Top 10 Best Selling Fast Food Restaurants

Fast food is very popular. I'm gonna try and get a list for all 8 categories, so I thought to do something different for food. Anyways, these are the top 10 best selling fast food restaurants according to the QSR Top 50.
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Ok, so, McDonalds was on the top ten worst fast food restaurants as #1, the best fast food restaurants as #1, and now this one too?! McDonalds is fattening, has high amounts of calories, and is made of artificial ingredients! I do admit it tastes ok, is one of the only ok restaurants that have a 24 hour drive thru, and has breakfast after midnight (! It's hard to decide whatcha think

Yeah, I understand it. Over 30,000 worldwide, addicting, and being very recognizable among the crowd of Americans. - bubbles1111

Simply delicious not for everyday eating because of course everyone has seen SUPER-SIZE ME, although having it in moderation is good dude

McDonalds is sucks because of the food and it is fried, unhealthy and even artificial! Eat like a king! Come on down to Burger King or Wendy's! They have REAL food!

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Subway is perfect. Something healthy for everyone. You get exactly what you like on it. It was the only fast food restaurant I ate at for two months and then I had a McDonald's cheeseburger, it wasn't as delicious as I had remembered, but thumbs up to McDonald's ice cream.

Subway is way better than McDonalds, Subway has way better service than McDonalds does the service is way faster and the food is a lot cheaper too, like $5 for a small """Big""" Mac and then $5 for a packed custom footling sub like Subway should be #1 on the list and (by the way its way heathier too) - BLOODJUNKIE

Mcdonalds is a joke lets just get that straight, I was expecting it to be number one because of how simple minded people are, but I am still mad, not only is their food unhealthy, but it also makes you sick. Never an issue with subway

Delicious and the people are usually nice. YAY!

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3Burger King

In my opinion burger king is the best in the world and mcdonalds is the worst fast food place in the world

Their burgers are much better than McDonalds! (McDonalds still has the best french fries, though. )

Burger king is really good but the food is really over priced like $4 for a tiny whopper like come on we deserv better than that - BLOODJUNKIE

Love Burger King 😊😊

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I love wendys. There Baconator is AMAZING! I'm glad its at least in the top 5. - Checkee77

I agree with you it is greasy sometimes but I do like it!

Yuck! Too greasy when I open there burgers at the bottom of the pack is a puddle of oil, and when I put it in my mouth they are almost WET and SOGGY from oil.

Wendy's is nice but still so bad for you!

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Starbucks is okay not really for kids cause it only sells coffee, but I like the desserts they sell. Like the pound cake and stuff

I love starbucks. They have something for everyone-coffee, tea, lattes, Frappuchinos, smoothies, hot chocolate, apple cider, pastries, paninis, and more! I love it so much, especially because of the millions of drink combinations they have available. Their drinks are not only different, but they are delicious.

Star bucks is way better than Wendy's mcdonald's and subway

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6Taco Bell

TACO BELL RULES! They're food is t really good prices like $1 for a taco like you can't go wearing with that deal this restaurant should be ahead of Starbucks and Wendy's - BLOODJUNKIE

This and Del Taco are the ONLY places I would EVER go to for tacos. Taco Bell is my favorite fast food. - CatCode

Good when your sober, amazing when your not

Taco bell is awesome

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7Dunkin' Donuts

This one, unlike the rest on the list, I actually like. So go, Donuts! Blueberry ones rock.

I agree I love doughnuts, but only in moderation

I wouls eat here or taco bell or pizza hut every day of my life. (although it is horrible for you)

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8Pizza Hut

Pizza hut is good but not number 1

Pizza hut should be number 1. How the f is mcdo 1st you guys are definitely on crack you guys can stuff 50 big mac down your throat.


This is the best food in the world. The chickens are so good. The best burger I would chose is zinger burger. The best chicken is hot wings. The best drink is choco lash and virgin mojito.

Kfc is finger liking good

Just spend your money at Popeye's or Churches Chicken

Great food, but there's a bit of a wait. - funnyuser

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This is my 10 favorite fast food

My 8th favorite resturant love there shakes

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