Top Ten Best Screamo Bands


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The Top Ten

Asking Alexandria
I love the sound that this band is making.. They totally rock this world! They are so amazing.. Actually they are my idols.. Just keep it up! Stay cool..
They make such good music they should be number 2 or even number 1! I love how Danny could scream low and then go all high!
This band has the most unique sound... Best Band Ever I mean come on how could you not like this band... All day err day
[Newest]Over rated band, sworn in is above all bands on this list.
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2Bring Me the Horizon
All time best screamo band ever, the vocals of Oliver Sykes is just too hard to beat, especially in their album Count Your Blessings, and the song Pray For Plagues
Their singer must be the best screamer I've ever heard. And there's so much catchy riffs and everything!

Awesome best band I ever heard I head the come down first and ever since I've been hooked. I love this band so much they are my new favorite band ever now keep making amazing songs guys xP!
[Newest]The vocals and screams are just
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3Pierce The Veil
BEST SHOULD BE #1! I think they are the best band alive. They should not be #21. They are too good for that. Way to cool for 21. They are so hot. Each one of them. Overall They are a great band and need more concerts! Vic Fuentes has one of the most beautiful voices ever. Its so natural. They don't use an auto tune at all which is good. Listen to their music. They are the best.
The number one band that got me into rock even. Vic has the BEST voice out there. I don't care what others say he has such a beautiful voice that even makes a song that isn't so great SUPER AWESOME! I always melt every time I hear his voice.
I'm in love with him!
Pierce the veil is the best they deserve number 1 spot! But asking alexandria is competition for with them but pierce the veil will always come out on top for sure!
[Newest]Pierce the veil IS #1. That's all that has to be said. That's all that needs to be said.
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4Bullet for My Valentine

So freaking amazing! I love all their music and I enjoy listening to their more mellow songs too. I love their voices and BFMV for the win
I frigging love these guys they are by far my most favourite band ever :) I love every one of their songs especially their songs from Scream Aim & Fire and Fever XD WAKING THE DEMON FOR THE WINN!
BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE is the band which is my life, my world, my religion... I can't live without their songs. All three albums are amazing you can't describes in words, that why I love them m/
[Newest]Go bullet.. your is the best
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5Of Mice & Men
HOW ARE THESE GUYS SO LOW?!?! Austin is probably one of the best screamers I've ever heard and their breakdowns are amazing!
What the hell is of mice and men doing here the should be top 10 easy.
I'm not even sure how its possible this is so low. Of mice and men are seriously one of the best bands ever and should be in the top ten easily. Their songs have deep meanings and their just badass in every way possible.
[Newest]Of mice and men should be at least number two at least

6A Day to Remember
Best one out there. They combine the perfect amount of screaming to singing and play a lot of different types of stuff and are like no other band out there.
I love they're song "You be tails and I'll be sonic" It is assurably the most amazing song I've ever heard! ADTR IS AMAZING!
Jeremy McKinnon has got some real pipes. Homesick is just brilliant, but my favorite song has to be 2nd Sucks.
[Newest]This is the band that got me into Post-Hardcore music, it started out with "Downfall Of Us All" and eventually I am into all the bands on this list, great band, I think in my opinion this is the best band out there!
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7Black Veil Brides
Black Veil Brides is one of my favorite bands ever! Their music is amazing, and means a lot to me because their music got me through so much although Andy is beautiful I love every band member, and I'm not just one of those girls that only listen to BVB because of Andys looks. BVB is an amazing band and I love all their songs
I like them because of andy 6 he has the greatest voice ever.. and also hot but I like the whole band too.. they should be number one
bvb forever! best band should be at number one lol I'm 12 and andy 6 is so sexy, but I don't like the band just for andy 6. I love bvb peace!
[Newest]I love black veil brides a lot they are amazing!
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8Falling In Reverse
They are the best. The singer (Ronnie Radke) was singing in Escape The Fate before. He is now in Falling In Reverse, and I think that etf is nothing without him, I can tell that falling in reverse will be so popular, they have one album for now. An album named "The Drug In Me Is You" Ronnie's growl is amazing.
Falling In Reverse is epic. Ronnie is so sexy... And I mean seriously, he has the best voice ever and it just makes me feel so good. I love him, and this is the best band ever. If you want a truly inspiring band look at Falling In Reverse. You'll get hooked like I did,
My friend showed me Falling in Reverse when I was having a hard time, Ronnie's story and his new attitude about life brought me out of the darkness I had put myself in. Their music is inspiring, not to mention all of them are extremily sexy espescially their new bassist, Ron Falling in Reverse forever and always!
[Newest]They are amazing love them! ♥♥♥♥
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9Sleeping With Sirens
Just the most amazing band! You'd better listen to them or else there isn't any point in reading the list. Do it now remember it later is the best song ever!
I love SWS SO much! Kellin has the voice of an Angel. I love the whole band, to its entirety. The music they produce is amazing, just as simple as that. Sleeping with sirens is on my top 3 list of my favorite bands. Keep up the good work, boys, I love you all.
I went and saw them last night and they were amazing they should definitely be higher up than this! Kellin's voice is amazing.
[Newest]Their music is amazing. Kellin Quinn voice is stunning

