Trigger did.
This is simply one of the best RPGs made ever and it owes that to several characters with great particularities and abilities, the great tech combination system, awesome characters that make you feel the game and an incredible story that shouldn't ever be forgotten due to it's awesomeness. It's probably my 3rd favourite.
[Newest]Why is Final Fantasy VII on here? That game has aged horrifically.
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4The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion
Graphics, gameplay, exploration... It has everything you can wish for... Okay, the main storyline is not the best out there, however you also have Guild-Storylines which are as long as the main one... It's older than half a decade now, but I still play it with great joy...
With no doubts or second thoughts, this is the best Roleplaying game of all time.

Let's start with how it looks. The game looks incredible... Its amazing graphics suck you into the world of Tamriel, making you feel that you are a part of it. A well taken screenshot can be INCREDIBLE.

The music is the best music you'll find in ANY videogame. It was composed by the king of videogame music, Jeremy Soule. It even won an MTV award! Incredible tracks.

Sound effects are incredible too. A big part of the game is the voice acting, since it includes fully lip-synched dialogs. Many starts made it into the cast, such as Patrick Stewart (Star Trek) and Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings).

Oblivion ain't a game, it is a world you live in. Everywere, there is something you can do. It's probably the only RPG game were you can randomly go and hunt deer!

The NPCs are governed by the ground-breaking Radiant A. I. which gives every NPC a life of their own. THAT'S RIGHT

I believe I conviced everyone that Oblivion is an incredible game and it deserves to be crowned the best RPG of all time.


Oblivion is so good it made me realize I REALLY DO like RPG games, after playing shooters for YEARS. This is the standard other games are compared to.
[Newest]Um... Hello? This is way better than skyrim...
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5Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
Best game ever, I've played it every way you can. Light side melee, light side force user, dark side melee, dark side force user, all different characters. Just the best game
So long of a story and so fun! Best game I have EVER played!


The finest game from the finest RPG company ever. A perfect RPG.


[Newest]One of the best games ever created. If you love this game continue with Mass Effect series

6Fallout 3
How can a game like fallout 3 is on number 13. Awesome storyline with great game play experience. I never get tired of playing this game
The best to me, many, many things to do and the best history ever
I was completely engrossed in this game. I would arrive home from football and just play for hours and hours. The Story is incredible. The options boundless. The history extensive beyond belief. This game was my second life, and that my friends is the epitome of the rpg.
[Newest]Best game of all time.

7The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
One of the most influential games of all time, this game definitely deserves to go in the top ten. No one had ever done many of the things introduced in this game, and the storyline is one of the most complex in video game history. The depth of the game is what makes it so charming and fun to play... in addition, the gameplay and hand to hand combat along with the Z-targeting method made for spectacular gameplay in the time... the Zelda series remains the greatest as far as gameplay goes.
Best game ever. Although, I don't consider this game as an RPG to be honest.


This is the best RPG ever. It has one magic moment after the next it basically is a huge magic moment. This game ruined every other Rpg after it because nothing could compete.


[Newest]Great game. But this isn't an rpg, its an action adventure game

Ahh, thinking of Fallout brings on nostalgia. I remember playing fallout when I was younger, It was amazing then and it still is, it never gets old. Fallout is a masterpiece, a game I'll always remember. For me, fallout isn't just a game, it's a memory, a memory to look back on and remember awesome things like first discovering places The Hub or Junktown. Good memories, great game.
It's quality, it's beauty in video game form. Especially sitting down with some classic/early jazz, and going spelunking and exploring the wastelands either as a Lone Wanderer (Get it? ) Or with your faithful, emotion-filled companions. 1 and 2 were the best games I've ever played, and I enjoy New Vegas, Tactics, and 3 almost as much.
On their own, Fallout 3 and New Vegas wouldn't cut it. Thankfully, we have the true originals, Fallout and Fallout 2. This franchise created a genre of gameplay and storytelling that will forever be mimicked. Rich stories, cunning tactics, deep lore, rewarding exploration... the list goes on. The mechanics were brilliant and the graphics revolutionary.

