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1She Doesn't Mind

Amazing song! Seans best song till date! Seans back! First with got 2 love you and now this smash hit!

He is heck of a singer... Love most of his songs... But this one is standing on top... This deserve to be... Now keep hitting the thumbs up for this songs

I love this song! It's really catchy and gives me a party mood! It's so far one of the top 3 best songs of his! He totally deserves a reward.

Best it

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I love this song so much its so catchy and I love the way he sings
- decorulez97

I love this he sings so well and fast how can a human be so fast in singing yeah impressed sean paul please tell me your secreat tos ing so fast I'll also try I got the righ temperature for shelter you from the storm oh lord gal I got the right tactics to turn you on and girl I wanna be the pappa you can be the mom oh oh

Superb song. It really makes you dance hard. This is absolutely the numero uno song of SEAN

Top favourite song of all time..

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3Got 2 Luv U

Sean Paul is just the best! Love him and this song! I haven't really listened to Alexis Jordan but I have to say I really do like this song, it's catchy too I love all of Sean Paul's songs but this one is just the best! X

This should be best mocha of the day! Cooling your body under the sweet peeps favourite guy

Wohw! What a song! Every time I hea' this song, I start dancing.. Sean paul ROCKS and Alexis also ROCKS Amazing song. it

It is the best collaboration

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4Get Busy

This song is probably the best song sean pauls done though. Personally I would put it at number 1. Sean paul, you are amazing I love all of you're songs but this has to be my favourite!

This is a really good song... The best sean paul song I guess

This song gets me pumped every time... best song!

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5Give It Up to Me

Its... Still... I my mp3 player from 3 years... Still hearing.

This song is one of the best song from sean paul. He is still rocking with his ability in providing amazing songs like this. This is one of the top songs in my play list.

I thing it is better than the others, more rhythm than nothing! Love that style!

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6Like Glue

This is the best singer in Jamaica I love sean Paul very much and all his songs I wish I could meat him

Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, feel that Amazing song now! Yeah yeah! Sean-a-Paul whatever else he says... But I don't really care what people say! - keyson

"SEAN PAUL" is best in the world and "LIKE GLUE" is his best song in the world

I love sean paul

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7Baby Boy

This song stays on my mind... I think about it all the time, I hear it in my dreams

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8Hold My Hand

Sean Paul is just the best! Love him and this song! I haven't really listened to Alexis Jordan but I have to say I really do like this song, it's catchy too I love all of Sean Paul's songs but this one is just the best! X

I listen to all of his songs... But unfortunately have to vote one... Just love this number... The lyrics are awesome and the music and the collaboration.. All over, everything is perfect...!

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9So Fine

Listening to it right now. 2013. Still a classic!

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10Press It Up

Whoa am the first one to comment! Is there no one who has heard this awesome song I just love this song makes me dance! Sean paul just rocked this song! VOTE FOR IT GUYS PLEASE IT DESERVES TO BE IN TOP 3!

Sean Paul is the truth! This is a jam!

It is awesome. I just listened to it on
Grooveshark and it had me dancing in class.. Laugh out loud vote yall. Its an awesome song and the beat is hard.

I love ht hear your song

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?Shake that Thing
?BailandoV9 Comments

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11We Be Burnin'

This is best after temperature and she doesn't mind should be on 3!
Just love, I don't know the whole song, the way Sean songs so you have to listen the song 30 times to understand!

If I would have to choose from this, She doesn't mind and Temperature I could not choose any of them.

From Romania!

Best song of Sean Paul, his newest songs aren't as good as in his early times. Together with 'temperature' on number 1


Love the legalize it remix!

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12Cheap Thrills

I love his style of singing. Awesome

I LOVE THIS SONG! Its got such a perfect beat, catchy lyrics, PLUS Sia's voice is, as always, BEAUTIFUL! This has to me my favorite Sean Paul song ever!

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13Ever Blazin'

It should be in the top ten I think its catchy like we be burnin


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14Gimme the LightV2 Comments
15Break It OffV2 Comments
16Lay You Down Easy
17Come On to Me

Sean is in the best... Love the song.. Sean and major lazer rocks... Why no sean Paul fans listen to this?

18Other Side of Love

Ohh...the best ever...he is just amazing...u feel like your living after you listen to his songs...and this one a classic!

Truly showed the other side of love

What a touching song is this! It should be ranked first for sure. Just a amazing songg! With deep and meaningfull lyrics.

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19I'm Still In Love With You

Great song. Good meaning. Sexy beat to it. Just tops it on my list..

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20Sexy Lady
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