10The Devil Wears Prada
Because they deserve the dead throne. No exceptions. No excuses. Mikey screams the pants off all these posers. Period.
They inspired me to scream. Mike heranica is the best ever, and hopefully one day my band will become as famous as there's
Still fly is the greatest cover to any song ever
[Newest]They are very good there music video sailors prayer is kinda creepy but it's also funny at the same time

The Contenders

All of Alesana's music has a story behind it! They're new album is better than any other album out there! The should be 1st!
I really love this band... For me its the no. 1... My girlfriend don't like screamo but this... She also love this band...
There amazing! They have that mix of soft and loud I love it
[Newest]I love alesana... Rock n roll
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12Suicide Silence
Suicide Silence is amazing beyond like words and that's why I can't finish this.
I am in love love love love with these guys! If you ever read this comment boys I will marry you!
I never liked there guys until recently, they are so damn amazing it's not even funny!
[Newest]Love them their music is inspirational it saved me love them so much! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♥♡♥♥♥♥♥

This band is so under rated, if you know good music then you know this band has PURE talent.
My all time favorite band I don't understand why no body likes them
Knives and pens m/ -nick mo
[Newest]Blessthefall puts on one of the best live performances! Must see!

14Motionless In White
This band is amazing chris is the best singer. Chris tries to reach out to people to let them know their not alone in this world and to let them know its ok to be different. He respects the way you are but wont take crap from anyone even if they are trying to change him he doesn't let that effect him he starts himself and lives his life his way. That's just some reasons why this band is the best at what they do. I can't go a day without listening to them.
This band is amazing. All the guys are super sweet, and the songs that have, are ones you can really relate to. I think this band deserves to be number 1. Not just because they are my favorite band, but because they are a terrific band.

Motionless in white is just amazing, I really don't see why people would not like them, well besides the fact that they are different, but it's a good thing to be different like us. A lot of us are called freaks, and outcasts because we're singled out, for being different. So let the freak in you show because being like everyone else will get you no-where in this world
Motionless in white are an amazing band, they sing/scream about what its like to be an outcast, they have an amazing singer (chris motionless) Chris tries so hard to reach out to people to tell them they aren't alone, no matter what this world challenges you with you aren't alone in it, its ok to be different. You shouldn't give what others think, its only an opinion. Don't let people change who you are, don't let anything be forced upon you, especially religion. Everyone should listen to them. They are just AMAZING, there are no words for how amazing and life-changing they are!
[Newest]Motionless in white is the best scream
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15Escape the Fate
Their the best because, their beat is awesome, they having hot band members, their screamo is easy to understand and other bands are all like just screamo this band actually has plain words their just the best. I love you RONNIE AND CRAIG!
Amazing music. Take away stress. Cute band memebers. Amazing Songs, Fun to jam to. AMAZING BAND. ROCK ON. :-P
[Newest]Escape The Fate was good Ronnie Radke was in it

16We Came As Romans
I love WCAR and how they don't focus on the bad, negative things about the music but write about good things, not about hate.
These guys have it all! Screaming is great! Vocals kill! By far better than these top 10
I love this band, is my favorite, I wouldn't change it for any other cause no other band can compare to the talent We Came As Romans have, though their songs have helped get through a lot of difficult times... I just love them!
[Newest]So dang good there's no bad song by them