While Fallout 3 and New Vegas bare the franchise name, they pale in comparison to the depth of the originals. Still, for 1 and 2 alone, they belong in the 10 Ten Best RPGs of All Time.
[Newest]In my opinion it should have been 4 or 5

9Final Fantasy X
Love this Game, I really connected with the characters. Great story, great game play, great characters, just an overall great game. My favorite of all time. Shout out to all the Blitzball players out there.
I cried at the end of this game! best story line of all time!
Come on it has to be absolutely the best final fantasy no wait the best role playing game of all time the scenery is beautiful and the gameplay is superb over all it will always be my favorite game of all time Final Fantasy X.
[Newest]This game is a work of art

10Dragon Age: Origins
never play a game like this before.. searching for more games like this.. I just love this game because this game is unbeatable and the story of this game is just awesome if you once play this game you get addicted and that's the best thing about this game.. this game get your attention when you make your character and start your journey.. this game is simple the maps and environment is very simple to understand the characters are too friendly when ever you want to quit the game you feel like to play more another best thing is character customization which was awesome it lacks hairstyles and I lot of stuff but was ok to go first time.. play this game and you will forget other games.. 10/10 for this game.. my favorite game..
storyline is great, graphics are great, gameplay is great everything's just great! I thought it was great that your companions could either hate or like you, and that they reacted differently depending on how they felt about you.
This game is very awesome. It redefines the usual rpg games. Too bad it is only in the top 17 when this game is awarded as one of the best games of its time
[Newest]The only game I've played through 8 times. It is my all time favorite game. The story-line is amazing, and the lore is very in depth. In the end the best part about this game is the characters.

The Contenders

11Final Fantasy VI
The fact that Final Fantasy VI is ranked 29th with 0.4% of the total vote is depressing to say the least.

It just goes to show that this site caters to the younger audience, the Playstation Kids that started with FF7 and refused to try any of the SNES ones.

The characters actually were interested and not just emo.

simply the best story that square did... awesome game with the freakest vilain : Kefka!


This is by far the best Final Fantasy game. Way better than VII: better story, better characeters and the best villain in the series. Only people who haven't played VI can say VII is better
[Newest]The characters, the art direction, the story and dramas, the music!
This game has everything needed to still be enjoyed for a long time. The graphical palette and designs were stunning at the time, and they still have their charms...

This is one of the best games of the golden era of games, the SNES era. While being a so called "flop" in the western world it however gained a cult following and retains it to this day. I can't believe how some skyrim that has been around for one year can top this one. And it can't. This game is a part of history.
This... was one of the greatest game in history. it basically constructed most of the rpg games of the modern world... plus the amazing memories this game brings back. It really is the structure of all Nintendo rpg games
Easily the best Rpg on any Nintendo system. Should at least be top 5.
[Newest]It was tough between skyrim Pokemon chrono trigger and earthbound but earthbound is so funny and interesting it won.

13Secret of Mana
A game for all ages. Multiplayer throughout the game. The story unfolds like a book, but alive. The gameplay is simple yet very enjoyable, a gem never to be forgotten.
Wicked piss of a game! Played it for the first time when I was 10. Still play it once in a while at 29. Best Nintendo rpg, and probably the best rpg period. I would love to see this game number 1. However most may not agree because of Zelda.
Great plot, great battle system and great music. Used to play with my grandpa a lot... Good times! ;)
[Newest]Right up there with the all time greats!

14Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Great game, great story, great replay value, great soundtrack. All-around just an incredible source of entertainment.
Great story, great music, funny and memorable characters, and a very good battle system.


One of my all-time favorite games!


15Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
Probably the greatest hack n slash rpg of all time. Amazing story, combat, gameplay, re-playability, everything you could ever want in an rpg all wrapped up in some pretty decent graphics, should be number one on the list. It is the greatest game ever created
should be number 1. I played this since I was 10 and still play now but there is ladder resets which pisses me off.
I admit that because of D2, people have high expectations for D3. We all know what happened to Blizzard North. Still, this game will be my number 1 in my list. Blizzard only failed in D3 by the way.

16Tales of Symphonia
This game is the best because of the Free run battle style and the ability to change the techniques you can learn based on which techniques you use most, and the story managed to surpirse me
I LOVE TALES OF SYMPHONIA! ITS SO AMAZING A REALLY REALLY LONG. tales of vesperia is better but still.. there basically the same game just vesperia is about the goverment


This is most defintly my favorite gamecube game of all time. RPG Or otherwise. This game was so long but I greatly enjoyed every minute of it. although there were plently of parts that I thought would be the end but it turned out not to be laugh out loud.
[Newest]One of the best RPG EVER!

