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41Bay City Rollers

Selling millions and MILLIONS of records in the 70s should surely get them higher than #67?!

Come on Laddies show the Rollers some love

42We Were Promised Jetpacks

One of the best live Scottish acts today. They're very much about the crescendo and the wall of sound they hit you with is incredible. Their 2009 'These Four Walls' is a hell of a debut album. 2011's 'In the Pit of the Stomach' is nearly an hour of blissful indie post-punk with the aforementioned walls of sound. 2014's 'Unravelling' shows their experimental side. Excited for what's to come of this group.


"Spread It All Around" is a classic album

44Django Django

Been a huge fan of Django Django for a while. Just saw them play at the Unknown Festival in Croatia. One of the best live acts I have ever seen.

45The Average White BandV3 Comments
46The Silencers

Why are they not near the top?

49EurythmicsV1 Comment
50Red Hot Chilli Pipers

Once you've seen them live, you will always remember. Just a happy band.

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See them, hear them and have fun with them - great fun.

52Clyde Valley Stompers
53Wet Wet Wet

Great lead singer in Marty Pellow and one of the biggest selling tracks of all time in Love is all around.


Wow, I had to add it to the list. I was at least expecting them to be on it haha. They're pretty awesome, hopefully people check them out even though they broke up

55Love and Money

Can't believe that such a great band could be overlooked? James Grant. Über talented. 'Strange Kind of Love' is an album that sounds fabulous no matter how many times it's played.

James Grant is a musical genius. "Dogs in the traffic" is the best album by an scottish group that I�'ve heard

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56Baby Chaos

Released two fantastic albums in the mid 1990s, namely "Safe Sex, Designer Drugs and the Death of Rock 'n' Roll" and "Love Your Self Abuse".

57Josef K
58Strawberry Switchblade

One of my favourite girl band in the early 80's

59Admiral Fallow

A cracking band - squealing pigs has to be one of the most foot stomping tunes around!

60The Chaplins

The best support band I've seen in years

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