17August Burns Red
These guys rock. THey shouldn't be number 14. Best screamer and guit
Gotta love these guys. They are so technical, and never fail to impress with their depth of songwriting. They do not deserve to be this low on the list. Buy their Christmas album too, cause it's gonna rock.
There pretty epic not good enough for top ten but the shouldn't be 28th what
[Newest]Are a really good band but their aren't screamo

18Memphis May Fire
Matty Mullins is a epic singer this band is off the chain
This has to be my favorite band at the moment. it has a great mix of vocals and screaming. I used to love AA, but check em out on youtube live. they suck. : what a let down...
Matty definitely has one of the most recognizable voices out there, be it screams or singing. Heavy and melodic music, pure awesome
[Newest]WHY ARE THEY 19?!?!?! They need to be in the top ten they are amazing!

19I See Stars
Check out their newest album Digital Renegade and you will be hooked. Zach Johnson has a phenomenal scream and Devin Oliver has some solid clean vocals.
Great overall band, not for everybody, but they have a great style for anyone who likes dubstep type music, or synthcore. Amazing vocals and great screams. This band also has some variety, which you don't see in a lot of bands. Id put I See Stars in the top 5!
This band has so many awesome songs!.. Check out their songs! It screams like hell! And the sound is so great!

They are just as good live as they are on recording! Plus their instrumentals are unique and well-structured.
Way too low! Most of the bands rated above them have 2 or 3 tracks per album that are respectable. You can and should listen to Silverstein straight through. Every song has raw emotion, harmonic vocals, melodic riffs, solos and above all the sickest and cleanest screaming voice in the music industry.
This band changed my life. Whenever I feel depressed or anxious I listen to this band. Shane told has an amazing voice and he is a great songwriter. I know all of silverstein's songs and they are amazing live when I saw them at warped tour this year. Shane told is my idol
[Newest]One of the few band that combines real post hardcore music with intelligent lyrics. And they have one of the best screamer of the world as singer!

21A Skylit Drive
I love this band I have seen the live and they are amazing I love them is I had to buy tickets to a concert it would be a Skylit drive I love the love the song rise and cali buds unbreakable knights of the round I like all four of the albums that have come out make a new one you have a awesome voice dude and the concerts we all go nuts.
New favorite band ever. just some amazing stuff out there. According to colombus is my favorite song
Good inspiration in music.
[Newest]Simply best band ever.

This group was out before any if these groups in the top ten. They created the standard with so little influence before them. They had no one to Try and be better than. 6th isn't bad but I feel they were better than some if these other bands. Especially since they never completely went mainstream.
Seriously, 38? You all should be ashamed. AOF puts basically every band higher on the list to shame, well, minus Pg. 99, who are actually screamo. This list is funny though. You 14-17 year olds who think that ISMFOF and A! A! And basically every other band on this list... Y'all some funny kids, man.
Alexis is the best band easy, even now they've disbanded all of their music will reign supreme until the end of time!
[Newest]Watch out - Classic

23Miss May I
There new album is so much more musically complex than any of there other albums especially the song ballad of a broken you guys should check that song out they belong in the number one spot.
You gotta be kidding me. How is MISS MAY I be less than top 10? This and blessthefall should be way up top
MISS MAY I have to be the first one!
[Newest]Miss May I is the best! It should be the number 1 bands! STAY METAL

24I Set My Friends On Fire
This is such a good band how could you put it this low?!?!? Very sad
This band is a lot better than oh I don't know pg.99 because they suck. And this band doesn't I mean who wouldn't want to listen to a band whose name is this cool a long with the fact that there AMAZING I am ashamed because you but this band so far down.
They're so funny and unique.
They have a nice narwal

Issues is amazing. Not many people know about them, but they have real talent. I see them getting more popular when they release their first full size album.
Just take a moment.. And listen to the lyrics
Love the music...rock the world

26Chelsea Grin
Best screamo band ever, I listen to all the bands on this list and love them all, but Chelsea Grin definitely deserve to be higher up!
Chelsea grin is to amazing to be 26 they need to be at 1 or at the least in the top 5
Amazing and way to low on this list!
[Newest]That should be the first!