17Pokemon Red
Behind the overblown marketing, anime show, and hysteria was actually a very fun game that with a high level of customization and strategy (150 distinct characters to choose from with a huge movepool between them meant a lot of strategic options in building your party). It has since been Nintendo's largest franchise and the #1 best selling series of games on every single Nintendo portable since. A simple kid-friendly game that is easy to pick up, but holds a lot of depth with good replay value.
Best game ever period. It's so simple but so complex. I am 15 now and I beat this game when I was 4 and play-through it every year the replay value is amazing because there are so many things to do and different parties to choose from.
Should be number one! I mean, this is what started the whole Pokemon franchise.
[Newest]Best game ever. I'm only twelve and this is one of my favorite games.

18Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn
* Easily the most underrated game of all time! Thank IGN for finally including this masterpiece in their Best PC Games of All Time List- it deserves the recognition.

* Before KOTOR. Before Mass Effect. Before Dragon Age. Before Oblivion and Skyrim. THIS GAME. BG2 had it all: incredible story, beautiful/immersive world, superb music/voice acting, memorable companions, and epic gameplay.

* The game is over 10 years old now, and it's still wildly entertaining (even with today's cutting edge graphics). It's a game you can pick up time and time after again and still find refreshing.

* Did I mention plot already? This is early Bioware with its full creativity and without any modern gaming constraints (having to rely heavily on reading text). As a result, BG2 has enormous scope (I've lost track of how many hours of gameplay it has). It has a very unique and epic-defining plot that's still riveting today after all the RPGs that have been produced since.

* This game has you journeying from places as diverse as a city of wealth and intrigue, forests and highlands, a pirate isle, an underwater kingdom, a vast subterranean landscape, a planar prison, Hell, and an ancient Elven paradise. There are numerous different dungeons (unlike in Oblivion) filled with their own unique set of enemies, perils, and treasure. Spectacular!

* Too many modern games offer dozens of side-quests that simply lack in substance- they are repetitive 'fetch this' or 'kill blahblah' chores that become quite boring. Apart from the main plot, BG2 has multiple story ARCS related to a particular area or class, and these have their own set of side-quests. Almost all of the side-quests in BG2 are much more compelling than the ones you find in today's RPGs.

* Play this game, and play its expansion (Throne of Bhaal). You won't regret it!
The best rpg out there. I have played it more times then I can count, I just picked it up again not long ago, and I still think no other rpg can even compare to the story line, game play and in the depth characters. They can even fight others in your party if they get pissed enough at them! What other rpg has done that? The game can range wildly from very easy to insanely hard depending on how you set it up, making it a good game for all.
THE best game I have ever played. My first RPG ever and I love it! I discovered it on the DVD for Dungeons and Dragons and fell in love! The story is amazing, the plot makes me feel epic, and I love that the companions you meet have their own personalities. Mods make the game different every time. You can play a new person with every play through. The game can entertain you for a very long time. And the battles can be epic. If you're someone who cares about story more than graphics you will LOVE this game!


[Newest]Why is this not in the top 10?
You don't get more RPG than this...
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19Kingdom Hearts
A game that shows both the bitterness and gleeful side of our hearts. The graphics and the music are sublime and their work of art are even better than many great artists and composers. The miraculous game that God has created!
How could this not be number 1! Is one of the best RPG games ever and has had many platinum awards!
I love this game so much! Needs to be on top!

20Mass Effect
When I first played this game I was completely acquired and captivated by the story, characters and graphics. I've probably played 20 or more times. View of the main actor in the game in to the universe revealed to me that more will follow. I was not wrong. The time has come for the second Mass Effect. Now I'm waiting for Mass Effect 3, and I can only confirm that the game has set all the boundaries in terms of quality of RPG games. I hope that this game is a milestone, or even the standard for future games.
Love this game. Such a huge universe t explore, and so many possibilities to create amazing stories! Many people don't like the final ending, but I think that the unique journeys that players took to get there are FAR more important and fascinating. It gives a sense of awe and wonder to me still, even though I have played the whole series through numerous times already. Can't wait for ME4.


In my opinion the greatest RPG ever made, brilliant story, excellent voice acting and it's Bioware people, they are the kings of RPG's.

Although it does have it's glitches, this is by far a masterpiece.
[Newest]I wish that they would let us play as whatever race we want. Other than that, it's a an amazing game. Plus, you can play over and over again with a different story just by making different choices.

21Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines
Words cannot describe this masterpiece. You must try it before you can say it's no good. I swear that at first glance it doesn't look too good but after 1 hour of playing, man I felt like I was changing the whole story, your actions have repercussions, and the atmosphere is just gloomy and supernatural.
This game is really good. It just makes you keep playing, it intrigues you with the storyline, which is at your choice. I love that I have to choose between options and I still love the fact that I am in control of the story. Shame Troika isn't between the Greats of Gaming. Should have worked side by side with Bethesda for Skyrim.
What to say?
It sticks with you and you wanna play it all over again, even if it's just to wander in that amazingly achieved environment and to hear all the characters again! Even the sound effects and the music are awesome!
Simply unforgettable, really!


[Newest]Best rpg ever. You play a new embraced vampire. There is a lot of mods in this game so your gameplay will be improved. Don't miss this great game!

The only game I have gladly done Multiple 200 hour playthroughs of. Best game ever, so of course it's the best rpg ever. Oblivion was good, but it was never quite as engrossing as morrowind. I have high hopes for Skyrim!
Probably the best game of all time, and I mean ALL time. Keep in mind this game was created a like what, 10 years ago? It's deeper than any game of it's time, and a few years to come. Most people still play this over Skyrim.
Also, I'm laughing at Oblivion at number 1. Oblivion was the sore spot of the last 3 games. Most of you probably haven't played Morrowind I'm guessing. You have to give it a try. In my opinion it has the best soundtrack (Theme song is amazing, listen to it on youtube. ) This was the center piece of video games.
Ok this game is much better than Oblivion and Skyrim combined. I can;t imagine why this is 16th and not first!
[Newest]Only ranked 21? Pfft, kids these days.

23Deus Ex

24Final Fantasy Tactics
Final Fantasy Tactics was single handedly the best game I've ever played. Over at least the past ten years, I've been able to pick it up and play it anytime and actually enjoy. It's a shame the style of the game died out. The only other game I know of that relatively matched the style was Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits which was pretty good. But Tactics has it all, except for a challenging last boss, which is why I never actually tried to beat it.
What can I say, this game is just amazing. If not the best plain rpg, it is easily the best strategy rpg.

25Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
The best game on the Gamecube, and the best RPG ever. It has the best storyline of any Mario game, plus better humor than most games today. And I would like to take advantage of this moment and say: Call of Duty sucks.
This game takes more than just button pressing to beat you really need to think to beat it. It can be hard at times best game I have ever played on any video gaming console. Must play
Ah, badass characters, wild soundtrack, fun interactive fighting with almost 50 moves with different commands, and a good story. Oh and it is actually fun.

26Suikoden II
I'm yet to come across a game with a story line as powerful as this one. Couple that with the unbelievably deep characters and it makes one of the greatest games of all time. This game will stay with me forever, just like a great book or movie. Even though the characters and story would definitely be the game's strengths, but it's also difficult to find any weaknesses. Gameplay, soundtrack, minigames, all are equally as good. I could see some people disliking the 2-D, but the trade off (as it's a PS1 game) would be a crisper and cleaner looking game than some of the 3-D titles, not to mention the hand-drawn character portraits.
Not perhaps... but rather is the best game ever. As a gamer, I have played so many games in my life and Suikoden 2 is the best game that I have ever played and will play. It's a game that touches your heart. All the emotions are so lively; and the game will stick with you forever. Personally, I do not understand why others are not voting for Suikoden, it is sad how the best game ever is underrated. While in fact, we should be cherishing it's perfection.
The best RPG game ever, especially for it's story line.

It's not a classic legend like a hero who defeats the villains, nor about saving the world or humanity from destruction.
It's about the lost childhood, cruelty, casualties of war, warfare, friendship, sacrifice, and the interwined fate of people, and many more.

Try it, and I believe you will agree if this one is really underrated.
[Newest]A game with great story. Maybe because its one of my first RPG Games, it's hard to find a game with the same impact as this one.

27Final Fantasy IX
The best game I have ever played. Amazing story, awesome characters, great gameplay, and of course the amazing music. This game somehow encompasses both the old school ff-feel and the awesome storytelling of newer ff's. It also has the best sidequests I have ever seen in a jrpg, the chocobo quest was almost a game by itself.
Unlike... every other game created by mankind (at least that I've played) this game is literally flawless. Not a single problem with it that can't be justified.


The best game ever. It is a work of art that examines the philosophy of life in an exciting and thought provoking way. The characters and music are immense.

28Breath of Fire III
I really love to play this game, but unfortunatelly, the disc was broken and I couldn't continued my saved game... I love to spend my time for fishing... I hope I can still finished this game...


