10 Best Sade Songs


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1 Smooth Operator Smooth Operator

One of my all time favorite songs. Sade's vocal sounds impressive and the whole song is just "Wonder" - Irina2932

I'm obsessed with this song now. It's so smooth and addicting. - Celestius

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2 No Ordinary Love No Ordinary Love

Thanks to music video I became a huge fan of this unique track - Alexandr

I love this song sooo much! It's beat is intoxicating and the whole atmosphere is ethereal. This is the kind of song you (or I) play on repeat while you soak in the bathtub late at night with baby powder scented candles and just zone out. - theOpinionatedOne

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3 The Sweetest Taboo The Sweetest Taboo

My overall favorite song by her. I could listen to a million times and never get tired of it!

Whoa now! THIS should be #1! It's so calming yet captivating. One of my favorite songs of all time!

The rhythm of this song is very cool

4 By Your Side By Your Side V 2 Comments
5 Is It a Crime Is It a Crime

Her vocals in this song are some of the best I've ever heard. This should be number one! The changing tones and the smoothness of her voice in this are legendary. Definitely her best.

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6 Haunt Me Haunt Me
7 Hang on to Your Love Hang on to Your Love

Love this song! Has a great tune and outstanding vocals! Bravo to the one and only Sade Adu!

8 Love Affair With Life
9 Babyfather Babyfather
10 Soldier of Love Soldier of Love

Good toon.love your music

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11 Paradise Paradise
12 Kiss of Life Kiss of Life
13 Your Love Is King Your Love Is King
14 King of Sorrow King of Sorrow
15 The Moon and the Sky The Moon and the Sky
16 Fear Fear
17 When Am I Going to Make a Living When Am I Going to Make a Living
18 Flow Flow
19 Love Is Stronger Than Pride Love Is Stronger Than Pride

My favorite I like most of what she sings favorite singer

20 Cherish the Day Cherish the Day
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