27The Used
By far the best band of all time. Meaningful lyrics, good sound, everything. Plus, they don't only do heavier songs, they have many slow acoustic songs as well. Also, Bert McCracken is awesome live and makes seeing them such a joy! I love them. They are my favorite band.
The Used are one of my fave bands because they are different but in the best way possible. They have a wide variety of music and it never gets old. As people they all seem really down to earth too. I am actually quite shocked they are so low on the list.
Listen to their "hands and Faces"... You'll know what I mean!
[Newest]Great Lyrics and had emotion

28Killswitch Engage
These guys rock. The songs are well put together, and howard jones's screams are fantastic. The songs stay heavy too, they don't start out heavy then get all 1 direction then heavy again.. Unfortunately most screamo songs now a days have a girly section somewhere that takes away from how awesomely heavy the rest of the songs is. KSE doesn't do girly.. even when howard is singing its methodical and deep. No frills here..
Howard Jones can scream hella good. Better than Bullet For My Valentine! Something other bands don't have is that he can SING!
Killswitch for the win without a doubt. listen to this fire, my curse ( and make sure it's the heavy version, there are 2 versions), rose of sharyn, and save me best songs ever
[Newest]I love them, their music helps me calm down. I also love how in most of their songs they have a positive message.

29As I Lay Dying
These guys are one of the founding fathers of good metalcore; their style has influenced a countless amount of bands. They are, and will always be, kings of the metal realm.
whoa whoa whoa, what is as I lay dying doing as a screamo band? they're way better than that. they're freaking real metal


unbelievably skilled! tim lambesis can scream! Nick Hipa can play!
[Newest]Super heavy great in concert should be in the top 10-15, if not at least for being metalcore before metalcore was popular

30Parkway Drive

PARKWAY RULES! They Definitely deserve a higher spot!?!?! But my Personal Fav is "Mudvayne"! I don't know why they ain't on here? but because neither "Mudvayne" or "Lamb Of God" are on here, PARKWAY WINS!

(P. S: Devil is Awesome to! :D)
Hahaha PWD are below Asking Alexandria? Judging by that, I can see that this list is horrible. I this band so much I don't have much love left for my girlfriend. Parkway is one of the greatest bands in the world. As I Lay Dying is also great.
Parkway Drive #19 and black veil brides is #6? I'm pretty sure black veil brides shouldn't be considered the same genre as half of these bands. ADTR was the backbone of this genre even though they have much less screaming I would still group them along with my favorite band (parkway drive)
[Newest]Yes the most amazing band ever every song is good and you cannot beat wild eyes just simply the best they need to be higher please!

31All That Remains
okay, all that remains should defo be no1. bfmv, kilswitch, tdwp, cob. and as I lay dying are all really good, but these guys are the best
because they're better then half the bands on this list
[Newest]Founders of the genre next to Asking Alexandria

Attila is one of the bands that makes you feel better about your day and makes your problems seem lesser, they are the best escape from reality, they should be higher up.
Attila and attack attack need to be up higher then they are
ABSOLUTELY THE BEST RAW screaming vocalists in all of metal, alt, screamo history and the best there ever will be.
[Newest]Attila helps put you in a good mood because of the feeling you get from these badass songs. So much inspiration.

33The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
This is one of the most amazing bands I've come across, they have very inspirational songs like facedown, your guardian angel, Godspeed, etc. they have amazing vocals. They have an amazing mixture of screaming and regular vocals in their songs. Personally I think they deserve a higher ranking but that's just my opinion.
Best one with their song, Face Down m/
Their best song was face down. This was the band that got me listening to screamo, rock, metal, hardcore. I still listen to them. I love them sooo much!

34Enter Shikari
My favourite band of all time. The songs are all so different but they are all so amazing. They are really really amazing live as well!
this is my all time favorite band. They have so much talent and range to their music it's incredible. Their also amazing live and can put on a great show
they are just so amazing
and they use a huge variety of styles,
the slow acoustic Adieu, and the hard fast paced songs like O. K. Time For Plan B, and Labyrinth.
not to mention Rou Reynolds is HOT

35Pg. 99
Stuff like this, Orchid, City of Caterpillar and Circle Takes the Square is real screamo. I've become so disappointed with what the accepted definition of screamo has devolved to that I was pleasantly surprised to see Pg. 99 on a list like this at all. If you feel like voting on this list, first listen to any of the aforementioned bands and if you don't like any of them, you don't like screamo and should not be voting on this list.
The fact that any band, ever, would be in a spot above Pg. 99 on a list like this isn't just silly... It's wrong. Not a single band on this "Top Ten" list is even screamo. Time to change that.
We live in a sad world when you have to go down 35 ranks to find real screamo. Nothing above this should be on the list, but there will always be depressive 12 year old girls to vote those up. Besides that, Document #5 and #8 are some of my favorite screamo albums all time.