Perhaps the best interactive media presentation I've ever experienced! Fantastic art direction. It's an enormous story that is very powerful. You think you've seen the world and know what you're up against, but it's always so much more - some higher force pulling the strings, or what you'd least expect. Very cool visuals (pixelated, 2d sprites, and 3d worlds) cool characters, and a very powerful music track. I think it has my favourite music ever in a game. The Battle system is the games weakness - it could have used more variables and the game could have had a wider variety of challenges, so the gameplay needed some work, but its not bad - pretty fun until you find yourself grinding against the same enemies. But the product is so amazing as a whole - very memorable as a multimedia presentation. Best story, best music, awesome graphics, and a very cool world to wander around in!
Such a cult classic... I'm completely shocked its not in the top 10... should be in the top 3. Personally its my number 1... the story by which I judge all other RPG stories on...
Best RPG ever. The story-line is the most interesting and also has similar with our culture. So many puzzles and our expectations about this game is unpredictable...

31Mass Effect 2
One of the most epic games bioware has made. Feels like you are playing a movie full of epic moments. Has a lot of replay value, which is a must for every decent RPG.
Amazing hybrid of RPG and FPS. In addition to an incredibly engaging cast of characters, the game builds up to the single greatest endgame of any RPG ever made.

32Fable: The Lost Chapters
Fable Lost Chapters is the most incredible title release in the series. I love the original leveling system & the numerous boss battles. My favorite being both of the Jack of Blades battles & I love how if you choose you can wear Jacks Sick Mask & That tight purple Pimp Hat! Oh the memorys this game can bring to your life are of epic proportions! All enjoy! Peace & Love
this is a great game... I love how you can choose whether your good or evil.


Greatest game of all time. The combat system was great. Will powers were incredible. Melee weapons and ranged weapon were great. Great choice in clothing. Treasure chests were awesome. The best story line I have every seen.
I played it for years.
[Newest]This game should be above Fable 2 and 3 on the list. This was the best game I've ever played. Their will be a remake of Fable:The Lost Chapters for Xbox 360, it will be called "Fable: Anniversary".

33Dark Souls
This game is off the wall. This game is so awesome. It the best game. This games as hard boss. It go to 794 level. If you love super hard game this is it. This game is a amazing storyline this game is the best gaming game ever this game will train your brain this is the best game to train your brain. I will buy this game and if you do buy it you will have fun
Should definitely be further up. One of the best games released in recent years. Always challenging, but rarely mind-crushingly hard if you think about what you're doing.
Stupid it is not further up. Top ten RPG for sure.
[Newest]Coming from an experienced gamer, it is simply put the best RPG in the world (up to 2014)à along with its sequel, Dark Souls 2. Get this game at once!

34Kingdom Hearts II

35Planescape: Torment
Maybe my favourite RPG. The idea of it is just mad : taking away all the traditional RPG characteristics. No sword, no armor, impossibility to die. So what's left? A huge universe, a vast philosophical and poetical meditation about death, about memories, about the essence of man. This is the kind of game that broadens your world.


Planescape: Torment is the best RPG ever! Even Baldurs Gate 2 is not so good as this masterpiece. Sure it depends how you describe a "good" RPG. Planescape is a game like a book. You read and read and read. There are not many battles in the game, so if a good RPG must be with many battles for you, than Planescape isn't the best. But it's the story of Planescape that is so fantastic. The setting is a different one like in other RPGs. Here you are no hero saving the world. You are only a man who doesn't know who he is and doesn't know why he can't die. All in the game is so badass. I cried as I played it the first time. AD&D at its best. Really this game must be the number one. You learn so much about the multiverse of D&D here. I could explain so many details of the game but I'm not in the mood to do so. Buy this game and play it! Feel it! This game could change your real life! Trust me!
What can change the nature of a man? That question has always stuck with me after playing this game. Can't believe rubbish like final fantasy 7 has more votes than this masterpiece {and yes I have played both}. This game is truly a unique and never tried again approach to RPGs, a truly life changing experience, I really cannot recommend this enough do yourself a favour and get it now.
[Newest]How the hell is this AMAZING game only Number 47?! Games that aren't even RPGs are ahead of this! Words cannot express how disappointed I'm feeling.

36Fable II
I really loved this game. Storyline and everything really think in should be in top ten but not to high
Its an amazing game I played it through 5 times each time was unique I have a special place for this game in my heart

37Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals
Why was this not on the list? Great story line, unique ancient cave side quest, and great puzzles. All around an amazing game to play! 5 Stars!
Amazing story, soundtrack, characters and gameplay. Truely one of the SNES masterpieces. From the 100 floors of the overchanging Ancient Dungeon to 'The World's Hardest Puzzle' this game is just all sorts of fun.

