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141Dead Space 2
142Mission: Impossible – Operation Surma
143The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
146Valkyria ChroniclesV1 Comment
147Ni No Kuni
148Final Fantasy 4
149Grand Theft Auto: Vice CityV1 Comment
150Child of Light
151Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
152Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar

One of the most original games ever. I think it was a genius move to make our own dark side game's villian, instead of some uber-duper great black knight with chip on his shoulder. We need more stories like this.

Aside from continuing the trend of setting the standard of RPGs in its day in virtually every way, U4 had a depth of play, symbology, and ethic-based play that is seldom approached even today in the genre. All RPGs have cause and effect, the starting with Avatar, moral choices and the development of personal character (not character stats) truly found its birth. For all of these reasons, Ultima 4 deserves its place in the top ranks. After all, without it, most other games of the genre would likely not exist.

Fantastic game. I remember playing it after Ultima 3 the first ever RPG that I played. At that time story line came before glossy graphics.

Changed role playing games forever. The standard.

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153Devil May Cry 4
154Laxius Force

Great game, great series, great community, and some of the hardest sidequests ever! Laxius Force rules

V1 Comment
155Shin Megami Tensei:Nocturne

Great dark and gothic RPG with a surprise guest.....Dante from the devil may cry series! you can actually recruit him as a part of your party so he's not just there for show (note:he starts out as you enemy but depending on how you play he may become your greatest ally)

156Dungeon Siege

this game is by far one of the funnest, adventurous and addicting games there is, dungeon siege 1 is quite better then 2, but they both are very very well made RPG's

A really, really good game. It was years ahead of it's time and it's replay value is very high. I'd recommend it to anyone.

157Ahriman's Prophecy

This was one of the first RPG's I remember playing, and think it was the first I completed. I loved this game and I still love it.

This is too good to be a freeware... the game that brought me to the world of rpg... this is one of the best rpg's - iajaubab

158Mega Man Legends
159Illusion of Gaia

I don't know what this is abut but BEST GAME ever!

160Dungeon Master

The daddy of RPG's. Still plays well a quarter of a century after it's release. More ground breaking than any RPG before or since. The only game I've purchased a system just to play. Beware of those pits in the dark! Screamer slice anyone?

The original, the best. There's nothing better than battling squeaky trees, giant rats etc.

The one true king of the rpg/dungeon crawler genre. The fact it's so low shows the lack of a true wide ranging (not console or pc) knowledge and appreciation of the genre and what makes a great rpg.

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