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41The Hunger Games

Come on people! Romance, drama, action…the Hunger Games has it all!


This is the epitome of sci-fi movies. I don't need to say much more. This should be on the top 5 at least.

44Children of Men
45Back to the Future Part III
46G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
47The Terminator

Good combination of story and action

Overshadowed by its sequel


Far from the greatest sci-fi movies like T2 and Star Wars V, but this still is a great, and heartbreakingly underrated sci-fi film about a dying future of the Planet Earth being taken over by the wealthy in their heavenly home in space, called Elysium. It is up to Max the Costa (Matt Damon) to stop evil bounty hunter Agent Kruger (Sharlto Copy) and bring the dying people of Earth to Elysium with a newly installed cyborg computer system to his body. This film was just called by most people to be a disappointment compared to the so called " high alien thrills of District 9". This film may not be what is wanted of the sci-fi general public but it may be correct rather than false of most sci-fi movies about the future because of what we are doing to our Planet Earth in the present.

50Dark City
51Pacific Rim

MOST UNDER RATED MOVIE OF ALL TIME! Nice job on this one del toro!

52Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

Wow THIS LOW this is a great movie and it's the most modern star wars up to date! Don't get me wrong I like the originals, but they were just a few people tapping swords in ightsaber fights. Also episode lll revenge of the sith had genral grievous and showed the best villain and why he became who he is... Darth vader. this episode/ movie is way to underrated

53Independence Day
54Pitch Black

An astonishingly underrated sci-fi flick with a terrifying atmosphere, simple yet effective plot, stellar acting(from Vin Diesal especially) and great visuals! Wake up, fellow sci-fi fans, what's not to like?!

55Iron Man
56Iron Man 3

Greatest time travel flick ever in my mind. Such good atmosphere and acting

58I Am Legend

Awesome movie zombies everywhere!

59The Fifth Element
60The Bride of Frankenstein
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