38Xenoblade Chronicles
Despite the not so great graphics, this game is one of the best gaming experiences I've had. All the environments are astonishing beautiful, that is, if you don't look at anything very closely. The world is gigantic and has a ton of places to explore. The story is also amazing and imersive, and will keep you entertained for something like a hundred hours. The game also offers hundreds of quests to keep you busy after finishing the story. The battle mechanics are a little different, but after some 10 battles you'll feel confortable with this amazing battle style.
Hands-down the best JRPG of all time. Amazing story, great characters, and an intense battle system. If you have a Wii, you'll be doing yourself a favor when this gets released on April 6th, 2012!
This game damn rocks
[Newest]Best rpg in my opinion, huge world, final fantasy can't even touch this

39Wild Arms
Not quite as good as the second but still had a very immersive story line with loads of replay value. The vast amount of items and puzzles made it interesting and complex. Great Game

This is a great game, I've been playing for years, it might not have the best graphics but the game is full of things to do. You're bored? Try it.
I have played this game for may years and it's one of the best medieval games out of all the other ones that I have played.
This game should be at least in the top 10 I mean warcraft is up in the 40 so this should be at least right below it I mean it is an asweome game and I should know I have been playing for 4 years

41Legend Of Legaia
A short RPG, but it really has the story be one of the best. It's battle system is unique, the characters are likable, even though you don't get much of a back story for any of them. But even though it's short, it's still a great game.
Incredible RPG! A great battle system, with great characters! For those of you who enjoyed the final fantasy series!

42The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
I can accept many of the games that are above this, but how is it that many games that are not even RPGs are on this list. The Grand Theft Auto series, no matter how good, is a sandbox game, not an RPG. How in the world does not one but multiple Grand Theft Auto games top Witcher 2 on a list of greatest RPGs is beyond me
!... Its a great game!... Awesome game ever... You all are nuts!
This game is just awesome:
-Graphic is great
-Fights are filled with more Speed than in other games
-Great storyline
-Hero is a real badass

43Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3
It has the most saddening ending ever. Awesome personas with its marvelous skills. It seems real with the teens problems, making friends, etc. I love this game so much especially the main character who gave his soul to protect the world from the fall
In the history of gaming, I have never seen a eye opening game like P3. From beginning to sad end, this particular game has it all. Modern setting, great adventure, and colorful characters.
Made a impressive jump from it's previous game. It was packed with great characters and a emotional ending.

44Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4
On of the best RPG ever! The most incredible storyline, awesome soundtrack and the most vivid characters I saw in video games. That's not a simple game - it's a true masterpiece!
Let Japan handle the RPG business, Persona 4 is the best RPG ever!
Just play this amazing game best game of all time enough said

45The Witcher
This series had the best rpg storyline and graphics so far (graphics in part 2 are even better! ). I can't believe this game is rated so low, most games above aren't even rpg's.
Quite possibly one of the best RPGs of all time. The story is great and the gameplay mechanics are pretty much very good as well. Long playtime and it pulls you into its story. I both enjoyed this one and its sequel.
I can't believe this absolutely fantastic game has such a low rating so far. Excelent combat, awesome storyline tons of possibilities. Even better for those of us who actually read the books so we can actually meet characters we already know... Most of all the main character - Geralt of Rivia.
[Newest]Best game of the year when it came out. It created the new benchmark RPG's were measured against.

46Dragon Force

47Fable III
This game, simply put, wasn't great. It was worse than the second, which was in turn worse than the original. But if you were to play it without the first one as a baseline, it's not a necessarily bad game. Don't get me wrong, I would never recommend it over the original and after playing it twice, the only reason I will replay it is if I were really REALLY bored, however it could have been worse.
This game was a waste of time. I did every possible quest and repaired everything and I beat the game in 3 days. This game is 3 times worse than the second fable game, its a disgrace. Horrible storyline and choices
One of the best RPG games I ever played. The free will: The choice to be Good Or Evil they give you is what makes this game one of a kind of the genre.
[Newest]For me,
"it has a very good story line"
And I love it

48Borderlands 2

49Mass Effect 3
Its Mass Effct guys, I've put more hours into this game than hours I put going outside.

50Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
Most people nowadays think call of duty ^^ halo are the best games ever... But I'll never forget this game, it had the best story I've seen... Amazing game, surely the greatest RPG..
One of my all time favorite console RPG's. Great story, very likable characters that grow on you, classic game.
This really should be in the Top 10. The characters, story, and gameplay are wonderful.


