Best Sharon Stone Movies


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Basic Instinct
I have seen this movie on 31 July 2010. I have never seen such a beautiful and frank movie in my life. Sharon's acting was fabulous. May I have Sharon's e-mail address?
Very unique and brilliant catherine tramell. So beautiful and seductive girl.
It's a wonderful movie having sex, thrill & suspence.

2Blood and Sand
Truly an explosive movie but not for family veiwing


4The Specialist
Sharon stone is hot in shower

5Last Dance

Brilliant performance from Sharon, showing she really can act. Good cast, she showed she can do it it with the best of them.


8The Quick and the Dead
Great movie... wanting to see it again..


10Total Recall

The Contenders

11Badlands 2005

12Beautiful Joe

13Broken Flowers


15The Muse

16King Solomon's Mines


18Year of the Gun

19Cold Steel

20Above the Law

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