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She Doesn't Mind
It's an amazing song of him..!
Should be in his top 5...
Amazing song! Seans best song till date! Seans back! First with got 2 love you and now this smash hit!
Just awsme song.. Ths is d song that made me hit sean paul at Google.. !
Wnt more good ones from him..
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I love this he sings so well and fast how can a human be so fast in singing yeah impressed sean paul please tell me your secreat tos ing so fast I'll also try I got the righ temperature for shelter you from the storm oh lord gal I got the right tactics to turn you on and girl I wanna be the pappa you can be the mom oh oh
I love this song so much its so catchy and I love the way he sings


Superb song. It really makes you dance hard. This is absolutely the numero uno song of SEAN
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3Got 2 Luv U
Sean Paul is just the best! Love him and this song! I haven't really listened to Alexis Jordan but I have to say I really do like this song, it's catchy too I love all of Sean Paul's songs but this one is just the best! X
Wohw! What a song! Every time I hea' this song, I start dancing.. Sean paul ROCKS and Alexis also ROCKS Amazing song. it
This should be best mocha of the day! Cooling your body under the sweet peeps favourite guy
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4Get Busy
This song is probably the best song sean pauls done though. Personally I would put it at number 1. Sean paul, you are amazing I love all of you're songs but this has to be my favourite!
Frikin awesome song... Love 2 danceto the beat!
This is a really good song... The best sean paul song I guess :p
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5Give It Up to Me
Its... Still... I my mp3 player from 3 years... Still hearing.
This song is one of the best song from sean paul. He is still rocking with his ability in providing amazing songs like this. This is one of the top songs in my play list.
I was searching this song...F. cking awesome
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6Like Glue
This is the best singer in Jamaica I love sean Paul very much and all his songs I wish I could meat him
Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, feel that Amazing song now! Yeah yeah! Sean-a-Paul whatever else he says... But I don't really care what people say!


I love sean paul
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7Hold My Hand
Sean Paul is just the best! Love him and this song! I haven't really listened to Alexis Jordan but I have to say I really do like this song, it's catchy too I love all of Sean Paul's songs but this one is just the best! X
I listen to all of his songs... But unfortunately have to vote one... Just love this number... The lyrics are awesome and the music and the collaboration.. All over, everything is perfect...!
Its an mad song
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8We Be Burnin'
This is best after temperature and she doesn't mind should be on 3!
Just love, I don't know the whole song, the way Sean songs so you have to listen the song 30 times to understand!

If I would have to choose from this, She doesn't mind and Temperature I could not choose any of them.

Best song of Sean Paul, his newest songs aren't as good as in his early times. Together with 'temperature' on number 1
It bad it bad it bad mi love dis man when it did juss come ote mi caan tap sing it man it a lik shat
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9So Fine
Listening to it right now. 2013. Still a classic!
Listening to this song is fine
I like it good one
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10Press It Up
Whoa am the first one to comment! Is there no one who has heard this awesome song I just love this song makes me dance! Sean paul just rocked this song! VOTE FOR IT GUYS PLEASE IT DESERVES TO BE IN TOP 3!
No way should it be this way down in the list!
Press it up ya'll!
It is awesome. I just listened to it on
Grooveshark and it had me dancing in class.. Laugh out loud vote yall. Its an awesome song and the beat is hard.
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The Contenders

11Baby Boy
The song is hot...
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12Ever Blazin'
It should be in the top ten I think its catchy like we be burnin
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13Gimme the Light
1st song I heard of him.
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Less of sean.. but awesome song
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15Break It Off
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16Other Side of Love
Ohh...the best ever...he is just amazing...u feel like your living after you listen to his songs...and this one a classic!
What a touching song is this! It should be ranked first for sure. Just a amazing songg! With deep and meaningfull lyrics.
Truly showed the other side of love
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17Sexy Lady Listen to sample

18Touch the Sky
AWESOME SONG! One which can make you dance anytime when you listen to it! I never expected such a great song so down here at 17th! Come on, its worth a top 5!
Man EVERYBODY in my school LOVES this Song! TOP 10 at least! I CAME TO CELEBRATE!
The song should touch the sky... Superb!
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19She Makes Me Go (Ft. Arash)
(ARASH FT. SEAN PAUL - SHE MAKES ME GO)... Amazing song with amazing video clip.
Dis Song must go high.. Love the music... Sean paul is great...
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Its a rocking song

21Hold On

22Dream Girl
Sean paul is the best in the world...
1 awesome song! I <3 it!
A great song from tamahawk techinique.
When I went to theatre to watch special chabbis then I listened itwhen the movie was about to start. Amazing song. So so underrated

23Summer Paradise
Best song ever featuring simple plan! Combining Pierre bouvier's soft voice and Sean's hardcore made it the best song ever!
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24All On Me Listen to sample

25Party Campaign

26Roll Wid Di Don Listen to sample

27Beat of My Heart
One of his less known songs that is really cool though!
Favourite song of Sean Paul
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28Now That I've Got Your Love
One of his best songs, you can literally feelp the bass
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29Come & Get It

30What About Us Listen to sample

31Tik-Tok Listen to sample

32Watch Dem Roll Listen to sample

33Give Me the Light Listen to sample

34She Want Me
I am a sean paul fan and this is one of his best better than others on the list so far
You're right this song rocks
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35Entertainment Listen to sample

36Hey Baby Listen to sample

37Breathe Listen to sample

38What About Us Listen to sample

39Do You Remember
Sean Paul nailed this song!
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40She Makes Me Go
Yo yo yo rocking song
The best song ever
Should be in top 5
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41Make It Clap Listen to sample

42Lately Listen to sample

43Greatest Gallies Listen to sample

44Never Gonna Be the Same Listen to sample

45Baby Girl
God, this song was not there before I put it on the list. I guess it was Sean pauls first hit single. It deserves a place in top 10. It's a very good song. This song made Sean paul what he is today. By the way Sean, your new album Full Frequency rocks to the core especially other side of love and turn it up. Sean Paul is the best singer in the world. Best of luck for your next album Sean. I am waiting eagerly for it. Keep creating good songs and albums like this in the future. People please vote and please listen to this song

Harsh 101

46Turn It Up
! Its all most been a month since its release and it was still not on this list. Great music and beautiful vocals by Sean. I love it!

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47How Deep Is Your Love
This song is simply awesome! I love it BAANG BAANG BAANG!
Simply one of the great song from the new album really
My favorite song in dis album
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48I'm Still In Love With You
Great song. Good meaning. Sexy beat to it. Just tops it on my list..
Honestly should be number one
Great reggae sound
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