36Dance Gavin Dance
These guys changed the game with the introduction of R^^B and screamo. They took dual vocals to a more artistic level, offering compare and contrast of vocal abilities. This, bottled with unconventional guitar work ala Thomas Erak, deep bass lines and intense drumming, Dance Gavin Dance has risen to the top as one of the most influential bands in the scene today. With influences like Thursday, At the Drive-In, Deftones, Daitro, Sigur Ros, Dr. Octagon and Aretha Franklin, they bring a mixture of anticipation, passion, soul and intensity.
Mother of god, is this band good. The chillest songs I have ever heard. Johney Craig is among gods, so is Kurt. If you have beer listened to this band, there is something wrong with you.
Dance Gavin Dance is amazing they should be higher like it is aginst the law to have Dance Gavin Dance down here.
[Newest]One of the most original bands out there

37Attack! Attack!
They are the best and my friend thinks Caleb Shomo is the hottest thing in the world. They are the best thing in the world. I do agree with my friend. My favorite song is stick stickly, the best in the world. I am a huge traveler and I don't miss a single concert that they are in. I went to Warpt Tour last year in Idaho and it was the best thing. I haven't missed a concert since I was twelve and I'm fifteen. It is sick. My family is insanely rich and I get all there money no that they died, sad really but good for Attack Attack. THEY ARE THE BEST IN THE WHOLE WORLD!
This is the sikkest band in the world. I love these guys. All of the band members my other frind think he is the hottest thing in the world and I sorta agree. I when to warped tour and saw them and now I am obsessed!

They should at lest be number 4 or 5 because black veil bribes barely screams and suicide silence has bad vocals honestly
This is the best band I see here. Even though its not screamo at all, they're the best. They are incredible musicians and great people who actually hang out with their fans. AWESOME!
What is this...31? Are you kidding me? Trivium is and should be number 1! Best vocals, screams, riffs etc... don't take my word for it... Listen to songs such as 'built to fall', pull harder on the strings of your martyr, no hope for the human race, or the entire 'Shogun' album.. They genuinely kick ass in my opinion :P
[Newest]They're metalcore, not screamo. BUT STILL. Listen and you'll understand the awesomeness.

39Oh Sleeper
Best screamo vocals I've ever heard!

40Woe, Is Me
They are the best with BVB, The Devil Wears Prada, A Day To Remember and The Yeah Yeah Yeah's
I like you woe is me

By:Ryan from Indonesian

41The Amity Affliction
BEST screamo band I've EVER set my ears to, I've heard over 100 from different countries, and by far this band is up with ASKING ALEXANDRIA! For serious screamo lover only, should be in top 5 MINIMUM, and with more world-wide support these guys are going to be HUGE!
Aussie metalcore/post-hardcore is where it's at. Best band ever, Joel writes the most amazing lyrics and the whole band does an amazing job at producing the sound. They should definitely be higher.
- coming from a 12 year old.
These guys are just amazing check out, weigh down, actually look at let the ocean take me the full album its just unbelievable

42Get Scared
-. - why are they number 50? They should at least make th top 20.
Love them! They have a great sound
They have amazing vocals with the right amount of screaming. They definitely deserve a higher ranking.
[Newest]My favorite band. It should be at least make the top 10

Come on, some of the oldest, most inspirational, screamo bands out there, and they're number 12? Without them most of these bands wouldn't even exist. They have to at least be in the top 10. With albums like Full Collapse and War all the time, they influenced tons of bands.