I really don't like RPG's but his game was amazing!
I really dont play videogames, but I was hooked
Best rpg of all time, engaging free choices and fun quests, graphics are awesome for a 2004 game, this game inspired games like oblivion
Best of all next fable games! Fact

52Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

53The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
The Legend of Zelda games are always the best, especially this game. It has an amazing plot and great controls. It takes a long time to beat the entire game. That is why I think it is the best game.
It's not an RPG, but a great game nonetheless.
What the frick?! The top 51 RPG's don't include Twilight Princess? Has the world gone mad?

54Blue Dragon

55Pokemon Gold

56Front Mission

57Pokemon Diamond
Ok... Now where the heck is Pokemon pearl/platinum? :/

58Mother 3
Elder scrolls oblivions? I'm surprised to say the least I was expecting to see Final fantasy 7 number one. Also some of these games really don't seem like rpgs namely fallout which really seems more like a sandbox game with karma involved. Matters not, for none of them can even remotely compete to the genius of this game. It has quirky characters, fantastic battle sequences, a large amount of things to do, and a story that will leave a bigger impact on your life than any video game, and quite possibly any movie as well. You simply cannot buy a more fantastic game, and currently you can get it for free.
This is personally known to me as the only game in the world to leave an emotional mark. The ending really leaves you with an extremely special feeling.
In my opinion is the best RPG game for GameBoy Advance, did not come out of japan but fans have done translations in many languages
[Newest]I laughed. A lot. I cried. Almost as much.

Amazing that, eight years later, it still hasn't been released out of Japan.

59Neverwinter Nights
this game has made mmorpgs what it is today. with outstanding single player, and multi play modes. this game will last a very long time with content ranging from 100 hours in single player.
This is classic. The best D&D implementation, catchy atmosphere, quite smart combat system and great story telling. My favourite RPG ever! I'm amazed that so few people voted for it
Endless amounts of user campaigns make this a game to play forever... :-)


[Newest]Great modules from fans too!

The most best RPG ever created. Unique fighting system, tons of side quests, movie worth storyline free-discover world and intelligent NPC talks.

61King's Field IV

62Golden Sun
I hoped and hoped and hoped for a sequel to Lost Age, but it never came... the storyline in this game is hands-down the most original ever.
The game of my childhood, I got it on my 10th birthday and I have loved it since. Wonderful graphics, great story, even random battles were fun! Overall, the best game I have played in my life.
Superb storyline, wonderful gameplay and amazing graphics at that time made a sure winner

63Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium
My favorite RPG. This game is so underrated. The characters and story line is so well done. This game holds up through the test of time so well. I know it will never be in the top ten but it should be. If you've never played it, do yourself a favor and play. I hated saying this, but this game is epic.
There are many zealous fans of the Final Fantasy franchise and with good reason. They are amazing games, but for me Phantasy Star IV ranks as my all time favorite rpg. The game was released before many of the best Squaresoft games in the 90's, yet the graphics were better. Most importantly the gameplay and story were phenominal. I've been capitivated by good rpgs many times. However none have moved me the way this one did the first time I played it. It was easily the best Genesis rpg. I've gone through it multiple times.
This must be number 1... All is great about this game... Story, characters, battle system, and the soundtrack.
No game is better than phantasy star 4.

64Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness

65Suikoden 3
Easily one of the greatest games of all time. The story line is more intricate than any Final Fantasy I've played which is all but ff3. Rpgs tend to be either to simple or be crushed under their own monstrous weight but Suikoden 3 pulls it of nicely and is vastly repayable with 3 main characters and three secondary characters. If you have never beaten it with all 108 do it and the end bonus will make this the best rpg you have ever played.
This game is incredible with the most stunning twists that all come together. A MUST for suikoden and final fantasy fans!

66Legend of the Dragoon
This was such a great game. This was the game that got me into rpgs. In my opinion this game is just as good as ff7, if not even better. This game definitely deserves to be up there along with other great rpgs!
To bad the graphics arent that good compared to newer games but I loved this game when it was new.
One of the best RPG I've played and also awesome storyline. Also, long enough so you can play thoroughly

67Path of Exile

68Child of Light

69Final Fantasy 3
Best old school RPG game. Still play it today. Great story, great characters and excellent battle play.
should be on the top two. where the old school rpg heads at

70Assassin's Creed: Revelations
Unbelievably the best game I have ever played! Number 1 Graphics, gameplay, everything. Everything about it was awesome. Since I started to play the first game, assassin's creed I, I knew the other assassin creed games would be better!
A very good game

71Diablo III
I think it's awesome. Best new game I've played in years.

