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This song was really emotional for me. Amy Lee and Seether are a collaborative force that one DEFINITELY needs to hear!

Extremely good song! Emotional and Moving! The best song by Seether! (But where is Fur Cue? That song is better... ) This song deserves to be in top place!

Totally love the orchestral interlude... A true modern classic!

Not my favorite song, but I just wanted to ask: Does anyone else prefer the version without Amy Lee? - Sanic

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2Fake It

So true, so emotional yet at the same time had the blood pumping through my veins!

THIS IS THE BEST SONG EVER! Deserves to be number one! Cannot become bored listening to this one! Vote it up

Brings back great memories from a great time in my life. I would just rock out every time I heard this song. Truly amazing song. Seether for life!

This song is so catchy and pumps me up.

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3Fine Again

That is the Best of Seether's songs, Great Positive Vibes and Just filled you up with motivation and Strength. Also changes my point of view towards Life!

It just is. The others don't give you that feeling of awe when you listen to it. With their other songs you feel as I'd you could really enjoy them but just not at the same emotional level as this. A true work of art.

My all time favorite! Played at every concert I've been to and it never gets old!

Fine again really helps me to overcome a lot of stress and other life problems I deal with. Keeps my head up and helps me realize there's always hope, always better days. I love it.

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Its old but old is gold and well I like fake it but I like the guitar part so ¨¨

The beginning riff instantly pumps me up, I love it! This song should be number one, although I think Fake It and Rise above this should be right behind it!

I didn't know what one to vote for... It was either this or Fake it... Love them both!
They are so AMAZING!

Just leave em where they lie

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5Country Song

This is their best song, the rhythm and just the overall "feel" of this song is brilliant, definitely one of the best Rock songs of the new decade.

Very relaxed song, lovely country rift, truely a country song and their best in my opinion needs to be more recognised

This song really makes you feel wow.. Hear this song and I can bet you wont be able to put your feet down

Reminds me of the walking dead

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6Rise Above This

This is a fantastic song, every time I hear it I have to turn the speakers right up. It was the first Seether song I ever heard and is what got me into them. Vote it up people, this song deserves number one!

This will be played at my funeral, a reminder to my family that even though I'm gone- Miss me and know that it will get better! An Up lifting and meaningful song!

This song is so moving, every time I hear it on my playlist I think to myself "Wow, my day just got a whole lot better" then after the song ends I think "I think I'll listen to this another 50 times."

This is such an emotional song but this is Seether at their best!

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7Careless Whisper

One of the best cover songs I've ever heard. I don't get why it isn't on top 5. I love it!

Should be number one! Seether's best and most emotional song.

Best metal music perfect emotions really energetic... They just rock

10000times better than original, great cover love it!

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Must listen. This song is what made me a huge seether fan.
If you like any of the top 5 songs on this list, you will definitely like this song. Top 3 stuff right here.

Definitely deserves a position among top three
Vote up people.

This song is just so strong. It holds some kind of power that makes me feels feelings I've never felt before.

Their best. My favorite

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This is my Favourite Seether Song and that's saying something because I love a lot of there Music
But this songs Drums are amazing and It's hard not to Listen to and like it
I'm Yelling From the Roof Tops Down Until it's over and Were older!
Tonight is Worth Silver Because Silver is Worth more then Gold! - Curti2594

Optimistic and energetic, I was very surprised to see this wasn't near the top of the list! I heard this song on Pandora and began combing the net to find out how sang it, what other songs they had, etc. This is one of the most inspiring songs I've heard in quite a long time!

This is one of the gretest songs I have heard. It is very optimistic. It is a bit different then other songs Seether has done, but it is one of my favorites. And it truly should be more at the top of the lists.

This is my favorite song of all time by far. It's just an awesome song to listen to.

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10The Gift

this band is 1 of the greatest next to metallica and nirv ana.. I love this band and this song is just great on of seethers best songs.. but not of all there songs are here like fade away.. love her never leave.. so much beautiful songs

The lyrics are just beyond amazing. Amazing song that I believe is one of seether's best songs. It may be a little quiet compared to most of their music, but the emotion it carries is just immense.

Very good song. One of the best, besides broken. His is like a sad love song, where he is afraid of her loving him (the gift) and that he doesn't accept himself and he doesn't feel like he deserves the gift.

So much emotion and lyrical intensity to this song. This song can bring tears to your eyes... It's that good!

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11Like Suicide

Can't even believe this one is so left behind. This song is a perfect-rock.. Please seether fans vote if possible..

Its an amazing rock song. I seriously don't know why people haven't voted for it because its really good. If you haven't listened to it then listen to it!

Recommend this for any one who is just looking into Seether... (who the hell hasnt) but yeah, Amazing you get to experience the softness but then get smacked with AWESOME POWERHOUSE OF SCREAMS

I love this song. - PokemonCameron25

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One of their best songs ever! I love singing it whenever I'm angry or just want something good to hear

This Song Is BAD ASS it has a deep guitar intro and when you listen to it, it will make you feel cool.

This song is awesome. I went to a Seether concert recently and this was the song for their EXPLOSIVE opening. It was amazing. - PokemonCameron25

Should be much higher

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13Here and Now

I don't know why but this song reaches out to me and makes me think of all the things I want to do with my life and makes me wanna move forward...

I think this song is just as good or maybe even better than Country Song. It has such a great melody to it.

This song should easily be in the top 10. IT IS AMAZING!


Best song of the band seether. I like this song more than any song of seether. Love the lyrics of this song. Can't even believe this one is so left behind

Hi, I come from Italy. I love seether's songs but I think this is the best, for the meaning of the song and for the music. I love it

Wow this is bologna. This song is sexy and has great lyrics. Definitely needs to be TOP 5

This song isn't my favorite but it definitely deserves a place in the top ten!

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15Never Leave

The most underrated song by seether. It gives you a reason to think about yourself. The lyrics a fantastic and so is the music and the voice of the lead singer does the icing to the cake.. Amazing song.

One of the most underrated songs out there on the rock scene.. Who ever s looking for a beautiful and depressing song.. This is the best one by far.

its their best to me try it people - metalichell

By far the most depressive rock song
Written using knives not pens

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16Words As Weapons

Just listened to the song. I was blown away! Just when I thought Seether swayed far off from their prime, this song comes out! I think they're even better than before! STOP LISTENING TO BROKEN AND GET THIS SONG UP!

Brand new song. This is destined to be a classic. Song rocks start to finish

Come on people start moving this up. Really great song. Destined to be top ten!

Even though I like their older songs better this song is awesome!

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17Driven Under

I don't profess to be a huge fan of Seether, but this song is absolutely beautiful. His voice is amazing in this song. Even live, this is remarkable.

Acoustic version is great better than original by far

I love this song because it reminds me of Nirvana because of the lyrics it sounds like a Nirvana song just listen

This song deserves higher place, one of the best lyrics, love it

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18Nobody Praying for Me

I don't think this song is bad. I find it very fun to sing honestly. I also like how the lyrics R. It must have taken some good time to think of lyrics that go so well together. Honestly, this song should be given at least better attention. Right?

Great sing makes you wanna carry the world and push on.

Isn't really your typical Seether, but still awesome.

I belive it sums up my life

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19Fur Cue

Seriously, listen to this song please people its probably the best off the latest album - seniaHeel


, this song blows my mind...

ATTENTION : This is the favorite song of Shaun Morgan (Lead singer of Seether) from all the albums, you can listen to him saying that in Seether's interview

Awesome music! Should be in top ten!

This is like Seethers best song. Deeply disappointed that it's not in the top 10

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