This band deserves top 5! I can't belive that the devil wears Prada is higher than UUNDEROOATH! COME ON.. my deterioration incline, emergency broadcasting, in division, driftwood, paper lung and desperate times desperate measures are the best at least bring this band up top ten
I can't believe this band is at 17. listen to writing on the walls and reinventing your exit. AWsome
They are so good! Their killer mix of high vocals and screams make them addictive

MY FAVORITE BAND FOR YEARS, AND IN MY TOP 5 favorites OVERALL. definitely don't deserve this spot way down here….. just saying

46Eyes Set to Kill
Nice combination of scream and rock...
I like your style dude...
Eyes Set To Kill is amazing.. Especially their song Darling its as if they read my mind and song how I felt.
It's a very good band. The girl sings so pretty and it a good combination with the scremo. I'll hope you like it

47Hawthorne Heights
I wouldn't exactly classify these guys as screamo, but they are very talented. I love 'em to death

48Crown the Empire
Explain to me why these guys aren't in the top ten. I mean come on they scream well and their singer has an extremely unique voice and can carry melodies beautifully. Not to mention the few acoustic songs out there by them are amazing.
Why are they number 120 they should be at least number 9
They are AWESOME
CTE definitely deserves to be in the top ten. These guys are amazing. Andy sings very beautifully, and David is an amazing screamer. Andy screams great too. So why is this number 47? I haven't heard one song by them that I don't like.
[Newest]Come these guys are Top 5 easily

49Capture the Crown
Capture the Crown has great songs, and not so hard on the screamo. Definitely one of my favorites
This band is incredible. Talent all round and I get so excited when I hear an Aussie accent that works with the music.

50Betraying the Martyrs
These guys are amazing I like their style of music
Great band they endorse not killing your self

51Our Last Night
Such a diverse band that can make great songs whether it is light or heavy. Either one I don't mind listening too and can't pick which one I like more.
Love these guys whether it's their covers or their own songs their awesome!
This band gets to me it Needa to be up in the top ten Help with that thanks

52The Bunny the Bear
The Bunny The Bear is amazing! Matt and Chris kick butt! I usually get their names mixed up, but the cleans are so good, the screams are fantastic and unreal. And they have an electric taste, the Wiki says that they are an electronic post-hardcore band. And that's so unique for me because I've only seen two of those genres in my life (electronic post-hardcore is what I mean). Anyways, everyone should check them out.
The Bunny There Bear deserves to be #1 all the way! Have the greatest volumes and most variety of voices. Going from Piano straight to Hardcore Guitar and drums and from high pitch singing to a variety of screamo, this band should definitely be above Asking Alexandria
Great band, should be higher on the list

Its so insane when I heard devil driver!

I absolutely love these guys but their not screamo
AMAZING! Their somg snuff just has so much passion! They have many heavy songs, but also some softer music as well

Does no-one seriously appreciate Jonny Craig's amazing voice? He has the best range of any vocalist I have heard in a while. Plus every member of the band is extremely talented.
Good band love their music

56For All Those Sleeping
Best Unsigned Band ever beautiful lyrics and great sound it's a screamo band with a dash of Pop its very sad, this band isn't as popular as it is but I recamen people go out and buy there album you want be disappointed I swear
saw these guys on "the go fist pump yourself tour" super nice guys who just loved talking to everyone!
I like so much you guys

57Like Moths to Flames
LMTF is way better than AA
LMTF should be way hifher on the list, not too many people know about them. But they are so good and they just are awesome people, they have really alreally relatable songs like GNF

58The Word Alive
The word alive is the SEXIEST BAND EVER! I LOVE THEM, and they should be #1 on this list. This list is wack though. It is kind of ignorant to put all the scene savvy crap first! They have no idea how INCREDIBLE THE WORD ALIVE IS! You should check it out... Maybe help me get them to the top... You won't be sorry. All it takes is like 5 minutes on youtube to find the music of your life!
The word alive is amazing! They deserve to be way higher then #62
I looked them up like you said and they are really good! :))

59Midnight Escape

60The Black Dahlia Murder
They have some Prety amaziingg songss imm nott gonna liee for example Love is A perfect murder is definitely a great song they have a lot of good songs check em out

61In Flames
In Flames should be way in the front of the list instead of no. 37. "Take This Life" and "Moonshield" has the best screaming vocals I've ever heard in my whole life!
Deserves much better than 36

62In Fear and Faith
They really deserve a lot more credit than they get. Scott Barnes is just an incredible singer, the way they combine the singing, screaming and instruments is like an orchestra. Their music is nearly perfect.
Great band deserve more credit than they get.
Is really a great band

This Band Is Amazing I Love them a lot! I don't understand why people bash on them most of the time but whateverr :) Yes they r very explicit but that's just how they are and yes they talk a lot about girls but its whatever what other guy band doesn't talk bout girlz Yu know? :D Ugh my fave band ever
LOVE Them! Their music is so danceable. I always bash to their music. I love them although my friends say they are too dirty, but that's what makes them unique and stand out. Favorite band ^0^
I am in love with this band. Any song I play I can dance to. So good!

