Best Sheryl Crow Songs


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If It Makes You Happy
Lead single from the 1996 Sheryl Crow album


2A Change Would Do You Good

3The First Cut Is The Deepest

4Strong Enough

5Leaving Las Vegas

6Soak Up The Sun

7Real Gone

8Tomorrow Never Dies

9My Favorite Mistake

10All I Wanna Do
Groovy song with groovy lyrics and a groovy arrangement

The Contenders

11Can't Cry Anymore

12Run, Baby, Run

13Letter to God

14What I Can Do For You


16Always On Your Side

17Steve McQueen


19Good Is Good

20Everyday Is a Winding Road

21The Book

22Where Has All the Love Gone

23Out of Our Heads

24Love Is Free

25D'yer Mak'er

26Hard to Make a Stand

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