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Metropolis is so well done for a movie from the 20's! Also, it inspirated a lot of famous movies like star wars, the matrix,...

22Men In Black

One of my all time favorite movie

23Galaxy Quest

Worth watching, knowing each other too long, disbelief, comedy played well.

24Star Wars: The Force Awakens

So much action, and destruction, many people died, and don't ever forget what happened to you know who.

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26Children of Men
27The Martian
28Godzilla (2014)

I confess that I think that star wars and similar films are ether over rated or period pieces (not good by today's standards) inception I think should be ranked number 1 this movie tore up my mind so much it made the matrix look like a McDonald's happy meal. The story, cast, cinematography and music were just perfect, the special effects were very good to considering almost no CGI was used, I know this film has I wile to go before it is made a classic. And while I think that star trek, terminator the fifth element, alien (and by the way the second one is better) are all great movies. This my fellow sci fi lovers is the pinnacle of science fiction thought, preying on the imagination not with aliens or monsters or futuristic corrupt/totalitarian governments but simply the potential of the unconscious mind a real thing that we all posses, it was an idea that infected the minds of John carpenter, Ridly Scott and other filmmakers that you love. This film deserves to be recognized as one of ...more

Why is Inception at number 36? It should be at least in the top five spot. Great film by a great writer and director. The plot is amazing and unpredictable. Really the best science fiction movie for me.

34th? Haha... Inception is best sci-fi movie of all time. Enough said!

30The Maze Runner

Such a great movie, a fantastically photographed dystopia, that could come true in the near future

33Jurassic World
34Ex Machina
35Avengers: Age of Ultron
36Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

How can this possibly be this low?! - Therater2


This movie is hilarious! Making fun of Star Trek, but mostly Star Wars. It's hilarious!

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39V for Vendetta
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