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1Ken Griffey Jr

He looked better in a White Sox uniform but didn't play better in it - crazyeyes56

Griffey was a great player, but I will never forget how Alex Dias played his heart out in center field during Griffy's injury in 1995. Dias helped get the Mariners to post season that year, but was quickly dismissed when Griffy returned.

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2Edgar Martinez
3Ichiro Suzuki

He hits it where they ain't.

You can't get this guy out. - gocanes52

4Alex Rodriguez

ARod should have stayed with the Mariners. After he signed with the Rangers for big bucks and started with the steroids he became a different person. The reason that he is booed by the Mariner fans is not about the money, but the fact that he enforced a letter to Boeing encouraging the company to relocate to Texas. He said, " I had to leave Seattle to make more money and you should consider leaving too. Unfortunately for ARod, his first appearance at Safeco field as a Ranger happened to be on Boeing Employee Credit Union night and the fans were livid. He remains the player that Seattle fans love to hate.

and here it was without the steroids - aman28

5Randy Johnson
6Jay Buhner
7Tino Martinez
8Norm The Sheriff Charlton
9Jamie Moyer
10Ricky Henderson

Ricky was exciting to watch during his time with the Mariners. He may have only been with the team for a year, but he was a legend. He also mentored many of the younger players on base stealing, extending his effectiveness as a team member. Still miss him.

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11Brett Boone
12Alvin Davis
13John Olerud

One of the best gloves in baseball, along with an amazing swing.

14Kazuhiro Sasaki
15Joey Cora
16Felix Hernandez
17Ken Griffey Sr
18Mark Langston
19Mike Cameron
20Jim Presley
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1. Ken Griffey Jr
2. Edgar Martinez
3. Ichiro Suzuki



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