Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)


Samina'mina waka waka eh eh! Love this song much! We use this song when me and my boyfriend is having sex in the bed! This night we are just having sex we are just resting for a while, We are having sex 3 hours already! I'm happy that he is just using condoms. Uh uh uh uh! His penis is entering in my vagina! Uh uh! Like it! He is Touching and squeezing my boobs! And now I will put his penis on my mouth! Oooh, Love it! Wait... Uh uh... Uh.. Uh.. Uh... He is kissing my vagina! Oooh! Oh yeah! We are taking a video of it! Uh uh uh! Love it! Bye, He will enter his penis in my but! Bye! Uh uh!

This is her best song ever. Its very different from her other songs. Most of the other songs she has are kind of monotonous. This one has a very good happy ring to it. So thumbs up!

YAY! Shakira did it again! Nice song, perfect music video adds to the plus points!
This is a song that is the inside in the outside in left side representing right of the song.

Best song of Shakira, should be in the first place. It is a beautiful song featuring Shakira's marvellous dance and my favorite soccer players.

Amazing song that truly reflected the world cup spirit when Shakira sang it, not only was it a moral booster to all the players and fans but had a good ring to it emphasizing the fact that the world cup is taking place in Africa and its GAME ON! Absoulutely beautiful!

This is the best song I've ever heard. Could listen to this song forever without getting bored. Each single second get the attention and cannot be resisted.

This song is really great. I become crazy so much whenever I hear this song that you can't imagine. it's infectious, a drug for me. I can't get this song out of my mind.

Love you a lot. My name is kajol and this song is in my mobile I hear it all the time. Like you a lot shakira keep making songs like this

Such a feel good song! And I'm going to South Africa at the end of the week so I love it because it's getting me pumped!

I like this song because lyrics are good. And this is the best song of shakira. And this song pops

the official song for the south africa world cup I mean I don't like soccer that much but I love this song
- decorulez97

Love the Swahili! Has a better message than Hips Don't Lie! Should be number one! VOTE!

The perfect motto for the biggest competition ever. Near from perfectly perfect.

I like it because its the best song ever and I think it was nice for her to make for the world cup... U ROCK

Just awesome lyrics and video too is worth to watch.. Shakira is looking damn hot and sexy in the video..

It was really amazing and fantastic fantasy song sung by Wildfire... Fantasy

That song is so fun, interesting, and it makes many "earworms"

Such a nice album specially dedicated for Africa. It's time for Africa!

Because of her, I was glad to watch the FIFA World Cups! It's one of the coolest songs I've ever heard and I'm really saying it! Shakira, this is a song that grabbed you fame!

After hearing this song I just feel like never stop to play soccer.

I really enjoyed this song, itz really rocking.! -D

This song makes me feel to Dance! Its full of fun! I love it!

I enjoyed this song. & I like it.

best fifa song ever. one among my favourites.

I love very very shakira