Amazing Story line, Fantastic Graphics and Awesome Game-play.
If that's not enough, You can actually MAKE MONEY from this game.
You can sell the items you get from drops for either in game gold or real money!

Game of the Year!

72The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Wind waker is like the baby son of ocarina of time. No other game could have had a baby this bloody awesome except maybe ff7 but I don't think he's the father. Definitely my second favorite zelda game

It was the first rpg game who had fans! Great atmosphere great music good gameplay and story for its age! The cornerstone of rpg videogames!

74Gothic II Night of the Raven
What? Why is it that low? Gothic II Night of the Raven supposed to be in top10, this is one of the best RPG games!


75Titan Quest
Nice graphics for the time period, I kinda liked the 2 classes you could choose... To bad the story did not reach its full potential, because I love greek, egiptian and other mythologies...

Also battle system is way to primitive... pure hack and slash...
AI too predicatable but good variety of sceneries.
Needs some fine tuning but overall the gameplay was enjoyable

Arcanum is the best rpg! Large party, great monsters is really good. Arcanum is old, but there is a fascinating scenario. arcanumu play will not regret it
Amazing, especially for it's time, makes me think if it were remade today with modern graphics, it would lose a lot of it's charm.
As far as single player RPGs go, this is the most open ended RPG I've ever played. Requires more thought than you normally expect in video games, which is the beautiful part of the game. Also had one of the better endings! Definitely'n top five quality!

77Chrono Cross
BETTER than Chrono Trigger, especially the soundtrack and art style. It's a tragedy to the rpg world this is not in the top 10. My god, and what a HUGE tragedy. I voted for this even though it's not my #1 choice just so it can get more recognized... What a shame for it to have 0.2% - big time ouch! Not only one of the best rpgs but one of the finest games ever created! A forgotten masterpiece lost in time by the gaming community.
It hard to find the similar game like chrono trigger, but this game almost have the same experience like that game. I love those both game, is there any game which have the same topic, like time machine, parallel world, dream perhaps?
Probably the greatest soundtrack I've heard in a video game.
[Newest]It's a shame Chrono Cross was compared to Chrono Trigger. They expected something different from CC, and that is what hurt its reputation so much.

This game deserves so much more love.

78Pokemon Colosseum

79Torchlight 2

80Pokemon Black

81Paper Mario
Amazing game. Not as good as it's successor in my opinion, but still great. Perfect if you're looking for a fun RPG with quick-time elements.
This needs to be waay higher! Come on people it's paper Mario, who doesn't love this game?

82Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

83Jade Empire
Awesome story loads of styles to upgrade your character and an epic setting. Big fan of the real time combat!
Nice graphics, awesome fighting styles, great story..
What need I say more?


85Final Fantasy V

86Sword of Mana

87Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction
Great game. You get to blow up or steal anything!

88Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven
This game breathed new life into the RPG genre towards the end of 90s. It's vast, epic and challenging.

89inFAMOUS 2

90Skies of Arcadia
One of the best rpgs ever and it wasn't even on this list
Best RPG I've ever played


92Valkyria Chronicles

93Valkyrie Profile
can u beat a 1 million life boss with just using guts and luck?


Psone best rpg, and ps2 awesome rpg, unic combat style, game mode and sptectacular dungeons and bosses, if you didn't't play this game yet, hurry up, you can't die without play it!

94Tales of the Abyss
This game may not have the best graphics but this story is unbelievable. It has great and very interesting characters too. The battle style is also very interesting. Those who likes to play RPG games and a Tales fan needs to play this game.
I can never believe that it is so low in the list. According to me it was the best Tales game. Simply AWESOME.Hope that its place increases in the list.

95Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies
Awesome game you get to make your own character change your tactics and do what your style is like go for a gladiator for damage and a sage for spells that can blow up some shiz its super epic everyone needs this game I asked plenty of people if they play this most likely they don't because there was only about 3-7 commercials playing in july about it one of the best rpg games I ever played so awesome you will be addicted like I was for 2 years man!
Amazing story line. Fun graphics. Great plot. Adventure inspiring. 10/10


I loved this game to death, it is one of the best handheld games that I enjoyed

96Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time


98Ni No Kuni

99Mario and Luigi: Dream Team

100The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

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