64Dead by April
Dead by April has been around for a couple of years now, but I just found them, and I completely fell in love with their music, and it's hard for me to get into a band this much, other than I See Stars.
This band has the best screaming vocals I've heard in my whole life, check out the songs "Painting Shadows" and "Losing You". Jimmie Strimell is the best screamer ever, that's for sure, and one thing the other bands don't have is the amazing singing talent which Dead by April has.
Dead by april is one of the best screamo band I have heard and they come from the best country haha check out erased and a promise
[Newest]Best screamo song - Angels of Clarity

65Veil of Maya

66Abandon All Ships
Take one last breathe is a great song! A band with a lot of talent.

67Children of Bodom
THIS IS THE BOMB. IT'S THE BEST BAND EVER. I started listening to screamo for 2 bands: Children of Bodom and Lamb of God.
Best band mix amazing rifts with very good variety in lyrics
This is death metal, not related to screamo.

68Breathe Carolina
This band is so awesome I love how they go from electronic to hardcore music... And kyle is a very good screamer also! :D
These guys are AMAZING

How the hell is RED at such a low position?! It deserves much better than what it's at right now...
Theses guys do a killer awesome show and you can actually hear riffs in their music instead of chugging every song! ^_^
Red is what got me addicted to metal. Mike's singing is beautiful, but he should scream more. Not being a hater! It was just a suggestion.
[Newest]Red is a great band. Beautiful vocals and passionate lyrics make them a must listen.

70Never Shout Never.
Not screamo, but I love this band, so much. They are very good live too.

71Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
One of the best easycore bands in the world
I love them so much! They should be higher up
Awesome band! I mean, who doesn't love a little French friendshipcore

72Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Their debut album is one of the best albums of all time... "I live my life in the shadows of the things I try to hide. " Favorite line from their album.
There are a lot of great bands, we all seem to enjoy Our band more then others. Ha ha GO SCARY KIDS
Pretty great POST-HARDCORE but it doesn't belong in a screamo list.

73Glass Cloud

Atreyu is definitely too low on here. A deathgrip on yesterday is a great album. Some of the bands on here are not screamo to be honest.
Atreyu should be in the top 5! Check out this band you won't regret it.. You will be hooked with their songs plus alex varkatzas' voice is just amazing it's so powerful! Check out " the crimson"
Sure not all songs are a hit but "lipstick and black" "bleeding mascara" and "ravenous" are great. They have a powerful duo. "Gallows" "blow" "anitlove grand" and "when two are one" are also great.

75Cancer Bats
Amazing band and truly a great band to experience live. Check out their cover of The Beastie Boys Sabotage, it is absolutely amazing and even beats the original. Their best tracks are; Hail Destroyer and Road Sick.

76In Hearts Wake

77Circle Takes the Square
This is the only screamo band on the list, therefore they win. They're chaotic and crazy and overall amazing.
None of these bands are screamo, with the exception of a few... I HATE METAL CORE! If Devil Wears Prada is screamo, then I'm Santa ' Clause
The only screamo band it's okay for hipsters to like.

78Fallen Horizon
Great band love the music
Christians vocals are perfect, honestly. they deserve to be higher then #81.

79Fall of Troy
Great band, really progressive, very underrated, some of the best.

This is a GREAT band! They have there own unique style!


This is an awesome band with lots of break down and most amazing feature is they can cover almost all genre like math core, grind core etc... Listen once and you will look listen forever...

81Senses Fail
I don't see why this is so low on the list, other than the fact that they don't scream in all of their songs? Even then, this is one of my favorite bands. I've been listening to them well over five years now.
Buddy Nelson's screaming has devoloped so much and even though the band has lost so many members they still are amazing and going strong with their new album

In my opinion, best post-hardcore band.
What A BAND! Y'all rock guys!
The Best band, in my opinion!

83We Are the Ocean
Love these guys! They overall just have an awesome sound. My personal favourite of theirs is 'Nothing Good Has Happened Yet' - still gives me goosebumps :D
Are they really even screamo? I've only heard one song of theirs with screaming, so I just thought they were rock or something.
I love these guys! My Favourite song is Godamn Good

84Hopes Die Last
Very unknown band but they are pretty tight. I've been a big fan since the first album look up their single unleash hell or never trust the hazel eyed!
What about call me sick boy

85Ice Nine Kills
Their cover of someone like you by Adele was amazing, I've only heard a few of their songs because of my best friend. You need to check them out though
Metal core screamo, loved both their last albums. In the more melodic vein with mininum double base drums which can be over whelming. Often feature slightly bizare lyrics (about dinosaur bones for one thing). Safe is just a shadow is my favorite album
My brother keeps telling me to listen to them but I'm kind of scared to (I saw their CD covers). Are they any good?

This band should be in the top 10 or top 20 best screamo bands!
Sorry, but I think calling Whitechapel screamo is a little insulting.
This band is just so Awesome deserves to be higher

87Born of Osiris
Definitely way better than any of the other bands in the top ten. The latest album is the bomb. I saw them live, and they were amazing. This band is a REAL screamo band. Not asking alexandria.
They really should be a lot higher on the list they are really good

88From First to Last
They're AWESOME! Never heard a band do something so original yet keep to set limits.. Never went to too far.. Amazing live.. Just generally a fantastic band...
Sonny moore who is now skrillex was ina a awesome screamo band that has awesome music videos
Note to self is like the BEST SONG EVER. So listen to this I say From First to Last needs to be at least top 5.
[Newest]Ride the wings of Pestilence is lyrically genius. Who knew hatred could be so catchy?!

Seriously? You guys won't even put Chiodos in the top 20 at least. You guys need to realize, this band influenced so many of YOUR favorite bands today.
Guys, do not forget this band. Come on these guys are AMAZING! M/
Great voice nice sound amazing band

90Maximum the Hormone
Listen to Whats Up People? Or F for there heaviest stuff! This band simply has everything!
Kudos for being japenese :::::: zetsubou billy, whats up people
This band tops most of these bands here.

They are better than pretty much all the bands here. Orchid is also one of the only actual screamo bands on this list, a list which comprises simply of terrible metalcore bands who should not even be on this list.
DevilDriver? Really? They are melodic death metal, not screamo! I wish people wouldn't label anything with harsh or screaming vocals, "screamo". It really is quite an insult to the actual music genre. Screamo is Circle Takes The Square, Saetia and Pg.99.
I choose Orchid as the best because they were the first screamo band I actually heard.
Some of these band shouldn't be on the list, they're just terrible scenecore bands.


#93 on a screamo list and I've seen 3 screamo bands. We live in a sad day and age, my friends.

92Her Bright Skies
Amazing band, should be up higher though

93Spectrum Shadows

94Greeley Estates
I love this band to death
Second favorite band love the singing
One of my favorite bands I like how in a lot of their songs its about a guy thaty is either crazy or going crazy

International bands chicosi from phillipines... Idol your the best...
Chicosci is the Emo band in the philippines
They were the most best of the best in opm rock music!
HAHA lols.. can't believe they are in the top 100 screamo band... This band SUCKS!

My all time band! Been to ever gig they done in UK and wednesday 13 by him self! Not really scremo though? Horror punk

This guys are my favorite band ever, they are way to good to be at 89, all their albums are great, and their live performances are AWESOME!
They have perfect vocals, they have perfect riffs, and they are way much better than Asking Alexandria who are at number one, Architects are at the same level (if not in a higher level) that Bring Me The Horizon are and if BMTH is at second then Architects should be at least in the top 5, even though most of the bands here can be classified as "Screamo"...
This band is amazing. I cannot stop listening to their album Hollow Crown. This band is pure gold.
These guys started with (and continue to have) well balanced, thoughtful material. You can't get a better mixture of raw emotion and addicting riffs!
Cool band, cool dudes.


99Make Me Famous

100Bury Tomorrow
AMAZING! First screamo band I listened too and got me hooked on screamo music instantly

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